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fuzzy clam

fuzzy clam

Member Since 30 Dec 2014
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Posted by fuzzy clam on 5 days ago

Just my opinion but I think it's in there, probably always will be.It's trendy to say "ping is king" but that's not been the case for years in COD.Activision can't come out and say were going by SBMM and ping will be an after thought and most games will be sweaty 24/7,not gonna sell a lot of games that way or keep people playing it for long.


The thing I find funny is that people still believe the things the companies say when it comes to the games, they have proven time and time again that money is the bottom line...not turning out a polished, fully finished product that people we promised.


I still like and play the game but it's tainted by the fact that activision is lazy and cheap, this game could be so much better if they just put some money into the servers and make some tweaks.

#166660 Top 5 Things @SHGames Should've Fixed In COD WW2 - Call of Duty WWII Patc...

Posted by fuzzy clam on 5 days ago

Agree pretty much on all points...


...way to easy to black scope / no scope.


And since I play mostly DOM,IMO they should go back to the 100 points per cap and 50 per kill.It was like that briefly on IW when it first came out and guess what people actually had to cap flags to get their streaks but that only lasted about a month and when it changed back to it's current status.If your playing objective modes you should get rewarded for playing the objective, more than rewarded for getting kills.And that's the reason people don't cap and just hang around the B flag and camp to get kills and streaks.


And yes people sound like a heard of elephants and I try to stay away from teammates who aren't running mountain or inconspicuous as I find I get killed by someone sitting in a corner sound whoring and they hear my teammate and next thing I know I'm getting shot from 3 different angles.

#166243 iMac interference

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Sounds right Fuzzy. Definitely worth a shot mate. I don’t have a Mac but I know that if I charge my iPhone it automatically start a WiFi backup to iTunes and although the Duma keeps the ping stable I notice a huge difference in hit detection in game so I either don’t charge my phone while gaming or I turn off the phones WiFi. I wondered if the Mac may do something similar with WiFi when @kizvandutch mentioned it.

I'm gonna give it a try today and see if I notice a difference with hit detection while running my laptop wired with the WiFi turned off

#166241 Call of Duty WW2 Guide: How to Unlock All Epic Uniform and Weapon Collections

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

You did exactly what I did then mate I accidently opened one after a bit of button bashing lol

Yes sir that's exactly what happened... :D

#166132 Nighthawk R7000 with R1

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Thanks for the reply
I’m dsl 17 meg, I’m not worried about using the Nighthawk for WiFi I’m just looking for the best set up for xb1 on cod ww2
How do I book a 1on 1 if I get stuck?

Take advantage of the Nighthawk's WiFi range.it's great.


And you won't get stuck, it's a pretty straightforward set up as Jack said but if you do hit a bump in the road just post back here and we'll get you sorted out... :D

#166121 Call of Duty WW2 Guide: How to Unlock All Epic Uniform and Weapon Collections

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Nice vid and believe it or not I was actually aware of this for once but found out how it worked completely by accident... :D

#165594 Ultimate Best Stealth Class Setup COD WW2 - Flanker (Ghost) Basic Training Sk...

Posted by fuzzy clam on 2 weeks ago

Great vid with a lot of good info,gonna have to give flanker and grease gun combo a try.


Again great info Mr Trakky... :D

#165530 frame rate lag cod ww2 ps4 pro?

Posted by fuzzy clam on 2 weeks ago

Agree with MoD,I'd rather have it run smoother than to look better.


Actually I want both but would rather have it play better than look better

#165529 COD WW2 Patch Notes 1.06 - Bar Nerf & Primed Nerf - How To fix HQ Frame R...

Posted by fuzzy clam on 2 weeks ago

So glad they fixed some of these issues

#164348 Is Call of Duty WW2 Broken?? What Happened?? SBMM?? Will COD WW2 Be Fixed?

Posted by fuzzy clam on 4 weeks ago

IMO yes something changed...the game went back on dedi's.


It was so much better P2P, they need to put some money into the dedi's or go P2P again just my opinion.

#163829 Need help with WW2

Posted by fuzzy clam on 4 weeks ago

I did say it didn't last. It was only one game that ran well... I wouldn't say it's a "fix" if it didn't clearly work properly because obviously it's not.

Kindly save your suggestion for those who keep coming back here ignorantly saying "try this to 'fix lag comp'". There are certain people here -
no names included - who have YouTube channels based purely off Netduma setup vids and who actually give nothing but misleading advice, and I don't ever see anyone jumping on them for it. I simply shared my experience for one game; your mileage may vary.

Or, if you have any actual suggestions that result in good gameplay on 7ms, feel free to share. I doubt we'll ever see any though, judging by the state of the game...

If you notice I didn't quote your post in my reply as I wasn't responding to you in particular,more of a blanket statement.


And don't take it personal as it's not, just trying to stop an issue before it becomes one..not trying to create an issue !

#163823 Need help with WW2

Posted by fuzzy clam on 4 weeks ago

Let's limit ourselves to giving out advice on "how to trash our connections" to get better gameplay.I remember when this happened a couple years ago people were tweeting their connections for AW and were effecting their whole network...ie other people couldn't get on the internet, movies on Netflix or YT just buffering etc.


And there were lots of issues on the forum regarding the situation as people didn't know how to get their settings (speeds) back to were they were cuz they moved so many things they couldn't remember them all especially after changing their bandwidth input and then forgetting about all the changes.


And when you throttle that bad all you do is trash the lobby for the other players.


Experiment with the settings, we all do and have to find your sweet spot.


But if your gonna kill your connection, keep it off the forum please.

#163822 CoD WW2 Opinions

Posted by fuzzy clam on 4 weeks ago

IMO they should just leave the dedi's off and run it as P2P.


The game runs so smooth aside from the occasional bad host which you simply rate and you don't get connected to them again.


And yes I realize that the game runs bad for some on P2P but it also runs bad for some on dedi's so it's a catch 22.For me it runs better on P2P than dedi's ever did but  I'm 80 actual miles from a large dedi bank in Illinois.But the game play over the weekend was for the most part really goodbyes I pulled host about 75 percent of the time but I didn't notice a 'HOST" advantage as it ran just as good when someone 400 miles away was the host.

#163817 Hi All

Posted by fuzzy clam on 4 weeks ago

Welcome to the forum


I'm moving this to General Support so it's gets more views.

#163816 Quieter Movement - No Mountain Division - Inconspicuous Basic Training - CoD...

Posted by fuzzy clam on 4 weeks ago

Hell yes,I love running this as opposed to having to run mountain division.


And I remember during the beta me commenting about the footsteps being loud and people telling me they weren't loud,they were quiet... but I think everyone is sound whoring in this game.It's kinda hard not to when everyone sounds like a damn elephant walking or running and it doesn't matter the surface they're on, dirt,wood,metal etc.it's all loud.


Which always leads to people sitting in corners ADS at doorways and choke points, just like in Ghosts.And they went back and fourth nerfing and buffing the sound in that game for the entire lifespan.