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In Topic: A7legit shout out!

A week ago

Thank you guys for doing that!

In Topic: Charter DNS

A week ago

I recently just got of the phone with charter. And i ask the representative about charter DNS.

apparently charter has their on DNS for every state there located. such as Missouri,Atlanta, New York etc. Just call them and ask for the DNS numbers for your location. and you will see the difference in FPS games.


I searched for mine (Cox Communications) on Google and found local ones in my area in So Cal. I noticed that these were way better then the ones the router would auto connect to, which were in Atlanta.

In Topic: Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR50...

A week ago

It's funny hearing everyone complain here, but I guarantee they buy a new smart phone every year without questioning it.


Hardware changes, get over it.


The R1 will still be better because it won't have any influence from Netgear making the final say in the product.


You forget that the whole point of DumaOS was to make a solid base operating system, which can be built on top of and customized to what we wanted.




What MoD said is correct!


A week ago

NETGEAR CM600 or ARRIS SURFboard white SB6190 Modem?.


Neither of those bro! The 6190 is broke beyond repair and the CM600 I don't know much, but whatever MoD suggests is better.

In Topic: 12/15/17 news setting must sub and like

16 December 2017 - 03:10 AM

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