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I Am MoD BoX

I Am MoD BoX

Member Since 30 Dec 2014
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#159692 TP-Link TC-7610 on sale $34.79

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on 14 hours ago

Care to share on what your testing MoD ?


Inquiring minds want to know MoD.



#159643 TP-Link TC-7610 on sale $34.79

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on A day ago

Currently testing something new... So far the results are great...



#159630 Hello! I have some questions about my Netduma when I get it..

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on A day ago

I want to get off to a good start once I get my NetDuma (which will be tomorrow).  My plan is as follows:


Current Setup:


Region: TX- USA

ISP:  AT&T Fiber 1Gb down/up

Equipment: AT&T modem, Netgear GS108E switch, Netgear Orbi router



The Plan:


Wired to Netduma - PC, XB1, Switch (rest of hardwired devices), Orbi as AP 


I mainly play Black Ops 3 and IW on XB1.  I realize more info will probably be needed...  Is there anything else I need to have (as far as info) right now?  What settings or profiles would work best for me?




With gigabit internet it disables congestion control so the only feature you would be using is the geo-filter. Also I assume the AT&T modem has a built in router. You will have to put that into bridge mode or add the Netduma to it's DMZ or you will have NAT problems being behind 2 routers.

#159606 TP-Link TC-7610 on sale $34.79

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on 2 days ago


#159591 Do I need to restart my Netduma once in a while?

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on 2 days ago

It can't hurt to do it. I reboot my phone and PC daily to keep it snappy and smooth. At the end of the day all of these devices are computers and could benefit from a reboot once in a while. For a router I'd say once a week or so. Modem can go once a month.

#159480 Popular clean up tool CCleaner injected with malware

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on 4 days ago

what's 'windows' ?


Unfortunately when you play PC games windows is the only real option.

#159343 Low speed while activating VPN

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on 6 days ago

The router can give a maximum of about 10 Mbps when a VPN is enabled because the 600 Mhz cpu is ALOT slower than your PC which can encrypt/decrypt the data much faster.

#159166 Upload speed keeps capping at 2mb/s

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on A week ago

Oh, wow I bought it for $30 not too long ago what happened? Lol.


Out of stock everywhere. Supply and demand.

#159110 Home plugs

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on A week ago

I had some tp link ones too back when my router was at the other end of the house. They worked pretty well, even over trailing sockets (not recommended), definitely better than wifi.


In the end I took a hammer drill to the walls and ran a cable though. I made lots of holes.



#159094 Home plugs

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on A week ago

It really depends on the house. Some will perform better than others. My friend used them and while better than wifi he still had major ping and jitter issues in a fairly new house. Eventually just gave in and ran a 200 foot wire from one end to the other.



#158989 IPv6 and Xbox One

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on A week ago

dam.   I'm testing now to see if it makes any difference.  One thing for sure though, my NAT is open versus moderate when in IPv6 on the network settings page  


I've never had IPv6 enabled and I never had a nat issue before... But I only use a modem, not an all in one pos. IPv6 never made a difference to me either. In fact, before I had a Netduma it broke my Asus router. Which is why it was off.

#158981 IPv6 and Xbox One

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on A week ago

Microsoft recommends it on Xbox One(if able to get IPv6).  Just a little bit of info for those that didn't know like myself.  They say it creates a better multiplayer experience.  Just recently have I went back to Xbox One.  




They also made "Game Mode" on windows 10 which was suppose to boost your games performance... Instead it makes it worse, so I trust very little MS tells me is good for me lol

#158890 NEW Bug Found, for themes

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on 2 weeks ago

for some reason never did it to me in the past, it would stay on the Default, or V2 that I selected, when I change the IP to it switches it to the V2 theme, and it will not switch over to Default, if I keep it on I can change the themes.

Maybe it's a browser cache issue? I never had a problem with that before. Try doing a hard page refresh in your browser?

#158872 What are game developers thinking?!??

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on 2 weeks ago

I couldn't watch past about 3 mins, she was making me angry. Was that a spoof thing made to show how out of touch they were with gamers or was that legit?


If I went to buy a game and they kept emphasising 'playerzzz' and other 'Z' heavy urban patois, I'd have to bus' a cap in they ass.


That's a legit training video from 2002 for GameCrazy which is now out of business. Can't imagine why?

#158868 Best Gaming Modems

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on 2 weeks ago

OMG so today I got to try out Comcast gigabit service. What a mess! The modem is an Arris TG3482G, which if you do a google search the first result pretty much explains it. Speed and ping issues like crazy. One second you'll hit 700 Mbps, the next you can barely reach 50 Mbps. Reboot the modem, speeds are back again. Ping shoot up to 3,000 ms randomly. Multiple Comcast techs and I verified that the signals are perfect so that's not an issue. Plus the modem/router only has TWO ethernet ports on it. Who gets gigabit speeds and only runs 2 wired devices to it? What a joke! Lol



TL;DR - Don't get an Arris TG3482G modem for Comcast gigabit. Other gigabit modems may be fine.