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Member Since 26 Oct 2015
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In Topic: Destiny 2

A week ago

Hello, I'd play with geo off, that's if it's on, you don't need geo on for over activity, even PvP I don't bother, I've noticed matchmaking is matching you with a reasonable radius.
How are you set up.?

In Topic: Destiny 2

2 weeks ago

About 1 hour of PvP play, and geo I don't use and seems to play fine .
And you seemed to matched in my area, rather than before.

In Topic: Virgin media vs bt infinity

4 weeks ago

Steer clear of Virgin, I'm back on it as i can't use bt, plusnet, but it's full of jitter ( Virgin) that said in my opinion doesn't seem to matter what provider you have, yes I'm definitely in agreement with above's comments, but Duma keeps my Virgin as stable as it can and I have ok games, it's the others you want to worry about, the ones your playing against.

In Topic: A7Legit Passed Away :(

4 weeks ago

Well that's some terrible news, so sad to hear about - from one Aussie to another you will be missed by all ...

In Topic: Packet loss symbols

22 July 2017 - 10:31 AM

I remember Boom and myself testing all sorts of things to understand the symbols, as said earlier the bots have them standard, and it's odd as Iw brought in the symbols and have never came back with there findings as to what they where monitoring, and how or whatever they where going to fix.Frontier I see them alot when grenades are going off, I get the three yellow sometimes then it goes, odd really odd.