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In Topic: Black Ops 4 Beta with Duma OS On

A week ago

Haven't noticed that much. I leave it on Spectate & keep my radius under <500 mi. Have 3 really phenomenal games & then the rest are mediocre.

In Topic: Wifi

A week ago

Also for reference:

•Change your DNS
•Use 5ghz band (less latency)

In Topic: Packet Loss VPN Due To DumaOS?

A week ago

Seems there was a NVRam issue. Approx how many times do you reset your XR500 monthly?

In Topic: QOS and speed issues

A week ago

Wifi speeds will always be inconsistent. Here's your best options:

1. Factory reset your router. Hold reset pin on back of router for 15-30 seconds while power is still on.
2. Separate your 2.4 & 5 ghz SSID'S on startup menu. (i.e. rammo2.4 & rammo5G)


3.Invest in an ethernet cable (preferably a 6' to 25' Cat6e)

In Topic: What SpeedTest Value to use

A week ago

Try enabling HT160 under Settings>Advanced Wireless, if a wired connection is not available.

Avoid the 2.4ghz band if at all possible, as it is laden with latency.