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major masingil

major masingil

Member Since 01 Jul 2015
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In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

A week ago

And what in the name of Greek buggery is going on here?
Dissension among the rank and file? The great unwashed daring to get ideas above their station? Such treachery would not have been tolerated during my time roaming these esteemed halls.
And never mind page after page of this self-entitled, whiny, conspiracy bullshit. Why hasn't the knuckle-dragging Vanilla lowland been unleashed to quell this foetid uprising? Who has the dubious honour of holding the keys to his cage nowadays? - @Crossy, @Fraser, @JD, @Zenon??
To the rabble-rousers, a word in your shell-likes...
You may think you're pretty good at this bitchfesting thingy, so you will be disheartened to learn you're all pretty shit at it. None of the barbs resonate because they're tired, rehashed and, quite honestly, pathetic compared to what's gone before. They smack of pre-pubescent angst and the ramblings of admonished children; consequently, nothing hits home. Overall, it makes you look terminally stupid so put away the scatter-gun approach to insults and veiled threats. Stop ejecting toys from prams and wait politely in their house for your FREE upgrade.
@Fuzzball - By my return, I expect to see your opposable toes firmly gripping the throats of these pusillanimous little skid marks. I sense the peasants are revolting, and it's 'Vitai Lampada' time for the Duma Army and its brethren.
Up your game, tout de bloody suite, Son.

IDK...The song I dedicated to DumaOS is appropriate and not at all whiney

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

2 weeks ago

I would like to dedicate the following song to DumaOS on the R1





One day my ship will come in....

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

4 weeks ago

Yes you did. Thank you for bringing that to our attention - although it was quite easy to guess from the +1 username.

You weren't banned for calling anyone out, you were banned for repeatedly breaking forum rules. I expect it was foul language, obnoxious posts, disrespect, etc.

Let's see how long you can manage to remain unbanned.




Damn Major! Not content with burning a whole continent, you burn the whole world!  B)



(but you're right, it's a global problem)

all one has to do is read this thread to know I may be on to something. You mods are doing a great job avoiding calling out the babies for what they are and staying professional. How's your secret copy of DumaOS treating you :ph34r:   

#notfair #mamasaidso

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

4 weeks ago

We were very patient. The most of us who are complaining did run out of patience over the last year of broken promises. And kewl that it is 4 free no doubt (despite that right now we have nothing at all) but that's no feature or anything it's just nice (if not even incremental to not piss of OG R1 fellas IMHO). The point is, if you cant give it for free that's ok but then just don't announce it as free at least until you are 100% sure you can give it out for free. And it's in no way an excuse for breaking promised release dates not only once and letting the loyal community down. If you promise and fail often enough there will be a point which nobody is left who cares that it's for free.

I still hope the best and that the last promise of some weeks maximum will be fulfilled in the end of this journey. If not I am literally done with this topic.


And we are might not be replaced but it feels we were sold out to Netgear as, in fact, they paid for DumaOS. I dunno how their agreement is/was but its a matter of fact that the deal with Netgear delayed DumaOS at least once for OG R1 users, not to mention the lack of communication on DumaOS news/updates/teasers/development status the community had to experience based on the agreement with NG. 



i got banned 2 time (adel75 and adel76) from this forum for calling them out last year when it was supposed to release in "next month.."

no surprise here.. and btw thanks for banning a paying customer.  wonder if colonic is still waiting for his update.. 


i have an R1 to sell in paris for 50€ if anyone interested.

You both have the same router you originally paid for. Did you buy it because you wanted the new OS that wasn't even created yet? If so, you only have yourself to blame.  You realize Duma OS is entirely new, correct?  NetDuma is would be well within their rights to make us all pay for the new OS.  They didn't make us pay because we have been with them from the start with the R1.  As their development of the product improved they have passed those improvements on to us for free multiple times. You people act like these guys are a huge multi-national corporation.  Well guess what,  if they were a huge multi-national corporation they would have made you pay for the new OS. On an international level it is us Americans who are always portrayed as the childish ones and you European folk were supposed to be all next level reasonable and mature ...turns out whiney child adults are a worldwide problem.  Go cry to your mammies


In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

17 April 2018 - 04:52 PM

Don't know bro. Honestly. I just can't help feeling that this device is obsolete.

I think you might be correct. The R1 was groundbreaking. Now it's hardware limitations are detrimental to anyone with over 60Mb of service. The R1 shined if you had low bandwidth from your ISP. It's not the router of the future internet. I'm a little bummed but only because I wanted to play with the new options. I still really like Netduma as a company. People need to remember they're a really small company