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major masingil

major masingil

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In Topic: Tournament in honour of A7Legit - Suggestions

A day ago

OK folks.  Here's where it starts getting real  





I'll take point in the roster.  I'll need some help once we have an idea of who is going to play.  Let's call it for an undetermined Saturday before December.  Once we see how many players are in and where they're from we can dial in the time.  We are going to try and make it convenient for everyone.  It's going to be tough given that we could have people from all over the world, so please don't hold anything against the tournament if the time doesn't work out as well as you'd like it.  Also be honest on your 'Thumb Status'  it may help organize the teams better if we can mix up the skill levels.  


I wasn't sure about asking for your email addresses to make it easier to communicate. I thought it would help in the decisions to be made after we have an idea of how many players we'll have. If you are worried about it, leave it blank and look on this post for updates.  You'll be out of the decision making process though

In Topic: Tournament in honour of A7Legit - Suggestions

A week ago

I'm sure I would provide a good time for everyone with my color commentary as I'm getting melted by all the really good guys... ;)


And the ping shouldn't be a difference as we're playing for fun but something tells me a few may have issues with it but maybe not... :angry:

Whatever we do...we cannot tie the date for the tournament to the release date of OS! HA HA! couldn't let that one pass! I think Fraser is right. It would have to be on a Saturday afternoon, eastern time,maybe like 2 or 3 in the afternoon, to be able to bring the most people's schedules together.  In my opinion, I think it would be more in the spirit of the event to play together regardless of distance. The other idea I had was for everyone to start a new player just for the event. so everyone is on the same playing field.

In Topic: Tournament in honour of A7Legit - Suggestions

A week ago

I'd play on the xb version.  I'll be an exact replica of the guys A7 is used to pwning.  You good players will enjoy seeing me on the other team 

In Topic: New User: Titanfall 2 and BO3

27 June 2017 - 12:59 AM

I can't help you much with BO3. There should be tons of threads about best settings etc etc. You'll have to search the forums a bit or hope someone else chimes in.  I mainly use the R1 Congestion Control sliders for the games I play.  Chances are you're getting on to dedicated servers if you're seeing players out of your Geofilter settings.  Also 20ms host is great, but the thing you need to remember is the Geofilter can't kick other players offline who  are connected to the same host as you are.  So you may have a 20ms ping to the host, but if a person from China gets onto that same server, there is nothing you can do about it. You could leave the match, reduce your home location, or maybe change your home location so you get hooked up to different servers/hosts.


I'm going to drop a big piece of knowledge on you right now regarding the R1.  You can fiddle with the settings a million times to try and get the perfect game, but there is so much that you are not able to control when it comes to your gaming packets once they leave your house; you're better off setting the CC sliders to 70 and if you use the Geofilter set your PA to 35- 40 ms or so and your home range to about 800 miles or 1300 km and just play to have fun and forget the Netduma is doing anything for you.  The range you set on your GF is kind of dependent on where you live...if you live in China you'll need a really large range, if you live in NYC or LA...you can probably make your home range 300 miles or less...


Team up with me on XB if you're playing TF2.  major masingil

In Topic: New User: Titanfall 2 and BO3

26 June 2017 - 08:00 PM

Thanks for the reply!  


Great, for Titanfall, I can turn off the geo-filter -- do I need to restart my router and modem after I do that?


What do you recommend for the congestion control?  To be honest, I don't really know a lot about what it does outside of the video I watched.


Same goes for Reactive vs. Preemptive -- can you explain a little more that they and how to best use them?


And, is there a way when playing in game, to see my ping to the host with the Netduma portal?

No need to restart after you turn off the Geofilter

Congestion Control should start out at 70% for each slider. If you start lagging a lot because there are lots of people in your house using your bandwidth...move the sliders some more towards 60%, but I doubt you'll need to do that.

Reactive and Preemptive are algorithms that tell the router how to handle your network's information  Prepemtive gives you a more steady connection, but sacrifices some of your available bandwidth. Reactive is made for people who have over 60mb/s connections so they can utilize their greater bandwidths.  You should try yours out on both.  Do a little experimentation to see what works best with Spectrum. no matter what though, you need to have everything connected to the NetDuma or you're just wasting your time.  If you only have your gaming traffic going through the netduma you won't be able to take advantage of everything your router can do for you.

I don't think there is a way to see what your in game ping is while gaming through the R1.