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ISP Speeds

08 May 2017 - 11:22 PM

Hello Duma Army:


So I am paying for 150 down and 10 up from Cox, but I can only achieve from a minimum of 45 to 90 mbps down, sometimes 122. The upload gets to 10 to 13 mbps. It's the download that is a problem, not the upload.


I did do a test from my pc directly to my modem and the same results. On my ISP website, logging into my account with them I could get 155 to 165 mbps consistently. So I am at a loss.


I have changed Ethernet cables and same results.


I spoke to Cox and they say its my router (Duma and TP Link C2600 in AP mode behind the Duma). They also said this modem is compatible with the service I am getting and it is on their approved modem list.


I spoke to TPLink about it and they said I need a different modem with more channels (7620) but I do not plan to go that route. LoL


I have all my settings as they should be below:

  • Reactive Algorithm
  • 100% anti-flood
  • Share excess enabled
  • Reset device prioritisation & apply
  • Disable IPv6 in WAN, LAN & misc
  • Disable deep packet in misc
  • Enable turbo mode
  • Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds.
  • Do a wired speed test from a PC

Any ideas?