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#163775 Just a quick question

Posted by BIG__DOG on 4 days ago

i am the only 1 in my party with a netduma (there are 4 of us) and they all have a better game when I am the party host.

#163699 Teredo Needed for open ports???

Posted by BIG__DOG on 5 days ago

put it into dmz while the console is off, reboot netduma and then reboot console and see if that works. If it does then factory reset the netduma and reinput the ports as you did before and then when all setup test it again.



if successful then factory reset the netduma and then once you have everything as you want it  create a profile so if you factory reset in the future all your settings are saved bud!

#163581 Hi All

Posted by BIG__DOG on 5 days ago

netduma is a great router. Please also bare in mind that the dedi servers for ww2 keep going off and more often than not you will be connecting to a p2p game.


The netduma will allow you to connect to a dedi or host in the area you set aand block others outside your designated area.

#163580 Teredo Needed for open ports???

Posted by BIG__DOG on 5 days ago

theres no photo's at all!  either use upnp or port forwarding, not both at the same time. It is quite easy to open ports in port forwarding and forget to disable upnp. So do the following if you want to use upnp:


disable upnp and apply, then, enable upnp and apply. Do both these steps while your xbox is turned off and then turn console on after you have done those steps.


Also is your netduma behind another router/modem or is it connected directly to a modem and the duma is connecting via pppoe?


The more infor about your network setup the easier it will be to diagnose!

#163256 Using dslreports

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

Thanks alot guys...I'll check out pingplotter tonight when I get home from work. one more question though....using pingplotter and say my ping is higher then I want...do you still use the CC to bring it down like you would on dslreports? or is it just a straight tell you what your line is doing?

your ping is your ping, you cannot reduce your base ping. The cc's are to control network congestion and to give your other devices a bit of buffer room (not bufferbloat)  :)

#163224 Using dslreports

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

the problem is with dslreports you are connecting to and relying on their servers where as pingplotter you can see the route from you modem to it's final destination and will show you your line quality.

#163060 Call of Duty WW2 Honest & Positive Review - My First Impressions - Is CoD...

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

I have found it to play pretty sweet on the ps4......have heard it aint so good on xbox!

#162869 ww2 Strong lag comp

Posted by BIG__DOG on A week ago

the servers have been going off n on most of the day, this causes the 60hz tick rate to go out the window as it puts you on a p2p game and it drops to about 20 - 30hz but deffo not 60hz. It got so bad earlier that none of the cods would connect online at all.

#162358 how is my line now

Posted by BIG__DOG on 2 weeks ago

looks sweet :)

#162180 Activision makes you lose.

Posted by BIG__DOG on 2 weeks ago

i cancelled my pre order of that ww2 crap. Had every cod since cod 1 and I have finally had enough. rather play GTA and red dead when it finally comes out on ps4.




the cod franchise is done as far as i am concerned!

#161807 DSL Report F on Quality

Posted by BIG__DOG on 3 weeks ago

using dsl reports is highly inaccurate as you are relying on their servers and that they are running as they should be. You would be better using pingplotter to actually test your connection direct from your modem to an ip address such as bbc, twitter or google and monitor your line for jitter  (bufferbloat) which is extremely accurate!



I can have a bufferbloat of A+ and run the same test a minute later and get an A or a B with dslreports!

#161479 Krack WiFi Vulnerability Upgrade (1.03.6i)

Posted by BIG__DOG on 4 weeks ago

worked flawlessly.........thank you to you and your team for pushing this out so quick!  :)

#161032 Anyone on BT received this email?

Posted by BIG__DOG on 11 October 2017 - 04:48 PM

go and do a line speed check to see what speeds you can achieve on your line! 

#161031 Anyone on BT received this email?

Posted by BIG__DOG on 11 October 2017 - 04:46 PM

check this link out!




#161029 Setup Netduma with BT infinity and openreach phone line box

Posted by BIG__DOG on 11 October 2017 - 04:10 PM

you will need to input your bt login details into the pppoe settings under the wan section of the netduma gui.



bt username is: [email protected]

password is:  anything you want so long as it is not left blank!



make sure the openreach modem is connected to the netduma via ethernet cable into the duma wan port.