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In Topic: QOS slider issue

A week ago


is this A STABLE LINE?

Looks pretty stable to me. Every mod/admin on this forum hasn't told you any differently.

In Topic: Rubber bullets ww2

A week ago

Maybe use something other than an Airborne class with PPSH 😁

In Topic: geo filter -cod ww2 issues SPECTATOR/FILTERING

A week ago

when i set to my home location i get awful games

Jay -- Have you disabled auto-ping and tried pinging servers within the range of your geo-filter? Set your geo's radius slightly outside of your location. There may be some player overlap, and you may have to deny a nearby server, but give it a shot.

The golden rule is finding the server with the LEAST amount of hops from your router to maximize your playing experience. Fewer hops, low ping & less jitter = better hit registration 😁

In Topic: XR500 blocking Google services

A week ago

I run this utility weekly. It measures DNS Cache/Uncached & DotCom performance then gives you an extensive list of nameservers that are fastest/closest to your ISP. They just recently added Cloudflare & Quad9 in their last nameserver update.


Thank me later 🤗

In Topic: UPNP + QoS Traffic Prioritization

2 weeks ago

Thanks Fraser!