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#183313 QOS slider issue

Posted by imts_maul on A week ago

Thanks for letting us know about this. We have never heard of this bug before, so definitely an unusual one!
Which browser are you using?
Well done for fixing it.

Definitely strange, I use chrome. But I tried Firefox and Safari and had the same issue. Yeah, I'm glad I was able to finally locate the issue too. Things like that drive me insane until they're resolved..

#183293 QOS slider issue

Posted by imts_maul on A week ago

I've already tried those suggestions before coming to the forum. V2.2.1.10 version, I rolled it back because this problem started after the update..

But I found the glitch, I have to manually add my bandwidth speeds. If I allow DumaOS to run the speedtest and use it's findings, I am unable to adjust my sliders. If I erase those numbers and enter the numbers manually, even if it's the exact same numbers, then the sliders work as intended.. So my problem has been fixed, but it's something NETDUMA may want to look at..

#170051 DumaOs update

Posted by imts_maul on 15 January 2018 - 06:05 AM

Hi maul, you need to unzip and take the .img file out. Then upload it to the router: https://kb.netgear.c...Version-2-1-0-4

Yeah, I was trying to do that. It just wasn't letting me on my tablet. Had to go by work and pick up the laptop to get it done.. All good now, thanks for the response.