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In Topic: New Netduma received yesterday and having issues with 300Mbps internet

A day ago

I'm using an Arris SB6190 modem


There's ya problem

In Topic: IPv6 and congestion control issues

A week ago

Plus it uses Teredo tunneling which isn't even real IPv6 anyway

In Topic: IPv6 and congestion control issues

A week ago

Just wondering if there was a fix to it. Thanks


Don't use IPv6... Makes no difference

In Topic: Netduma R1 BROKEN - disconnects after 10-30 minutes of gaming via wired - Any...

A week ago

This is kinda a long shot but I’m hoping there’s a way I can get a replacement netduma r1 router since I bought it less than 2 years ago, it’s already crapped out on me and they are not that cheap to begin with.

Problems started happening this Saturday, February 10th. I usually play call of duty ww2 just fine but on that day I played for less than half an hour before I got disconnected and then got a “DNS error” when I tried to reconnect. Both Ethernet and WiFi went down so no internet for the home and family. I tried ALL the troubleshooting steps. Tried resetting the router and modem at the same time (turn on and off as well as reset from within the router settings.) Tried resetting the modem first followed by the router and vice versa. As a last resort, I tried wiping my r1 to factory default settings, renaming it and changing the password. Still died within 30 minutes.

Then we brought out a replacement router (different brand) and internet is now up 24/7. Furthermore, called my internet provider (Spectrum) and they confirmed service was online for everybody else. So if this doesn’t prove we isolated the r1 router as the issue, I don’t know what else will!

The problem? I purchased it new from amazon on 8/28/2016.....can I get a free replacement under some type of warranty or quality guarantee? If not, unfortunately, I’ll probably need to just throw it in the trash since it’s clearly broken.


When the internet goes down do you hear the router beep as if it was being powered on?

In Topic: wifi access point issues

A week ago

In the nighthawk settings you mean? When I connect my router to my netduma and set the netduma up properly, I should be able to use my 5G wifi but I get extremely low speeds regardless if I have turbo/super turbo enabled. Surely I should be able to get more than 5 mbps wifi off of this setup right?


Is WMM on in advanced wireless settings on the Nighthawk?