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Dilly Dilly

Dilly Dilly

Member Since 01 Feb 2018
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#184324 Forced to Reboot XR500 Daily - XB1X Can't Find Teredo IP Address

Posted by Dilly Dilly on 3 weeks ago

So far turning of the port triggering and leaving the Upnp active has worked.  Still get moterate connection on my wireless connected 2nd Xbox though.  I hard reset when i last finished using it so we'll see if it opens up next time it use.
Thanks for the pointing out the conflict between Upnp and port forwarding.

In WAN Setup on the router settings page, you can select NAT Filtering to Open and it may help you get Open NAT on both Xbox consoles.

#183740 XR500 Firmware Version (RELEASED)

Posted by Dilly Dilly on 4 weeks ago

Release / offer a beta to let real world users test to see if the fix was successful. The upgraded features in DumaOS were nice, but I had to downgrade due to connection issues that may have been related to UPnP.

#176449 New Firmware V2.2.1.10

Posted by Dilly Dilly on 22 March 2018 - 03:40 AM

I updated to this version. No real changes that I could see. Probably just “bug fixes”. I was hoping for Ping Assist on this release, but it did not happen. There was a post a while back on what was to be included in the next firmware release. Ping Assist was one of them. That post was later removed. My guess is that Netduma is under the direction of Netgear on what can be done/added on these firmware releases. These first releases are probably going to be purely bug fixes, and we may be waiting awhile for any real new features to be added to the XR500 DumaOS. :/

#176233 Fresh install of XR 500 - How do I change the router time?

Posted by Dilly Dilly on 19 March 2018 - 09:22 PM



I know it sounds silly but I can't seem to find where it allows me to change the "router time". I can't find it anywhere on the Netgear PDF user manual too...


I hope someone can point me to it? I need to join my timezone specifically to +8GMT.



Thanks in advance.



It is not very intuitive, but you can set your time zone in Settings / Content Filtering / Schedule.  The Time Zone setting is near the bottom.

#172004 XR500 DumaOS Ping Graph Bug

Posted by Dilly Dilly on 01 February 2018 - 07:33 PM

Just purchased the XR500. I am still figuring it out, but it seems to be a good product. One bug that I have noticed is that if the Geofilter Ping Graph is pinned to the dashboard, the ping graph will not change no matter what host it is connected to. It will only show the first host that it connects to, and will not change even if the host connection changes. The ping graph works as expected on the Geofilter tab and will update depending on the host that you are connected to.