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Netduma Admin

Netduma Admin

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#185124 Internet disconnections, new firmware?

Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

the router looses Internet connection as shown in the connection status so everything connected to the router looses connection. 


Could you do a full factory reset please and see if that solves your problem. https://kb.netgear.c...k-gaming-router


Is it worth posting a sticky with trouble shooting tips? Ive noticed many users seem to just reboot not reset. Also some think that resetting takes the firmware to as it was from the factory but that's not the case really as you keep the firmware you updated too.

 Also  don't restore from an image on new firmware updates after a factory reset, as you may bring over low level compatibility issues when updating and restoring. Finally yes factory resetting and starting from scratch is the best way to sort out issues after all other avenues have been exhausted. This goes for all router manufacturers as well, not just Netgear. If users are not willing to try these steps it makes it hard to know what's really going on, as in is it firmware or hardware or just bad settings.


 Also I think explaining that Antibufferbloat is meant to reduce your throughput may be an idea too and 70% is just a guide, as 70% of my 55Mbps down and 16Mbps up does not leave much left to divide between ten devices. So for myself since i get a A and B on Thinkbroadband speed test and A+ A= A+ on DSL reports without QoS on, so I leave it set to 'when high priority traffic is detected and then my Antibufferbloat settings are set to 87% down 80% up. Also how do people work out what their printer needs percent wise vs a wireless speaker, a smartphone, a smart TV and a non gaming computer? Its all guess work.  A rough guide to everyday devices would be useful I feel, so people have a starting point to play from.

 Also maybe Antibufferbloat settings for a small range of line speeds starting with low Asymmetrical FTTC so maybe 40/10 going up to whatever is decided as a nominal ceiling for those connections. Then a few for the faster FTTP symmetrical connections like 300/300 and higher etc. Just a thought..

Great ideas. Thank you. Definitely a good idea to create a knowledge base article to troubleshoot these types of problems. 

#185110 Internet disconnections, new firmware?

Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

Is this happening on wireless or just wired?

If both, is your whole internet dropping out or is it just the router? You can figure this out by connecting to your modem the next time it goes down.

It might be worth doing a factory reset but it’s bettee to figure out the cause first.

#185092 IPv6

Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

My ISP recommends it but I know you guys are having issues with IPv6 working with QOS. I didnt know if you guys planned on fixing this issue in the near future.


It's on our roadmap to do soon. For now please stick to ipv4. There are no downsides to doing this.


Considering that IPv4 addresses have run out and most ISP's now are using IPv6 or at least testing it (my isp has used it for several years) IPv6 support in QoS is really essential going forward :)  


Agreed, just wanted to know if this was rendering it unusable for OP!

#184870 NAT issues on my PS4 w/ COD WWII

Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

Hi Ron - here's a quick guide and description on how to allow a friend:




Please try this and let us know if the issue continues.

#184806 Cloud - Incorrect Server Locations

Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

Thanks Rousey. I will merge this with the main thread we have on incorrect server locations to make sure we look into this when we do our next cloud update.

#184717 R1 upload speeds won't pass 1 Mbps

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Awesome. Thanks for letting us know!

#184708 ALLOW&DENY

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Awesome. Thanks for letting us know!

#184687 Device identity changing to PlayStation

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Interesting! That's a bug for sure and I think I know why. I assume you're on the latest version? Great find.


@Fraser - please report to the devs.

#184407 ALLOW&DENY

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

I recently denied a server and for some reason I join the same server over&over again!! !! ID SEREVER IS.......D460ad50973383d


Hi Blameless - could you take a screenshot of your Allow & Deny page when this next happens? If the server has been blocked then it should not reconnect. 


You cannot permanently ban a server, fellow Duma army solider! I believe it temporarily bans a dedicated server for 5 minutes.


Hi Tai - in DumaOS we have just recently added this feature as we had feedback that some users want to totally block a server. This will be in the R1 DumaOS too!

#184312 Why

Posted by Netduma Admin on 3 weeks ago

Closing this thread as I can see the e-arguments coming.

Durty - if you sincerely wish to solve your problem, please create a new topic and clearly explain the steps you have taken and we will help you.

#184311 NAT Type Moderate

Posted by Netduma Admin on 3 weeks ago

Your setup sounds good. Make sure you hard reset your console just in case the game isn’t getting confused.

What’s your NAT status on the console? (Not the actual game)

You could try adding manual port forwarding rules or putting your XBOX in a DMZ too, but if UPNP is enabled you shouldn’t be having any problems.

#183771 Custom VPN

Posted by Netduma Admin on 4 weeks ago

Hi Mo - there was no real reason behind HMA, I think the devs just chose that one randomly to begin with. We'll try and get you all the version asap once it's in beta so you don't have to wait for the full release.

#183747 When is the xr500 firmware coming back

Posted by Netduma Admin on 4 weeks ago

Just going through final testing so won’t take long now!

#183734 Custom VPN

Posted by Netduma Admin on 4 weeks ago

This is planned, yes. You just need an openVPN config file from the provider and it will work.

#183706 Blocking servers

Posted by Netduma Admin on 4 weeks ago

i was told by fraser its coming in next update


That's correct. It should be out very soon - it was in the update that had to get pulled last week due to a UPNP issue. NETGEAR have fixed this now so keep a look out for it. We'll post it on our forum once it's released.