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Member Since 03 Mar 2018
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Using a manual DNS R1

13 hours ago

I want to use the google dns server but what I don’t understand is do I enter them in the WAN section by turning off automatic dns or do I enter them in the lan section where it says automatic DNS or both

R1 question

A day ago

My modem is password protected by my isp which means once I plug in my r1 it automatically enters the details but I know my details would I be better entering the details in the WAN section or let my modem automatically do it
My isp is bluebox in Ireland

Setting bandwidth

A day ago

Hello non peak times I get 30mb download and 10 upload peak times I get 20mb 5mb down so I’ve noticed if i do not change my bandwidth to 15 in peak times I get serious lag can this happen or is it just in my head lolI

Can we please have an official date

2 days ago

Can we please have an official date when the R1 will get duma OS please or any kind off updates on your progress

Please no hate towards Netduma in the comments
As alot of you have said in the ( duma Os delayed section ) we want to hear for Netduma now on how there moving forward


Duma OS R1

A week ago

Hello is it true the new software is dropping tomarrow ?
Where will I be able to download it from ?