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Netduma Admin

Netduma Admin

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#173341 No Games Found + Geo-Filter causes need to factory reset

Posted by Netduma Admin on 3 days ago

If you disable the geofilter do you find games then? Can you post screenshots of your geofilter page?



Could you do this please OP as this is the most likely cause. 

#173265 5G deja de conectarse ocacionalmente en XR500

Posted by Netduma Admin on 4 days ago

Awesome. Got it. Thank you.

#173264 LAN Numbers reversed

Posted by Netduma Admin on 4 days ago

Thanks Tucker - Netgear are aware of this, I think it’s pretty rare but should be solved for future units

#173204 ea ufc 3

Posted by Netduma Admin on 4 days ago

Thanks for the reply!  Take it the netduma will be goin back in the box lol   was actually gonna go buy the new nighthawk  lol  thank god i left it.  Would have been gutted


As Blues said, the congestion control features will really help your connection and the Geo-Filter will allow you to see the server locations as well.


Let us know if we can help with anything else too.

#172741 Bufferbloat issues on R1

Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

Are the TVs and most of your devices connected wirelessly? If so, this could be a wireless issue. The fact you are getting a great DSL reports result shows this. No congestion on the network at time shouldn’t be relevant - DSL reports  artificially creates congestion when it runs its test. 


The XR500 is a beast of a router. It has very powerful WiFi and as it has our DumaOS it has the best QoS, along with many other features. 

#172626 Bufferbloat issues on R1

Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

Hi Bdotson - something must not be setup correctly (or less likely, but possible, there is a hardware defect), as A+ should be there across the board.


Could you take a screenshot of your Congestion Control page and post here.



#172454 Question about qos algorithm and hit detection constistency issues

Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

Hi Pete,


In DumaOS on the XR500 there is no need for two algorithms because the XR500 has a very powerful chip (quadcore). Two of the cores are for general purpose (anything not network related) and the other two cores are dedicated to hardware accelerated packet processing. This means our Anti-Bufferbloat can be applied at the highest speeds, which the R1 was unable to do via hardware so we had to introduce two solutions.


Based on the description of your settings it sounds like your QoS is setup correctly. So any variance in performance is far more likely to be caused by the CoD dedicated servers you are playing on.


What are your Geo-Filter settings? Does your radius cover more than one server location? I'd recommend playing with these settings to get the best connection for you. Many users like to set their home location to their favourite server base so they can guarantee a consistent gaming experience.


Thank you for your kind words about the firmware and for ordering both the R1 and the XR500!

#172126 Allow Deny Dedi on R6

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Hi Tez - the reason you can only temporarily ban a server is there is a risk a user could accidentally permanently block a usually good server, making their game unplayable over the long term. 


If if you are happy with the connections in your allow list, then what you could try to do is move your home location to the ocean and then set your distance radius to the minimum, so you’re not covering any land. This means the only connections allowed through are those you entered in your allow rating. 


I would not recommend this in general though - it is likely to cause very long search times. But obviously feel free to try it if you would like to and remember to put your location and distance back to where they were before if you are not getting games. 

#172106 BF1 servers

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Console was selected after boot up. Tried wth spectating mode on and also used the console battlefield profile. Used regular matchmaking and server browser for matches

Thanks for this info. The devs are looking it. 

#172076 Security Error

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Hi Shane - the cause of this is most likely a firewall / anti-virus running on your PC. 


Which firewall  software do you have installed? Could you please try disabling it and then hard refreshing the Geo-filter page (Ctrl + F5) to hard refresh.


If this fixes the problem then it means there an issue with your firewall software so we will contact the developers of the firewall software to get them to fix it for you. 


Could you also try accessing the Geo-Filter on Google Chrome as well. 


Thank you.