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In Topic: Cod WW2 Spectating with Party

A week ago

also his hand is empty at the beginning like he is ready to grab you know what. Very annoying.

In Topic: Advice on gaming routers please adsl

A week ago

I purchased GL.iNet GL-AR150  just for gaming and testing.

Attached File  gl_ar150_case.jpg   70.6KB   0 downloads

16Mb flash, 64Mb RAM, 400MHz CPU, but what I like the most is that it's fully supported by at least 4 different open source Firmwares.

£ 22.8 from amazon


This is going to be an interesting weekend B)

In Topic: CoD WW2 Opinions

2 weeks ago

My opinion for WWII is that all these years of wall running and boost jumping have screwed us for good.

In Topic: The biggest issue with WW2!! (besides connection)

2 weeks ago

Use smoke grenades to safely cross their line of sight and flank.
Problem solved.

In Topic: WW2 Dedicated Servers Suck!

3 weeks ago

If only there was a loophole in netcode to allow p2p, duma sales would skyrocket.
I'm afraid there isn't.