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In Topic: DVI vs HDMI

5 days ago

Since you're using an "adapter" cable I don't think it makes any difference at all... in fact it could make things worse depending on the quality of the cable

In Topic: Need some help with something

A week ago

I feel like iv been getting DDOSed the past hour. is there anyway i can see that on the R1 or is there any software i can use on my pc to find out?

If you are getting ddosed you can change your IP if you are on US cable usually by changing the mac address of the router and then rebooting the modem

In Topic: Considering Reinstalling Windows 10 due to BSODs

3 weeks ago

And PLEASE use a Samsung SSD as your new drive

In Topic: Gaming monitor

04 July 2018 - 09:21 AM

I own a Benq rl2455t ZOWIE and enjoy it every bit but just a question, the Benq has a black equalizer setting which helps me a ton in call of duty games but was curious if the asus monitor has a setting that’s helps those dark places?


Not that I know of... BenQ FTW

In Topic: Is bufferbloat still a problem for people with let's say 400 Mbps internet ?

12 June 2018 - 08:35 PM

The only exception I can think of is streaming; whether you're streaming gameplay to Twitch or trying to watch an online TV service, it doesn't seem to max out your line. I noticed Twitch was using 35Mb tops last night when I watched a friend stream, and when I tested PS4 streaming at 720p60 it seemed to max out at around 5Mb upload.


The reason for that is streaming video from the internet downloads itself in large chunks of data at random intervals when it needs to... where as downloading a game, tries to get all the data at once at the speed of your pipe