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Member Since 26 Nov 2015
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power supply

A week ago

my power supply is making a really anoying screaching sound what other one could i use?

help setting up a router as wifi repeater

12 October 2017 - 07:07 PM

hi guys not been on here for a while but need some help not duma related but im sure someone will have the knowledge to help


ive just signed my partner up to bt internet and the wifi signal doesnt go that far due to thick walls in the house  but i had an idea of using couple of tp links to get an ethernet into the room that doesnt get wifi then connecting my old billion 7800n router to that and using it as a wifi repeater, i found out how to do it and what settings to change to get it working then tested it at my house and sure enough it worked great, i then took it over to my gf's house and plugged it in as it was now basically plug and play as id already done the settings and sure enough again it worked brilliantly for about 30 mins and now the wifi cuts out comes back very briefly every so often long enough to see it as an available network but then disapears again before i can connect


im guessing that since the router probably doesnt detect that it has internet the wifi turns off if this is the case is there a way to force it to stay on or am i completly wrong and there is another cause and cure?



p.s. this is what i did to get it working  http://forum.billion...opic.php?t=3464