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In Topic: Setup netduma.

24 May 2018 - 03:59 AM

ISP spectrum modem tp link tc7610 other router Linksys ac1200+ And netduma , I wanna make my Linksys router like WiFi hoPut 

Put your duma first and bridge your linksys off of duma. So Plug your duma into modem and then have your linksys behind netduma. It should work fine! Then that way duma can do it's job for you when your gaming.

In Topic: Grey padlock icon

15 May 2018 - 02:49 AM

On my R1 what does it signify on the geofilter?

Its a dedicated sever

In Topic: Anyone with the XR500 opinions and thoughts

28 April 2018 - 07:42 PM

Permanent ban on servers is in the next version! It's going through NETGEAR's testing so may even be out already. If not, it will be out very soon when NETGEAR post the next update online


It's even better than Temp Ban (because it's permanent) and in DumaOS we revamped the Allow & Deny panel to make it easier to see the connections you have denied.

I'll definitely be in on that if that is the case. I really really want this thing but that is the main reason me holding back on buying it. So is there any way to find out when or is on netgear? Cause I will pull the trigger then. Thanks! Btw you guys are doing an awesome job with everything ya'll do and the product you put out. Without duma gaming was not as fun! I'm a firm believer in you guys despite all of the negativity thats on another said thread! People are so mean these days!

In Topic: Same issues as 7gtv

28 April 2018 - 03:59 AM

I have the same issues. sledgehammer needs to fix this. something is wrong with the game. Im living in middle europe and the game constantly puts on the server in los angeles even though i banned it. My R1 has a lotta issues.

Move your home location to a different server

In Topic: Anyone with the XR500 opinions and thoughts

28 April 2018 - 03:10 AM

Hi - just going to chip in with a few thoughts - hope you don't mind given I work for Netduma. In terms of the important Netduma software features they are the same (or will be once DumaOS is launched on the R1). So the difference comes down to hardware. Obviously the the XR500 hardware > Netduma R1


The benefits of this are not just the superior WiFi (which is good for your whole home) but also that the XR500 has something called 'hardware acceleration', which means some of the processes are run much faster. For example, the XR500 QoS (Congestion Control on the R1) is processed at a ridiculously fast rate. This means features like Anti-Flood and Hyper Traffic can run at very high bandwidth speeds.


It's totally your call whether you think this warrants an upgrade. Either way you'll be on our software which is the best thing you can do for you game's connection  :)

Hey thanks for chiming in, appreciate it! The one main thing that really has me hesitant in purchasing the XR is it doesn't have the temp ban feature. This was brought up in a thread literally right after it came out and it still doesn't have it...? As Dan said I really don't have the patience in waiting for the meatheads mofo's at netgear to have a thousand meetings and decide if they want the feature on their router before we can get it. I literally use it everyday on cod. It's the only game I play so I have to have it. I'm not downloading the OS on my duma either until ya'll implement it. My duma runs great but I wouldn't mind the extra horsepower the XR router provides.