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Member Since 03 Mar 2018
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In Topic: Using a manual DNS R1

3 hours ago

Thanks I’ll give it a try

In Topic: Setting bandwidth

A day ago

no, it would just make the QOS much less effective!

. Mmmmmm when I do ping diagnostics it says my spikes and jitter is terrible :/ not sure if I have the settings correct

In Topic: Setting bandwidth

A day ago

not exactly accurate doing it over wifi on a phone!  :)

could this cause lag tho if set to high

In Topic: Can we please have an official date

2 days ago

Thanks big dog :)

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

5 days ago

Well done Netduma
You’ve lost another customer who spends lots of money on your routers

I’ve got 4 R1 routers on eBay for sale
And there really cheap as I want nothing to do with the company