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Member Since 3 weeks ago
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3 days ago

After this update my base ping went up 25 milliseconds on Fortnite. Why are there so many issues with a 300 dollar router?

Router Issues

6 days ago

I have to reset my router at least 3 times a day. The internet drops on ethernet and wifi even though it says everything's connected. Why? IPv6 is disabled and I've tried multiple DNS servers. I shouldn't have to reset a 300 dollar router 3 times a day.

This Router Is Really Starting to peave me Off

A week ago

This thing was 300 dollars. 300. Just stop and think about that before you read further. 300  dollars. Every single night i have to reset my router 5 or more times. It will disconnet wired devices. It says its working fine. It will only let me on Youtube, google, and this website. What the hell? This thing has given me nothing but issues since buying it. 300 dollars wasted. Also, a little fun fact, my ping has gotten worse ever since using this thing. Some gaming router.



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Ethernet not working

2 weeks ago

My wifi currently works but my xbox won't work longer than 30 minutes and it's hardwired. I've had countless issues since purchasing this router that I NEVER encountered prior.  The damn ethernet ports aren't even labeled correctly on this. How do you mess this up? That screams incompetence.

EDIT: the router no longer will connect to the internet. The light just flashes orange.  I can plug my computer directly into the modem and it works fine.

Routerlogin.com wont load

2 weeks ago

Well, cant even go into my router settings anymore. The site wont load. I was messing with my QoS and the site just froze and my internet stopped working. Hard reset the router and the wifi kind of works but now i cant load routerlogin. What the hell?


Edit: works but the routerlogin.com site will not.