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#179191 Setting bandwidth

Posted by BIG__DOG on 5 hours ago

not exactly accurate doing it over wifi on a phone!  :)  

#179178 Couple of questions for PS4 gaming

Posted by BIG__DOG on 10 hours ago

Just FYI, your PS4 was not set to the PlayStation device type which is why it didn't automatically use the console service and instead gave you options to pick from.


Also I wouldn't say that DumaOS Classified Games would cause issues if anyone else was playing games. They can be prioritised at the same time, the bandwidth used is so low that this wouldn't cause issues for other devices. Big Dog what did you mean by this?

When I was having issues with lag when I first purchased the XR500 I was advised to disable classified games when I was asked who else games in my house. I said nobody apart from my missus who plays a lot of fb games. When I disabled it I have had no more lag at all since. I can only go off the advice i was given at the time and it worked for me! I was having very bad hit registration at that time and I made it publically known in the forum as to my issue!

#179157 Couple of questions for PS4 gaming

Posted by BIG__DOG on 17 hours ago



What version firmware are you running?  Just to help clarify things for you regarding traffic prioritization and xbox........the fact it says xbox is not really significant and it will still perform the necessary triffic packet priority for console gaming, there are several routers out there that do that also.


I cannot understand why you are seeing destiny gaming pc in geo filtering as I have just checked mine and it shows my ps4 and xbox1x, the only thing that immediately springs to mind is that you may have misnamed it in device manager or address reservation.


PLEASE UNTICK DUMAOS CLASSIFIED GAMES as this can cause problems if anyone else in your household or guests use another device to play a game at the same time you are gaming.



#179142 Can we please have an official date

Posted by BIG__DOG on A day ago

I would imagine that they won't announce the release of the firmware until it is actually live to download to avoid any further problems arising from giving a date. That is my opinion and not an official statement, but I am certain that is what will be happening!

#179121 Deja vu'

Posted by BIG__DOG on A day ago

The thing is if you lag before you purchase the R1 or XR500 it is more likely to be a line/isp issue, this the xr or r1 cannot solve this or any other router for that matter. A lot of people dont realise this and they are usually the ones that game over wifi, use a wireless controller and game on tv’s instead of a gaming monito! Atleast buy a low input lag tv, game over ethernet, use a wired controller and give yourself a fighting chance ffs!.....My rant over too matey :D

#178890 Dumaos update

Posted by BIG__DOG on 3 days ago

That is upto Netgear as when any improvements/updates are made it is tested by Netgear before they make it available!

#178791 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by BIG__DOG on 4 days ago

Yeah, I know and that is good. But as many positive statements, I heard as well as many negative statements on XR500. And just to get it straight did you receive the device for free?


No I purchased it the same as everyone else and I don't take kindly to suggestions that I did get it for free. Enjoy your afternoon sunbathing.

#178786 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by BIG__DOG on 4 days ago

hmmmmm. And after reports with lots of issues with XR500,

Well I own the Xr500 and I know many others that do and I know not of "many issues" that you are claiming in your comment but as this is not the thread to explore further your claim (as you do not own the router to begin with).


Hopefully the dumaOS will be released within the next few weeks as was originally stated as we are fully aware of everyones disappointment and frustration.

#178748 Broadband Contract coming to an end... Which ISP?

Posted by BIG__DOG on 4 days ago

Well thats a first, im surprised to hear you got such good results with talktalk!! Your case seems to be one of the exceptions I suppose. Ive heard alot of people slagging them off with regards to customer service and latency issues.


TBH im more leaning towards BT as they have g.fast currently planned for my area, as soon as it goes live I can just switch over, rather than having to wait till my contract ends with another company and then jump ship. Especially now that all contracts seem to have an 18 month period.


Just out of curiosity how was your experience with IDNet??



I found IDNET to be totally reliable and had no issues with them at all and their support is UK based. I left because I was paying around 54.00 for the sameservice I could get from talktalk for 31.50. I have never used talktalk's tech support as I am fully aware that I will be speaking to someone in bangladesh. Zennon uses talktalk too and he has nothing but good things to say about them the same as I do!

#178651 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by BIG__DOG on 5 days ago

It has been delayed a couple of weeks. It is not an update, patch or upgrade, It is a complete new OS that they are giving you for free, Grow up, stop whining. Yes, it is frustrating and disheartening and I can understand but you are all adults for gods sake so show it and act accordingly please!

#178644 The R1 not value now,all now is xr500

Posted by BIG__DOG on 5 days ago

No, there are no issues that I know of either. I have had mine since UK release and it works perfectly fine.

#178594 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by BIG__DOG on 5 days ago

He still got to experience it all which is great for him but sucks for the rest of us.  I think he should demand a bit more than just to expect delays from these guys.  Unless he is just a spokesman for them than I will accept that and agree not to seek out his advice etc because it would be one sided.

No he is not a spokesman for Netduma I can promise you that and somebody has to be a tester and he was 1 of them, so were others. 

#178587 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by BIG__DOG on 5 days ago

I love your videos Sim but you already have their new router with DumaOS.  Your wait is over for the DumaOS.  

No, he does not, He was a tester and then returned his router as stated in a couple of his videos. It is annoying and frustrating for all those that were waiting for the OS to be released but it has been delayed and there's nothing you or I can do about it. I know it is disheartening but it is what it is!

#178545 Broadband Contract coming to an end... Which ISP?

Posted by BIG__DOG on 5 days ago

it is still the case regarding sky but if you can get hold of your sky login details then you can use your own equipment (i think you use wireshark).


I have used BT and am now with talktalk and have also used IDNET gaming package and I find talktalk to be the most reliable, cheapest and lowest ping.

#178519 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by BIG__DOG on 5 days ago

Sorry to hear about the last minute delay, I hope the legal wranglings are ironed out soon. :(