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In Topic: COD-WWII: New (microtransaction lure) Matchmaking System ?

5 days ago

Activision can stick it you know where!

In Topic: DUMAOS Question

A week ago

Give us a hint! This week, next month or 2019!!!! This is not correct, we all pay ~200 to 300Euro and no updates or patches the hole year. And you closed the one thread. Are we shareholder or investor? Its s a joke.


Be patient my dude. It's coming.

In Topic: Bufferbloat

3 weeks ago

Ping Plotter IMO gives you the best and most accurate results. I test on DSLReports and it gives me different ping results, in my case 20ms to 60ms difference in my ping time, whilst PP is only from 10ms to 15ms. Plus I ping Twitter for the most accurate and consistent test.

I only use DSLReports to check my speeds.

In Topic: Need modem

3 weeks ago

What speeds or plan are you paying for? The TP Link 7610 is a good modem.

In Topic: connection issues

3 weeks ago

Update got my new modem in and im still getting packet loss so it has to be the lines.I guess thats kind of good to know. So monday when the new lines get put in ill post what i get on ping plotter thank you to everyone thats been helping so far .


Which new modem did you get?