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In Topic: Dedicated Servers xbox 1

A day ago

Just throwing out another option here but you could also matchmake with just the ping.  Take the geofilter radius out of the picture.  Decrease your radius to zero and set the ping assist to your base ping +10 and see what kind of games you get.  Oh yeah place your home location somewhere it won't cause you to get placed in a game because of the geofilter radius (i.e. the ocean). 

Example below. You ping assist may not be the same but you can test and see what plays best for you.


In Topic: Hello from Belgium

2 days ago

Welcome 😊

In Topic: Netduma router - What's the point?

2 days ago

I got a feeling game developers would not look favorably on devices being able to control entire lobbies. That might be considered an unfair advantage. You would think game developers would improve this when matchmaking. I would be ok with waiting a little longer to get in game if I knew this was happening. This being a tighter limit on different lobby’s pings 😊

In Topic: Hello Everyone

4 days ago

Welcome  :)

In Topic: Hello everybody from Bulgaria

A week ago

Welcome :)