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fuzzy clam

fuzzy clam

Member Since 30 Dec 2014
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In Topic: Competition is heating up in the gaming router space!

14 hours ago

IMO they can keep coming out with all the "gaming routers" they want but until someone with the mindset of the Netduma crew and the way they go about doing things, it will be Netduma...and everyone else in this market.

In Topic: BO3's lobbies.

14 hours ago

Good god BEN,that's a beastly game.


All you guys stay in lobbies on that side of the pond... ;)

In Topic: Xfinity Free WWII beta Codes

15 hours ago

That's cool as hell


Spectrum should do the same thing.

In Topic: Netduma No More

A week ago

Not to pile on... but if I bought a product and it didn't work I wouldn't wait 2 years to replace it or ask for help.


As said above this is a support forum and that's what we're here to help customers set up their Netduma correctly and get the most out of their network as everyone's is different.


If you were having issues with your Duma,you should have asked for support,instead of going out and buying a new router.But if your happy with your new router and your games are better, then problem solved.But just a tip...if you have problems with your Netgear don't wait 2 years to ask for help.


Best of luck to you... :D

In Topic: BO3 Bullets On Point

A week ago

Nice vid nfx... :D