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#185549 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by Killhippie on A week ago

It really is clear as to why this team haven't updated the R1 as if they did there is no real reason to buy the XR500 at all.

I have not got an R1 but why would I buy an R1? You post makes no sense. R1 owners who are happy with the unit would want the update, new buyers would not buy the R1 probably based on hardware alone. After all who in 2018 is going to buy a router with a 600Mhz CPU and 128MB of ram, that has b/g/n only when 802.11ac is the norm now. The Netgear R7000 was released in 2014 with a 1Ghz Dual core CPU and 256MB ram and 128MB flash and 3x3:3 MIMO along with 802.11ac. Those specs are what people are looking for and the R7000 is still going strong even now, and able to to push 4K HDR/Dolby vision around around their homes wirelessly let alone the myriad of other devices that they own which also now need faster CPU's and greater bandwidth at faster speeds. Also it wont be long before 802.11ax is hitting the shelves, also WPA3 is coming and the new routers should get this with a firmware update it now seems, I wonder if the the R1 is capable of that upgrade? Yes I know Ethernet is still the best way to hook things up, but my 4K OLED AF8 can watch Netflix in 4K HDR over wifi with no buffering and I can still browse on my iPad or take a facetime call etc. I think the R1 would really struggle.

 I highly doubt they are trying to push the XR500, because if people look at the hardware specs for a modern LAN the R1 makes no sense. I would imagine if the R1 was made by a Asus/TP-Link/Netgear etc would it be EOL by now, as its not really powerful enough. Gamers also do a whole bunch of other stuff and using the R1 then buying an expensive router to put into AP mode does not make financial sense to many people these days. This is why I think the Netgear conspiracy is flawed. You can all go round in circles forever trying to guess about the last minute pull of DumaOS and I would agree the timing was not great in all honesty, but I think its just about hardware really nothing more. The R1 was released in 2014/2015 depending on country with under powered specs even then, the R7000 was also released at the same time with much better specs (1Ghz Dual core CPU and 256MB ram and 128MB flash and 3x3:3 MIMO along with 802.11ac) as I wrote above. S
o the R1 was tired at launch really, but the software made it so very special.

 At the end of the day the R1 is getting old and underpowered, so new buyers would not buy the R1. I imagine, if the XR500 did not exist an Asus AC5300 or Netgear R7800 would do for most as it handles other network needs easily as well as gaming for the majority. Looking on Amazon UK right now the R1 is not even available anymore and they are not sure when they will get stock again. It may be as simple as its just does not have the grunt or the Wi-Fi specs people would be looking for now.

So your argument "I can say It really is clear as to why this team haven't updated the R1 as if they did there is no real reason to buy the XR500 at all" I think is flawed, because the majority of new users including myself would not buy a 600Mhz 128mb ram b/g/n router no matter what software was on it in 2018. That's just my take. :)

#185290 USB drive weird bug

Posted by Killhippie on A week ago

Agree. I did try to eject it using the GUI, didn't help. Tried running a repair in recovery mode and I get "error 8". 

So the router would not safely eject the drive, what size is it? Sounds like a bug indeed, what happened when you tried to eject it, did you get any messages? By pulling the drive out you may have corrupted it which is a vicious circle as ejecting it didn't work. Did you factory reset the router after the recent firmware update? That error code means you need to reformat the drive I believe. :(



#185085 The router in use might not support IP packet fragmentation

Posted by Killhippie on 2 weeks ago

Just a quick update the XR500 after re-applying my Geo Filter position and  game profile settings is now letting the PS4 not engage high priority traffic for the home screen but it still engages in a speedtest on the PS4 and IP fragmentation is still present when it gets stuck on the routers NAT type (Type 2) It takes maybe 15-20 seconds to work out the routers nat type when in the previous firmware this was not the case, also in previous firmware's you could see the full download speed of your line using the PS4 speed test facility as Antibufferbloat did not kick in using the speedtest. Thought I would update you on this. :)

#184936 Operation Insecure

Posted by Killhippie on 2 weeks ago

Sorry for the late response guys. I wiped the XR500 clean to it's factory fw and re-installed the latest That seemed to work once I booted up a game of WW2.
Every firmware update from now on I'll just wipe the XR500 clean to prevent any conflicting boot errors in the config.

You should not have to do this. When you say you wiped it clean back to factory firmware What do you mean by that? A factory reset it just clears the settings (and glitches) and leaves you on the current version of firmware, or did you reinstall the original initial firmware and then update? I’m just asking for clarity as you should not have to do this at all. What is the point of a auto firmware update if you have to factory reset every single time! It is a good way of sorting out issues like this, but issues like this should not be happening in the first place.

#184766 So whats the XR450?

Posted by Killhippie on 3 weeks ago

So just to confirm, I'm not going to see any differences being on wireless-AC?

Both of the routers have 802.11ac and if you have ac clients you will see a faster connection much faster and I would say more stable as well but it’s backwards compatible with previous versions.

#184704 Device identity changing to PlayStation

Posted by Killhippie on 3 weeks ago

Interesting! That's a bug for sure and I think I know why. I assume you're on the latest version? Great find.

@Fraser - please report to the devs.

yes I’m on the latest. Glad this will be sorted. :)

#184685 XR500 Time

Posted by Killhippie on 3 weeks ago

So I finally upgraded my R1 to the XR500,  the only thing that's bugging me is that the time on the router is out by one hour.  Is there a way to actually set the correct time to the router?

Settings > Content Filtering > Schedule. Be aware that the time will be correct but in the router settings you can view in your Dashboard etc it will still show UTC as an hour behind but if you are using anything with a schedule it will use the time zone settings you set in Settings > Content Filtering > Schedule.

#184682 Device identity changing to PlayStation

Posted by Killhippie on 3 weeks ago

So This morning I was looking at the official PlayStation forums on my iMac. I then decided to have a quick look in my router and low and behold my iMac was now a PlayStation! Can you add a lock to devices maybe so devices cannot be changed by the DPI engine? This is really annoying because it happened with my iPad with PlayStation messenger, the XR500 thought it was a PlayStation because it sees PlayStation traffic. Is it possible for you to add rules to stop this or provide a simple lock in the device manager to override the DPI?

#184547 XR500 with Sky

Posted by Killhippie on 3 weeks ago

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has set up there XR500 with a Draytek vigor 130 and Sky broadband, currently use BT with this set up but wanted to know if it is straight forward with SKY`s 61 set up, due to BT prices going up again was considering a move.


Not really as Sky don't give username and password out, there are guides on the net about how to extract the username and password for ADSL For VDSL Id follow these guides. You will probably need to use Wireshark http://www.skyuser.c...ssword-mac.html

#184472 NHXR500 + PS4 + PS4

Posted by Killhippie on 3 weeks ago

Destiny only uses UPnP when two PS4's are used at the same time. So if both are on at the same time you should see something in UPnP tables.

#184004 Firmware released

Posted by Killhippie on 4 weeks ago

same for me, nothing showing up in UPnP table with every device in the house connected... epic update fail as usual lol!

Working fine here, not all games or apps etc need UPnP try something like Skype, that uses UPnP and shows clearly in the table.

#183934 Firmware released

Posted by Killhippie on 4 weeks ago

You can disable flash very very easily on chrome, so so simple to do. Anything is better than safari, I would rather use microsoft edge or even "netscape :) " than Safari :)


I use Firefox pretty,much all the time. It now uses less ram than chrome and I don’t have to disable flash because it doesn’t come undled with it. I just prefer Firefox really and it works really well on one 2017 5k iMac, flash is a vector of attack and to remove as many as possible is the best thing to do in this day and age. I have not found one site that uses flash anymore for my browsing habits. Also I tend to trust Mozilla privacy wise more so than Google’s, but again it’s all swings and roundabouts as my operating system on my TV is android. Also you can’t really trust any of them at the end of the day, I use a VPN noscript and adblocker but somewhere at sometime something is going to grab your data. I’m looking forward to the hybrid VPN, because then I can use a VPN on the router that isn’t in the 14 eye countries, :)

#183704 share excess

Posted by Killhippie on 15 June 2018 - 09:08 AM

i am presuming that he made a spelling mistake! :D

I was going down a rabbit hole of settings. Glad you got it sorted. :D

#183702 share excess

Posted by Killhippie on 15 June 2018 - 09:03 AM

Ahh Share excess, now that makes sense. :)

#183602 This Router Is Really Starting to peave me Off

Posted by Killhippie on 13 June 2018 - 01:08 PM

This thing was 300 dollars. 300. Just stop and think about that before you read further. 300  dollars. Every single night i have to reset my router 5 or more times. It will disconnet wired devices. It says its working fine. It will only let me on Youtube, google, and this website. What the hell? This thing has given me nothing but issues since buying it. 300 dollars wasted. Also, a little fun fact, my ping has gotten worse ever since using this thing. Some gaming router.



Comment from Moderator:


I can connect to all sites fine, so as Fraser has said thats a DNS issue and not the routers, try the firmware that has been sent and factory reset the router then enter your settings manually not from a backup. If your ping is worse then that probably is a misconfiguration as mine is better and most people seem very happy with this device, but you will get good help here no matter what. If this fails it may be a faulty unit so last resort contact Netgear support, but the new firmware and changing your ISP's DNS should work. I will say I am in the UK and my ISP's DNS works fine but some people do have issues when changing routers which use a separate modem, and that's with routers other than this one too. Hope you get things sorted.