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#170803 ppoe

Posted by BIG__DOG on 17 minutes ago

Put virgin hub in modem mode and connect to wan on r1 that is it.


#170765 opinions on line status

Posted by BIG__DOG on 5 hours ago

Then he sees it well ?.Is the pingplotter graph good?


#170762 opinions on line status

Posted by BIG__DOG on 6 hours ago

I would kill for a ping that low :o

me too :)

#170719 Netduma seems to throttle connection as well as put me on East Coast servers...

Posted by BIG__DOG on 10 hours ago

if you are on the R1 then you have to manually set your location, not sure of XR500. As for your speeds please make sure you are on reactive agorithm.






#170613 hauwei hg612 web interface through R1

Posted by BIG__DOG on A day ago

I just changed the lan ip in hg612 to and connected lan2 to r1 lan and I have web gui access :)

#170603 Netduma r1 and xbox one in australia.

Posted by BIG__DOG on A day ago

turn off geo filter, go into a private lobby and invite your friends. You should still see your friends on the geo filter map so click on 1 of the circles and white list it  and then do it to the other circle and you should be good to go in a public match!






#170602 R1 causing slower speeds (Hardwired)

Posted by BIG__DOG on A day ago

if your sliders are set to 70% then your speedtest results are going to be less than you paid for as you are throttling your speeds. Have you done a speedtest at 100%.




#170551 hauwei hg612 web interface through R1

Posted by BIG__DOG on A day ago

thanks for that. It is too much messing around to do while folk are here but I will nail it when I am on my own. :)

#170192 Traffic Prioritization

Posted by BIG__DOG on 3 days ago

Should of have stated that im on duma os and some features are different from the r1 now, which i also own.

agh, regarding my comment You did not state in your post that you was using dumaOS and I assumed you was using R1. My mistake and hope you have it sorted now!

#170174 Traffic Prioritization

Posted by BIG__DOG on 4 days ago

When adding my device ( Playstation 4 ) by choosing the Games Console option in the Traffic Prioritization Tab , it gives me xbox as my service but i want playstation network but doesnt give me the option to choose. ☹ Should i keep it enabled even though it says xbox and im on plyststion ?

make a note of your ps4 ipaddrss assinged by the R1. Go to device manager and click EDIT.......you will see a device matching your ps4 saying UNNAMED DEVICE! Click and rename that to ps4 or whatever you wish to identify your console.........then go to geo filtering and  in 1 of the tabs at the top of the page select you newly named device from the drop down menu and select the ps4 under the device you renamed it as!

#170173 vypn

Posted by BIG__DOG on 4 days ago

I have a question for you? Are you intending on gaming over a vpn on a console? If so, that is really kind of pointless as console traffic is auto encrypted. Also console gaming over a vpn would apply addition latency as vpn encryts traffic anyway. 


Posted by BIG__DOG on 6 days ago

Great! Glad to hear traffc prio is all sorted.

The anti-spike jitter is analogous to suspension in a car. I'm 95% confident NH will have it just need to run tests. Furthermore the NH has 0 software jitter which is exclusive to qualcomm chip in NH.

I'm not sure what you mean by ping ember?

I think he may have meant ping embed!







#169767 Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR50...

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

good to know. 


So how do you setup your internet connection on the Netduma R1 is you don't use the Talk Talk super hub?

I use an openreach modem i got from ebay...........you can use any vdsl modem too.......I also have a draytek vigor 130 and all I had to do was read the settings to input in vigor interface.


With the openreach you just connect and that is it you see your dynamic ip in the wan page of the netduma.

#169762 Xr500 vs Original R1

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

as stated in the above comment.............however, the new Nighthawk XR500 has newer hardware and supports 5g wifi. But If you have an old router that has 5g and can put it in AC mode you can connect that to the R1 and have 5g on the r1 and still use it's features. But as stated above the R1 will get new features before it goes on to the nighthawk if Netgear decide to add them......Keeping the R1 is the best option in my opinion at the moment.





#169758 Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR50...

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

If it's FTTC how does that work? Where does the Netduma get it's WAN IP address from?

i am not sure of the specifics but it has to do with talktalk having their own equipment on the BT network in the exchanges and your phone number. If you are with talktalk it is done automatically.........Zennon on here who is a mod is well versed on this but don't know if he will reply to this post!