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Member Since 30 Dec 2014
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In Topic: What is Broadcom?

2 days ago

I'd rather have slower speeds and buy my own modem that I know will work better than their provided all in one X1 crap

In Topic: Cloudflare Launches DNS Service

A week ago

Not sure if it was my internet dying or the DNS... but last night I had some issues with things connecting very very slow

In Topic: Does an good dns matter for gaming

A week ago

I've been using cloudflare, no issues... but no better for gaming.

In Topic: Question on ping

A week ago

Are you testing at a different time of day? Every little variable matters when testing ping, especially on cable.

In Topic: Which is better ? XR500 or R9000 ?

2 weeks ago

I can't decide.


As far as I know only the XR500 comes with DumaOS... So it's a no brainer that is the better option.