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fuzzy clam

fuzzy clam

Member Since 30 Dec 2014
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#157672 BO3's lobbies.

Posted by fuzzy clam on 14 hours ago

Good god BEN,that's a beastly game.


All you guys stay in lobbies on that side of the pond... ;)

#157184 Netduma No More

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Not to pile on... but if I bought a product and it didn't work I wouldn't wait 2 years to replace it or ask for help.


As said above this is a support forum and that's what we're here to help customers set up their Netduma correctly and get the most out of their network as everyone's is different.


If you were having issues with your Duma,you should have asked for support,instead of going out and buying a new router.But if your happy with your new router and your games are better, then problem solved.But just a tip...if you have problems with your Netgear don't wait 2 years to ask for help.


Best of luck to you... :D

#157179 BO3 Bullets On Point

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Nice vid nfx... :D

#157178 Call of Duty®: WWII - Private Multiplayer Beta Trailer - Will You Be Preorder...

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Pre ordered it 2 months ago and I always go pick it up at midnight,I have a blast messing around with the kids that are there and their parents...moms LMAO.


I think it was 3 years ago went to the midnight launch and was listening to this group of 4 kids ( probably 11-12 year olds) mom was waiting in the car.And these kids were just talking trash to people, swearing and basically being kids.I was standing about 2 people behind them and I said something to them and the one kids looks at me and says "shut up bitch,in real life I'll cut you" LMAO and this is coming from a 11-12 year old kid.I was dying so I walked up in the middle of their group and told the kid,"if you keep running your mouth I'm going start dating your mom and in 6 months I'll be your stepdad and then it's gonna be over for you,so if I were you I'd shut my mouth" all those kids just looked at me and never said a word to me about it but everyone around was laughing their ass off.


And that is why you go to midnight launches... :D


And nice video MrTrakky.

#157016 Beginner problems

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Welcome to the forums and the more you get comfortable with your new toy the more you'll learn about it and the more you can tweak the settings to get the best results possible on your network as everyone's is different.


But definitely stay with the recommended settings until you learn more about it and then tweak away and congratulations on your purchase you won't be disappointed.


And setting it up correctly is the key, if you have any more questions or issues post back and we'll get you sorted out.

#157015 I hope COD:WWII has fun streaks like this

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Another nice vid A7


And I'm betting the streaks are gonna be somewhere in between AW and BO3,that seems to be par for the course.


For some reason I think 3arc has the monopoly on the strong score streaks.

#157014 Black Ops 3 AK74u Game Play

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Magicial hit detection nfx,you and A7 and that HD.


Nice gameplay... :D

#157013 The Most Embarrassing Live Black Ops 3 Triple Play Opening Ever!!!

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Well at least you got the gun... ;)

#156832 How many Duma's sold worldwide.

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Think how many is a bit sensitive plus I don't know myself but we are in at least 91 countries - that was at the end of last year so probably more now

Now what could possibly be sensitive about the number of unit's you guys have sold aside from the fact that you might have to give us mods a raise... ;)


The official number would be a s**tload of those little white box's,and 1 black one...nod to you A7... :D

#156831 Insta-melt & carrying my team

Posted by fuzzy clam on A week ago

Another nice vid A7,crispy HD... :D

#156675 COD WW2

Posted by fuzzy clam on 2 weeks ago

The Duma Team is pretty quick to make sure the duma is working properly for the new (major) titles coming out as they are still a small group and can't have everything ironed out for every game that is released.


But they have done a great job IMO of having things ready to go for the last few COD titles.

#156485 Stop posting BO3 A7.

Posted by fuzzy clam on 2 weeks ago

Well looks like you've got IW wired now,congrads on that and the HD looks the same just a different title, very nice... :D

#156037 Lag Compensation Problems? (not sure what this is tbh)

Posted by fuzzy clam on 3 weeks ago

So when they get here, make sure the R1 is completely unplugged and hidden? But wait, aren't they going to ask what router I'm using when they get here? If I keep it hidden from them, how can they make sure that I get the perfect results if I don't have the router plugged in? I think the only way that would work, would be to just tell them to worry about the line problem and to not worry about what router I use, because as I can see, this is more of a line problem than it would be anything else at this point.

Do not leave the duma in your set up as Fraser said as that will be all they will focus on as the problem and that is from my own experience with my ISP.


It's never there fault and everything looks good on our end is what your gonna hear, they'll come out and plug their little toy into your modem and as long as your getting 80 percent (I believe) of their promised speeds they are meeting their end of the deal.They don't care about line quality or if your line has severe node overload or any other issues, it's about the speeds.


I gave them 10 days worth of info showing what nodes on their line were causing the issue and they wouldn't even look at them, had no interest it in cuz I was getting the speeds they advertised.


So do yourself a favor and put another router in your set up before they show up.You can tell them anything you want but if you have something for them to put them blame on they will.


And your not going to get perfect results no matter what ISP you have, your looking for much better, not perfect.

#155873 You'd think I would be good with a Mothership... lol

Posted by fuzzy clam on 3 weeks ago

Love the rejack kill at .24 seconds, thinking on the fly.


Nice vid A7... :D

#155557 VPN connection issues

Posted by fuzzy clam on 3 weeks ago

How do you create a support ticket. It say i cannot create a post.

I moved your post to General Support where it will get more views.