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In Topic: Please help, more detail inside

A day ago



Don't make multiple posts.

In Topic: Router crashing every 15-20mins

A day ago

What modem do you have?


Do you hear the router beep like it's powering on when this happens?

In Topic: Wifi and slow speeds

3 days ago

Testing through a console isn't accurate. Also, you shouldn't be be doing speed tests while congestion control and hyper lane are active.


On top of all that, speed is irrelevant when it comes to online gamine. Ping is more important.

In Topic: Powerline Adapter Issue with auto settings (New Issue)

6 days ago

Could just be coincidence that the powerline adapter went bad at the same time you changed your internet. For gaming I'd rather have a cable anyway. Ping on powerline has some crazy jitter

In Topic: I do not get it... ww2

A week ago

Still on P2P in Europe. Sometimes I destroy everything easily even though I know I got shot first.

And some games I've gone 3-15.


wtf. 3-15!


Cause you're bad at the game.