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Member Since 17 Jul 2015
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In Topic: TP-Link TC-7610 on sale $34.79

A day ago

just order my to try it hope i get it by saturday like amazon set 

In Topic: Erscheinungsdatum für dumaOS?

A week ago

Hallo ihr lieben,
Und zwar, wann kommt die neue firmware dumaOS eigentlich für den netduma raus?
Könnten wir da eine genauere info kriegen kriegen? Warte nämlich sehenssüchtig danach

soon very soon mate

In Topic: Intel's Puma 6 chipset suffers from latency & jitter, fix soon.

A week ago

Who's your ISP?

xfinity comcast

In Topic: My Netduma die?

3 weeks ago

you was righ i change all my cable is now working thanks frasser i love you man you gave me my life back lol 

In Topic: My Netduma die?

4 weeks ago

Nothing happen and when I plug it in my computer work