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#164665 The biggest issue with WW2!! (besides connection)

Posted by BENORMOUS on A day ago

P2P was a much better experience

#164664 The biggest issue with WW2!! (besides connection)

Posted by BENORMOUS on A day ago

Shoot first and die is my biggest issue I can destroy campers if my bullets actually hit them and do damage,worst thing is is that my hit reg/markers feel instant a lot of the time but they just don't seem to do the damage then I'm dead,3kd on IW struggling to go positive in games on ww2 lol

#164043 Geo-filter/Preemptive & Reactive

Posted by BENORMOUS on A week ago

Best thing you can do is use what ever works best for you to be honest,I use reactive allways have done even back to when I was on adsl with 7 down 1 up

#163965 Playing on ww2 dedicated server is like pulling teeth / help?

Posted by BENORMOUS on A week ago

Im about ready to give up on cod and Netduma again like i did back in B03. I have constantly one of if not the lowest ping to lobbys 15-20ms with all other players 35-55+ and i just get facerolled in 9/10 games - Feels like i have a spud gun. I really enjoy War but at the moment with the Dedis down its so painfull to play. Even while the Dedis were up and "working" 80% of my games still felt like p2p/listen server type games.

So you are gonna give up on netduma?thing is you can go ahead and do that but you are still gonna connect to your local dedi and you are still going to ping 15-20ms but will experience spikes as you are not having any congestion control over your line,netduma is giving us the best experience possible,I was playing the other day with my sliders at 100 as I forgot I'd left them there,daughter was on YouTube and I was lagging around like a mad man,quick drop down to 70 70 and all was good much smooth experience

#163303 Activision makes you lose.

Posted by BENORMOUS on A week ago

Think about this,cod4 released 10 years ago this week,we all loved it it played great,if you had said to yourself I wonder what cod will be like in 10 years from now would you honestly expect what we have today?????

#163245 Cod ww2 somthing intresting

Posted by BENORMOUS on 2 weeks ago

I'd never heard of him til this morning,don't really watch YouTubers gaming or anything but he was killing with ease,I've not played ww2 since Sunday and won't be playing til Saturday,either way looking forward to jumping on and setting up my Xbox one X I hope it looks and feels great

#162975 Xbox Live wont work

Posted by BENORMOUS on 2 weeks ago

Do you have the geo filter enabled as you are trying to get online?the geo filter could be blocking a server and stopping you getting online,try disabling the geo

#161941 This is how cod have been lately

Posted by BENORMOUS on 4 weeks ago

The gameplay looks very similar to what I experience if I'm honest so I know the pain it can be believe me but it won't help playing whilst you are that frustrated,when we get a little stressed we play reckless I'm one of the worse peoole for it no doubt,little example on the reactive gameplay at around 2.20 you are one shot after killing the guy at the bus but you run around the corner with 15 shots left in the kuda and run into 2 of them,you stand no chance at all,my internet plays nice one week terrible the next I literally just have to adjust little things things in my gameplay to do ok

#161626 Anyone figured out how to make IW play well on a good connection yet?

Posted by BENORMOUS on 4 weeks ago

No need to elaborate really. I'd just like to know if anyone's got some settings that would allow someone on ultra low latency (under half a frame to the server) with negligible (<0.2ms) jitter and zero packet loss to not feel behind the action in 95% of games against oblivious lagging no quickdraw 2 sensitivity circle drawing 10% accuracy morons who supposedly get half an hour to respond to my player model while I'm being instantly red screened by what always initially looks like god accuracy, only to find out via the killcam that they can afford to miss three quarters of their shots because I'm apparently just staring into space in front of them when in fact I'm engaging before they even have their weapon up.

Meanwhile just watch some random's gameplay and they don't take damage or even face being engaged by anyone while casually and slowly dragging to people on near minimum sensitivity, flailing around with poor accuracy and dropping packets with hexagons on their screen, yet every bullet connects? LOL

Audibly delayed hitmarkers (it can be as much as 300ms before my shot connects, which is easily calculated if you know how to check a weapon's fire rate and compare it against how many rounds can be fired on target before a hitmarker appears), force fields that have my aim assist stuck behind a player, and no time to react while using a PC monitor with instant mode enabled, all while snapping straight to people on max sens as if it's not fast enough. Yeah I'm done with that. If anyone can save my sanity for even two weeks before WW2 comes out, I'd greatly appreciate it. I refuse to die to lag on a flat 7ms ping anymore. Cheers.

Reading all this reminds me of all the crap I dealt with too,so glad I uninstalled it ages ago,when I play on bf1 Europe server I'm usually the lowest ping or one of on the server 64 player conquest,I believe since the last update to game it really has made ping king because I feel like I'm sometimes a second in front of others its an enjoyable game although I've been max rank a while now so getting burnt out with it,actually looking forward to all the BS ww2 will throw at us haha

#161408 DUMAOS Question

Posted by BENORMOUS on 17 October 2017 - 07:21 PM

"R1 Krack Patch"

Sounds like some movie I watched the other night 😂

#161328 Hyperoptic?

Posted by BENORMOUS on 16 October 2017 - 06:01 PM

Visit the site ping plotter and choose Twitter with a 2.5 second interval and leave it on a quiet line for about 10 mins,don't use the internet whilst you are letting it run

#161307 Using Draytek Vigor 130 Modem with DUMA

Posted by BENORMOUS on 16 October 2017 - 02:27 PM

Username:[email protected]

#161304 Using Draytek Vigor 130 Modem with DUMA

Posted by BENORMOUS on 16 October 2017 - 02:16 PM

Hi Mate,

Thanks for the reply.

What PPOE details and options does the DUMA need?

Could you possibly send a screenshot (big ask I know). :)


Who is your current isp provider?

#161303 Hyperoptic?

Posted by BENORMOUS on 16 October 2017 - 02:12 PM

Yeah I wouldn't mind seeing a ping plotter graph to see how steady it is or not

#161226 Glitching? or cheating?

Posted by BENORMOUS on 15 October 2017 - 08:39 AM

I've not seen that but when I played the other day game was flawless great hit reg then all of a sudden it turned awful and some guy on the other team was half underground very strange I couldn't kill him