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In Topic: Just a quick question

6 days ago

i am the only 1 in my party with a netduma (there are 4 of us) and they all have a better game when I am the party host.

In Topic: Teredo Needed for open ports???

A week ago

put it into dmz while the console is off, reboot netduma and then reboot console and see if that works. If it does then factory reset the netduma and reinput the ports as you did before and then when all setup test it again.



if successful then factory reset the netduma and then once you have everything as you want it  create a profile so if you factory reset in the future all your settings are saved bud!

In Topic: Hardware VPN first, Software VPN second, in that order

A week ago

yes, it is totally possible as I have done it, but as fraser says it is total overkill and no point to it.

In Topic: Teredo Needed for open ports???

A week ago

Is your motorola in modem only mode? I take it you are on fibre or cable? This would be the best option as it turns it into a modem and you have your netduma doing all the routing.    I also take it your orbi is an AP for the wifi! If you have already done this you could try the following but it is not advisable but a lot of people do put their console in a dmz.



you could try opening ALL ports 1 - 65535. If you do this it effectively puts whatever device that this is linked to into it's own dmz for example:


rule name:            PS4

start port:              1

end port:               65535

protocol:               tcp & udp

ip address:           address of the ps4

In Topic: Hi All

A week ago

netduma is a great router. Please also bare in mind that the dedi servers for ww2 keep going off and more often than not you will be connecting to a p2p game.


The netduma will allow you to connect to a dedi or host in the area you set aand block others outside your designated area.