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In Topic: XR500 DUMA OS And R1

A week ago

Hi Jimmy,


That shouldn't be the case - it should be much better. It maybe due to how you setup QoS on DumaOS. It is slightly counter-intuitive and we have a firmware upgrade to address that issue coming out today or Monday.


Are you available for a 1 on 1 this weekend? We will be happy to assist to make sure you have the optimum experience with the XR500,

best support ever you the best lain 

In Topic: Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR50...

A week ago


Hi all, 


I can't respond to you all personally so I will answer the general themes I have seen in the comments. Thank you for all the kinds words and the feedback. 




Can you exchange the R1 for the XR500 or get a discount towards the XR500?

- Netgear are a separate company so that wouldn't be possible.

Can we put DumaOS on our existing Netgear router? 

- No you can't. Unless Netgear decide in future that they want to allow that.

 Why April if DumaOS is ready now?
- DumaOS for the R1 has/will have more new and exciting features which therefore takes longer to perfect. As it is slower hardware we also need to do a lot of speed optimisations. As well as doing the Settings section ourselves. The XR500 utilises Netgear settings integrated with DumaOS.
Availability outside the US?
- That is a question for Netgear but I'm sure they will branch out of the US soon.
How fast will updates come out/will there be new features?
- The R1 will have faster updates and new features in the long run.
The price is too high.
- We don't have any influence on how Netgear calculate the final retail price.
Does the XR500 have the Anti-Jitter/Anti-Spike feature?
- No, that is on our R1 roadmap.


thanks frasser you the best. i still can wait since ii just need anti section  

In Topic: 12/15/17 news setting must sub and like

2 weeks ago

Thx but i live in germany.. i don‘t get any games if i take the same settings in geofilter

try to find that lower ping state and try to move your ping assist wile you searching 

In Topic: Happy New Year #DumaArmy

3 weeks ago

when i s when i saw the message i thought A happy new year with the duma os :wacko:  :wacko:  :wacko:

In Topic: Happy New Year #DumaArmy

3 weeks ago

happy new year lain