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In Topic: geo filter

2 days ago

Nie masz włączonego urządzenia. Oznacza to, że skutecznie wyłączyłeś filtr geograficzny. Zobacz u góry strony - nie zaznaczyłeś "włączony" na konsoli.


Oznacza to, że łączysz się z dowolnym hostem na świecie. Gra postanowiła połączyć cię z amerykańskimi gospodarzami. (Kolory hosta są zielone na mapie, co oznacza, że ​​należą do urządzenia w kolorze zielonym na górze strony, czyli tego, który jest wyłączony).


Włącz filtr geograficzny i będzie działać. Jeśli włączysz go i nie będziesz mógł połączyć się z Europą, sprawdź dokładnie ustawienia swojej gry i kliknij na tych amerykańskich gospodarzach. Jeśli mają naprawdę niski ping, mogą być źle zlokalizowan



it's blue

In Topic: geo filter

6 days ago

Your Geo-Filter is working perfectly. I watched your video, there's absolutely nothing in it that suggests the Geo-Filter isn't working correctly.


Battlefield 4 allows you to choose your server in-game. As such, the Geo-Filter is less useful - the Geo-Filter is meant for games which give you no control over matchmaking.


Even so, at the beginning of the video with Strict Mode enabled and Ping Assist at 0ms, the Geo-Filter correctly blocks all servers outside the radius and gets you a fantastic connection.


When you disable Strict Mode further through the video, you then connect to an American server. This is due to how Battlefield 4 works online, and is nothing to do with the functionality of the Geo-Filter.


I'm glad you're getting fantastic connections when you correctly use the Geo-Filter.

I made a mistake in the video,See how this geo-filter works,new video 



In Topic: geo filter

6 days ago

We've checked those ID's against our cloud database, and can confirm that each of these servers appears to be in the correct location. There is no discrepancy here, and they should be showing the correct ping in relation to where they are.

and the server shows in USA, see the movie

In Topic: geo filter

6 days ago

that is, the game is set up europe, and still sends on the USA, which is what, what with this host USA, you will explain, if the host of the USA would be in a good location as you wrote to geo filter to let me use the server


A week ago

this is the placebo effect, even the game released and the end of the call of duty ww2 has the same, like a nice netduma and terrible delays, you have to go into the loob several times to find a good game