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In Topic: Can't get netduma to work!

21 minutes ago

Just to clarify.....


Can you access the interface of the Netduma? 


If so, did you take the WAN IP of the Netduma  (found at the top of the Device Manager page)  and put it in the DMZ of the BT modem/router?

In Topic: change location

A day ago

Move your home location using the tool on the Host Filtering page over the area of a server you wish to play on


Correct Device in the Geo Filter and it is ticked as enabled.


Make sure strict mode is ticked


Ping assist set to 0


If you have done this and it still doesn't work, I'm sure a moderator will see this post soon enough

In Topic: PS4 slow via Netduma?

A week ago

From Duma's FAQ about speed 


It is recommended that you use a computer with a wired connection to carry out a speed test. Consoles, phones and tablets can often provide inaccurate results. To find out your true speed, please always use a wired computer.



In Topic: BT in the news again

A week ago

Right that's it.

I'm soldering a 400 meter CAT 6 into the BT cabinet directly to my PS4.




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In Topic: Destiny 2 PS4 id's

2 weeks ago

keep posting id's so we can get these added to the cloud. remember , id's not player hosts. a lot of people get the two mixed up. when you click on a dedicated server , it should say "temp ban" which indicates its a dedi server and not an actual players ps4 as host..



There is already a thread