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I Am MoD BoX

I Am MoD BoX

Member Since 30 Dec 2014
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In Topic: TP-Link TC-7610 on sale $34.79

14 hours ago

Care to share on what your testing MoD ?


Inquiring minds want to know MoD.



In Topic: Verizion fios, congestion control and BB

14 hours ago

Okay thanks for the info I was more curious of since it being fiber I shouldn’t have to worry about lag spikes right? Or does it not even matter cause like I said there’s about 4-5 other devices running on it plus a xbox 360 because the point I was also try into make was I wanna give my self a little more bandwidth


If you max out your bandwidth your ping times will increase. Using congestion control will help this.

In Topic: TP-Link TC-7610 on sale $34.79

A day ago

Currently testing something new... So far the results are great...



In Topic: Hello! I have some questions about my Netduma when I get it..

A day ago

I want to get off to a good start once I get my NetDuma (which will be tomorrow).  My plan is as follows:


Current Setup:


Region: TX- USA

ISP:  AT&T Fiber 1Gb down/up

Equipment: AT&T modem, Netgear GS108E switch, Netgear Orbi router



The Plan:


Wired to Netduma - PC, XB1, Switch (rest of hardwired devices), Orbi as AP 


I mainly play Black Ops 3 and IW on XB1.  I realize more info will probably be needed...  Is there anything else I need to have (as far as info) right now?  What settings or profiles would work best for me?




With gigabit internet it disables congestion control so the only feature you would be using is the geo-filter. Also I assume the AT&T modem has a built in router. You will have to put that into bridge mode or add the Netduma to it's DMZ or you will have NAT problems being behind 2 routers.

In Topic: Verizion fios, congestion control and BB

2 days ago

So pretty much I’m good and shouldnt worry to much cause I feel like it will all run the same since it’s fios I’m getting 0-2 ms ping to the router and 6-8 to google and 20-22 on twitter no matter where I put the slider


The slider doesn't change your ping unless someone is using 100% of your speeds which will make your ping spike.