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In Topic: Just a quick question

4 days ago

I thought as much many thanks

In Topic: Need help with WW2

A week ago

Connection feels fine to me for the most part, I'm seeing the odd teleporter every few games but nothing too major.

Setup is standard, settings are standard 70/70 + Hyperlane, playing without the Geo filter at the moment.


Experience is meh. I'm bored of the maps and the weapons already, the general gameplay of camping hide and seek yawns, and there's no unlocks that I'm looking forward to either. Not really feeling like I can put 20+ days into this like I usually do with CoD, even though my KD is already my highest by far in any CoD at this early stage (that's not saying much).


Looks nice on a 4K monitor with X1X though.


I've already gone back on IW this evening and found that a lot more exciting and the gameplay more varied.

is there a reason why you are playing without the geo filter are you finding it better 

In Topic: Cod ww2 somthing intresting

A week ago

Ive been watching the network monitor when playing cod ww2

These are the ports the game uses on PS4  so far  big list coming

Lso i have psn network done as well but this was always  on

3074   1024    1038    1050     1238   3095   5196    9307  or  9308  

11359   17388    21502    20757   30110    30250     30950    32330

44920     44999   63460  

Ive also portfoward these ports on  my ps4 as well for both udp and tcp

This list is just from yesterday


Ive hyper traffic those ports and my hit registration  is a lot lot better

Also finding  games is a lot quicker 

hi what do you mean you have port forward these ports on your ps4

In Topic: Power line adapter

15 September 2017 - 08:41 AM

remember that if you use powerline adapters they need to be on the same electrical loop. Usually a property has 2 loops for sockets, 1 for upstairs and 1 for downstairs. Fortunately my house sockets are all on the same loop but that is uncommon If your house is on 2 loops then powerline adapters will not work.

i would not a clue on that one but thanks for the heads up

In Topic: no internet connection

04 September 2017 - 09:33 PM

Good man zennon that sorted it thanks very much