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Couple of issues

15 December 2017 - 12:57 PM

I had two different issues the last two nights that I may need help with.


1st - I was on BO3 last night and after 45 minutes or so, I was constantly being kicked out of the game.  I'm on XB1 on a wired connection to my R1.  My R1 is on 1.03.06(i) and my provider is Comcast. My speeds are average for the US but are almost always consistently 22 ping, 30 down and six up.  For all of Comcast's faults, my speeds are almost always consistent.


I did notice that my phone was dropping connection to the Wifi during that time too.  I had previously unplugged both my modem and router, let them sit for a minute, and then plugged in the router first.  Once it was fully functioning, I powered on the R1.  This was before my gaming issues and I didn't do it after I had problems because it was late and I was irritated.


My speeds this morning were below average ranging from 12-18 down, ping was all over the place and up was 4 or so.  This was on Wifi and I didn't get time to test a wired connection.


My plan after work is to get home and test it both on wired and wifi over a period of time to see what speeds I'm getting.  I do know that my speeds are NOT capped at the router as both sliders are at 100% and it's setup properly.


The other issue that I'm having and what prompted me to reset the router and modem before gaming last night is that my XB1 is telling me that it can't get a Teredo IP address.  I tried playing Pubg on the Xbox the other night and played one game before the game would not let me join a match.  I found a post on Reddit with the error code and tested my multiplayer connection in the XB1 settings. The XB1 is telling me that it can't get the Teredo IP and to make sure that UDP port 3544 is not blocked.


My first thought is that these two items are unrelated and that I need to get my connection issue resolved first.  But before I do anything besides power cycling the modem and R1, I wanted to see what the R1 folks thought so that I don't screw up my R1 or how to resolve the Teredo issue.


FYI that the XB1 networking section shows my NAT as unknown but BO3 shows it as open. 


TIA for any assistance.