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#184208 Can't connect to the netduma

Posted by BIG__DOG on 7 hours ago

the default username and passwords are




username:  netdumar1

password:   netdumar1


They are case sensative. Make sure that the ethernet cable connects to lan1 poe on the rear of the R1 into lan 1 of your isp modem/router. If you need any further help please let us know! If you do need further help then tell us the name of your isp, the isp provided hardware and your network configuration. The more info you give the easier it is to fix your issue!

#184196 Forced to Reboot XR500 Daily - XB1X Can't Find Teredo IP Address

Posted by BIG__DOG on 11 hours ago

I have a modem (


I have a modem (Netgear SM500) to router connection and I have Upnp active.


) to router connection and I have Upnp active.

Agh........You say you have upnp active, but you have also said you are using port triggering. You can't use both at the same time, this causes conflicts. Disable all port triggering rules and make sure upnp is enabled. Upnp will make sure all ports needed are open if you are using multiple consoles.

#184104 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by BIG__DOG on A day ago


Stop erase my comments with your stupid admin that you give free netgear xr500 .  you don t respect any customers

You comment was erased as you used the word "F**K" several times and so it was subsequently deleted which was why you were given a warning as foul language is not allowed on this forum. Other than that, you can say what you like!

#183978 Upnp not working

Posted by BIG__DOG on 2 days ago

Hello I can't seem to get upnp to work on the xr500. I tried playing some games on PC and got moderate nat, I then checked to see if any ports were opened on the router under upnp and it was empty. I don't want to DMZ my PC just to get open Nat please help.

Please can you tell us the current firmware version you are using? If you are on version lower than Then please update to the current version.


  • Installation flow improvement.
  • Added support for SHA256 certificates in lieu of MD5 for OpenVPN.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixes the UPnP port mapping issue.

Upgrade Instructions:

  1. Using the Download Link below, download and extract the new firmware to a convenient place such as your desktop. The filename after extracting is XR500-V2.3.2.22.img

    Download Link : http://www.downloads...0-V2.3.2.22.zip

  2. Run your web browser and open http://www.routerlogin.net.
  3. Click Settings => Administration => Firmware Upgrade page.
  4. Click Browser button and locate the firmware image file.
  5. Click Upload button.
  6. Wait for upgrade progress to complete.

If any problem occurs after upgrading, try clearing the configuration by pressing the Reset Button on Rear Panel until the Power LED blinks and hold on for 5 seconds at least, then the router will reboot with default configuration

#183927 Upnp and static ip

Posted by BIG__DOG on 3 days ago

on pc with several browsers

trust us, it does work. I have been testing this firmware release for a week with no issues!



#183924 Firmware released

Posted by BIG__DOG on 3 days ago

You can disable flash very very easily on chrome, so so simple to do. Anything is better than safari, I would rather use microsoft edge or even "netscape :) " than Safari    :)





 I don’t have chrome and wonYou can disable flash on chrome very very easily’t use it on my Mac as it has a version of flash built in and I won’t allow any flash hplug-ins on my computer.

#183922 Firmware released

Posted by BIG__DOG on 3 days ago

It has worked like a charm this past week. I have had no device name issues, it was worked brilliantly.

#183716 VPN tab doesn't load

Posted by BIG__DOG on 6 days ago

are you using the recommended browsers (chrome/firefox)? I presume you are as nobody uses internet explorer or edge but just want to double check!


you could also do a cache wipe just to also rule that out!

#183703 share excess

Posted by BIG__DOG on 6 days ago

Ahh Share excess, now that makes sense. :)

i am presuming that he made a spelling mistake! :D

#183701 share excess

Posted by BIG__DOG on 6 days ago

what is share access on the xr500 shold i enable or disable while gaming?

Leave it enabled, This allows any spare bandwidth that is not being used at any given moment to be shared amongst other devices on your network. Where it says "share excess" just to the left you will see a "?" if you click that it explains what the function is for!



#183634 adblocker

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

does the xr500 block ads if it can can some one add a tutorial please



The XR500 does not block ads but detects if theres an adblocker being used........If you want a good adblocker I can recommend you 1.

#183393 Is there a guide on how LEDE with Cable internet (Charter)

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

you also should put your charter provided router/modem in modem only mode!

#183392 Is there a guide on how LEDE with Cable internet (Charter)

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

try this. An old video I made on how I get zero bufferbloat with Lede and R1. It shows you basic setup.......Sorry there is no voice and it is very crudely done but you should be able to follow it!


#183390 Is there a guide on how LEDE with Cable internet (Charter)

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

try openwrt forum. It depends on what you want to know regarding setting up lede, you may not get a response as this is involving using an alternative router to XR500 or R1 as that is what this forum is for!

#183341 Pin and unpin items on dash board?

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

I unpinned guest network box and it disappeared how do I repin it?

Hi and welcome to the forum.



Click on system information and you will see "guest wireless status" click on the pin icon and it will be back on the dashboard.



I have deleted your other post asking the same question. Please do not creat multiple threads on the same topic as it makes it far easier to keep track of the topic.