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#183761 Fortnite Servers on Ps4

Posted by Durty on A week ago

They need to make this feature connect you to the server you want everytime instead of it just connecting and denying 7 times in a row.

#183268 Ethernet not working

Posted by Durty on 2 weeks ago

Ill try these suggestions out and see what happens.

#182845 XR500 Firmware Version (RELEASED)

Posted by Durty on 2 weeks ago

I am unable to deny dedicated servers still. Thought that was part of this update.


EDIT: I can only deny some servers.

#182754 Router Issues

Posted by Durty on 2 weeks ago

Okay. Makes sense. Hopefully, the instance 2 nights ago was just a fluke.

#182558 Disabling the Wireless Buttons (top of XR500 router)

Posted by Durty on 3 weeks ago

Maybe in the next update? Call it CDOS? Cat Denial of Service?