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In Topic: Router giving less speed than modem

An hour ago

Riddle me this,  If this particular user is able to get his normal speeds via the Xbox one X every time using just the modem but can't get his full speeds when using the XR500, it must be an Xbox one issue???  That makes no sense.  I use my Xbox one X all the time to check speeds and is accurate every-time.  It is even more reliable than my PC.  

I mean we download games that are over 50 gig and if the XR500 can not use our ISP full speeds to do it that is an issue, don't you think?

The reason could be that antibufferbloat is set to always on, the sliders are maybe set to 70% (recommended default) and the OP did not adjust QoS to give higher percentages to devices that needed it. So the XR500 is doing what its meant to because if antibufferbloat is set to 'always' your bandwidth is reduced by the amount set by the sliders, hence adjusting in QoS gets you what you want, or you just don't go as low as say 70% on a low speed line. Also download does not have to be as as low as say upload for gaming anyway.

 So the XR500 doing is doing its job, users may not fully understand how antibufferbloat works and because nobody knows what percentage a wireless printer should have over a wireless speaker (Netgear or Netduma come on a guide would be useful for this stuff ) people just leave them all on the same percentage for both up an down and share that amongst all devices equally in QoS.

 If you have 10 devices and only 70% the bandwidth of a say a 55Mbps line thats 38.5Mbps for all devices, not much really. It would be great if DumaOS could set these parameters on the fly for best throughput when gaming and not gaming, Like Streamboost does. I think if If unsure set it to maybe 87% down and 70% up or whatever works best for your line, just experiment as each line is different don't stick with defaults. I still think a guide for common devices and rough percentages for them would be helpful though. I mean if you have say 30Mbps down 10Mbps up you can always leave it on 'detect high priority traffic' so you get your full download unless you are gaming and if bufferbloat on your line is not bad anyway you wont see much effect on streaming say Netflix even in 4K anyway.

In Topic: Slow wifi

3 days ago

Tried your advice in the PM but that made it worse so I undid that change.

Upload speeds are reasonably close to what they should be but download seems to be the main problem since they are less than the upload during speed tests.

That really should not be the case since I get 300 down and only 25 up. Sometimes I can get around 70 down but it comes and goes and is still less than 1/3 of the speeds I should see.

Checked wifi analyzer again and router seems to be selecting the least congested channel. I really don't have too many strong wifi networks nearby though.




I don't normally disable WMM but I did try it just to see and didn't make any difference in my tests.

I used to do the factory reset by using the button on the back but after the second or third time I did that (during previous firmware upgrades) the button got broken so I can only do it from the admin settings now.

I did not try to load any saved settings when I reset to factory, I always just adjust the settings I need to (such as qos).

I left all wifi settings as default but when I didn't get expected speeds I tried changing some different things. Some made it worse and some made it a little better but nothing has been able to give me anywhere close to the 300 down that I should be able to get close to. I have tried with iPhone 8 and gaming laptop with ac wireless adapter.



I will try to see if I can get the router to do a factory reset using the button on the router but can't try to fix that now because family is using the internet.

The button on the back is recessed its a small pinhole, never heard anyone breaking that! WMM should not be disabled. HT160 and 20/40 coexistence should always be left at default which is off. Avoid changing anything on the Netgear Wireless advanced settings page, apart from turning off router pin for WPS. Have you disabled antibufferbloat and QoS? There really should be no reason you are seeing such a drop unless the hardware is faulty. For issues like this I would suggest Netgear Support or if its really new take it back and swap it.

 Hardware faults do occur even on new equipment so if the issue remains I would contact Netgear support as they should RMA your router if you cant take it back to where you bought it, although you will have to tell them the pinhole reset button was broken, that itself should not happened so tell them it broke when pushed gently doing a reset, its a tiny hole and very small button... most odd. I would want it swapped out for that alone tbh. Finally what frequency is giving you the bad download speeds. If its both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz I would say that points to hardware issues yet again, unless something is causing massive interference on both bands which although possible is highly unlikely. :)

In Topic: Frequent Issues W/ XR500.

4 days ago

Scratch that.. Issues are present again today and I am getting less than 10 down. If I unplug the XR500 i get 380 down. :(  

It seems this happens with other Netgear routers and Asus as well, maybe more to do with Virgin hardware than the xr500 possibly?


In Topic: Slow wifi

4 days ago

I just upgraded my internet from 50/10 to 300/25 mbps. Ethernet speeds are normal and working fine but wifi is way off.

Running speed tests with default router settings gives less than 1 for both up and down (tried 3 different speed tests multiple times on both laptop and cell phone). I tried this with the default (let the router decide between 2 and 5 G), then I tried separating frequencies and tried each one with both devices. Surprisingly the 2G did better than the 5G even when standing next to the router with all of my other wireless devices unplugged to minimize interference.

Speeds were always 50/10 before but after upgrading internet speeds the wifi seems broken.

I did a erase settings from the admin menu and then did auto setup. Router detected the correct speeds and as I said before ethernet speeds are correct. 

I verified the default settings were as expected. Then I tried to disable qos but that did not help so I turned qos back on.

What settings should I change from default to try and correct this?

Thanks in advance.

You didnt disable WMM did you? Also when you said you erased from admin settings have you tried a factory reset using the button at the back of the router? I found that I had better results using that for a factory reset than using the one in the menu for some reason, and at this stage it could not hurt to try that way then set up using, no back ups. I would try Also don't turn on 160Mhz or untick 20/40Mhz coexistence leave them as they are. Unless you have faulty hardware that's what I would try as a last resort.

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

A week ago

It really is clear as to why this team haven't updated the R1 as if they did there is no real reason to buy the XR500 at all.

I have not got an R1 but why would I buy an R1? You post makes no sense. R1 owners who are happy with the unit would want the update, new buyers would not buy the R1 probably based on hardware alone. After all who in 2018 is going to buy a router with a 600Mhz CPU and 128MB of ram, that has b/g/n only when 802.11ac is the norm now. The Netgear R7000 was released in 2014 with a 1Ghz Dual core CPU and 256MB ram and 128MB flash and 3x3:3 MIMO along with 802.11ac. Those specs are what people are looking for and the R7000 is still going strong even now, and able to to push 4K HDR/Dolby vision around around their homes wirelessly let alone the myriad of other devices that they own which also now need faster CPU's and greater bandwidth at faster speeds. Also it wont be long before 802.11ax is hitting the shelves, also WPA3 is coming and the new routers should get this with a firmware update it now seems, I wonder if the the R1 is capable of that upgrade? Yes I know Ethernet is still the best way to hook things up, but my 4K OLED AF8 can watch Netflix in 4K HDR over wifi with no buffering and I can still browse on my iPad or take a facetime call etc. I think the R1 would really struggle.

 I highly doubt they are trying to push the XR500, because if people look at the hardware specs for a modern LAN the R1 makes no sense. I would imagine if the R1 was made by a Asus/TP-Link/Netgear etc would it be EOL by now, as its not really powerful enough. Gamers also do a whole bunch of other stuff and using the R1 then buying an expensive router to put into AP mode does not make financial sense to many people these days. This is why I think the Netgear conspiracy is flawed. You can all go round in circles forever trying to guess about the last minute pull of DumaOS and I would agree the timing was not great in all honesty, but I think its just about hardware really nothing more. The R1 was released in 2014/2015 depending on country with under powered specs even then, the R7000 was also released at the same time with much better specs (1Ghz Dual core CPU and 256MB ram and 128MB flash and 3x3:3 MIMO along with 802.11ac) as I wrote above. S
o the R1 was tired at launch really, but the software made it so very special.

 At the end of the day the R1 is getting old and underpowered, so new buyers would not buy the R1. I imagine, if the XR500 did not exist an Asus AC5300 or Netgear R7800 would do for most as it handles other network needs easily as well as gaming for the majority. Looking on Amazon UK right now the R1 is not even available anymore and they are not sure when they will get stock again. It may be as simple as its just does not have the grunt or the Wi-Fi specs people would be looking for now.

So your argument "I can say It really is clear as to why this team haven't updated the R1 as if they did there is no real reason to buy the XR500 at all" I think is flawed, because the majority of new users including myself would not buy a 600Mhz 128mb ram b/g/n router no matter what software was on it in 2018. That's just my take. :)