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major masingil

major masingil

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Duma Army - XB1 aftermarket controller advice needed

2 weeks ago

I read a thread on here within the last year discussing alternates to the XB1 or XB Elite controllers. At the time I had a perfectly functional XB Elite.  However it was my 3rd one since they came out.  I have an ongoing issue with the left thumb drifting after a while on most all XB controllers since the 360 came out.  At 60$ it's not so bad to replace a controller, but at 150 it gets a little painful.  I also had (2) scuffs which developed the same issue.  


The thread on this forum was talking about a couple of custom controllers.  One of which was using heavy duty switches and components. It was a wired controller and it may have been a little larger than the average XB1. During this discussion, I went to the controllers website, but I never bookmarked it or wrote anything down.  I can't remember for the life of me who was making the thing now, and my recent search attempts on the forum didn't give me much luck. I'm 90% sure the discussion was not about Razers because I went to their website, and they didn't mention the heavy duty components.


I'd like to draw some knowledge from the Duma Army.  Can anyone recommend a wired controller with the additional 4 mappable buttons on the back side of the controller?  I want the same abilities as an Elite controller, just not the same ones I have to keep replacing a month after the warranty expires.  I'll probably end up ruining this type too, but I'd like to see what else is out there because I've given Microsoft enough of my dollars for controllers.


I appreciate the help.


Playing MP Steam games from same network

15 June 2018 - 11:47 AM

My wife and I are trying to play a co-op Borderlands 2 on Steam.  The problem seems to be that the game servers disconnect whichever one of us is joining the other's game after about 10 seconds. We get a "disconnected from network" error everytime. I'm thinking the steam servers see us both as 1 player because we are behind the same router.  Is there a thread here which would help with this situation?  


Incidentally, one of the fixes I tried was to go into settings on the R1 and uncheck upnp, and then my intent was to turn it back on again and do a soft reset.  However, when I unchecked it and then clicked apply, my browser page never fully refreshed.  It just continually acts like its going to refresh but never does.  

Using Hyper Traffic for conference calls

06 November 2017 - 08:10 PM

#Duma Army,


Has anyone ever explored using Hyper traffic for prioritizing Skype or Webex conference calls?  I assume you would need to set up manual rules in the advanced section.  Can I please hear some suggestions and thoughts?  I will be receiving land line, cellular, and internet connections to the same conference bridge.


I already have a skype phone number, but I'm open to better conference call apps, if there are suggestions. 1 big drawback of skype is I can't record the calls, which is something I want to be able to do.