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Netduma Admin

Netduma Admin

Member Since 31 Jan 2018
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#181594 Can any admins take a look at my duma?

Posted by Netduma Admin on 5 days ago

Can you post a screenshot of your geofilter page please? If your getting that message after denying an EU server it would suggest that the EU server may actually be an authentication server that hasn’t been whitelisted in the cloud (Xbox matchmaking uses authentication severs in the EU that need to be whitelisted) if you remove them from your deny list can you find games again? Could you post the IDs of the servers you have denied so Netduma can check if they are actually authentication servers?


Couldnt have put this better myself. Please try this Eddy. 

#181585 GEO FILTER

Posted by Netduma Admin on 5 days ago

Set your geo-filter to cover the US then reboot your console. Also make sure you are the party host.

That should now force US lobbies.

#181556 Nest Camera - XR500 Issues.

Posted by Netduma Admin on 6 days ago

I take it all these cameras have static ip's, you seem to know your stuff so I am sure they have but wanted to ask anyway. I have no experience with these devices but I have a suggestion but not sure if it would work. Is it possible for those cameras to go on the guest network just for those cameras therefore isolated from other devices and possible interference. Spending the money on this router and to have your issue must be frustrating, just trying to find a solution and or cause!


That's a really good idea! Try that please Monyx - put them on the guest network and see if it resolves the problem

#181551 Im beginning to think only one thing matters and it's not the NETDUMA

Posted by Netduma Admin on 6 days ago

No problem with ranting! Living next to the server has long used as an insult/joke towards someone with a good connection because it would give you a slight advantage. However, with good Internet and the Geo-Filter you are ensuring you are always on the closest server for you (if they don't have a Netduma they will be getting a mixture of servers, so some games will be amazing for them, and other's will play less well).


The main thing is to use Geo-Filter to get as consistent experience as possible and then you can match your playstyle to the connection , instead of having to keep changing ti depending on how good the connection is.


Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

Wow, thanks Fathom! This is very helpful. 


By ‘Netgear problem’ I mean that it’s on their part of the firmware, so we don’t know how it works as well as we do our own firmware.

#181090 XR500 Update Wishlist (Mods/Devs Tag Thread)

Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

Thanks KH - we have expanded device recognition on our roadmap. 


We'll keep looking into more auto-settings to make it work even more out of the box. The challenge is achieving this without confusing people. For example, if we automatically enabled Anti-Bufferbloat without any user configruation, this forum would be inundated with 'why is my speed lower?' threads!


Appreciate the feedback.


Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

Thanks BD. This is the NETGEAR side so I'm guessing here, but I think that website probably looks at your public IP when you connect to it to redirtect you back to your LAN. But because you are masked by your VPN it doesn't work. I'm no dev so it's a guess! 


Fraser will be online tomorrow so he can take a look at it too.

#181060 Psn cant connect

Posted by Netduma Admin on A week ago

Hi Damien - wire the Netduma direcly into your BT router. There should be no need for the TP Link router now as you want everything going through the Netduma to use its congestion control.


Then could you connect a PC or laptop to the Netduma via a wire. Now go to speedtest.net and run a test. What speeds are you getting?


Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Nice clip!

#180511 when netduma and jonh wick get toguether

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Very nice start to the game  :D

#180506 Problema al acceder a Netduma

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Gracias por dar una respuesta tan detallada y útil Tito




Thank you for giving such a detailed and helpful reply Tito.

#180504 Questions before buying the XR500

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

several updates for the XR500, none for the R1. Thanks. Early adopters who helped spread the word about Netduma are being defecated on from a very great height. If you do this to R1 owners, I'd be very wary about becoming a XR500 owner.


We understand your frustration as we too are frustrated that we don't have DumaOS working on R1 yet. But fwiw, R1 users will be getting a free upgrade to firmware that has taken us two years to develop and once we have the R1 working on DumaOS we can provide the same features across all DumaOS platforms. The only limiter would be the hardware.

#180433 Waiting for the open beta

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Info here Victor: http://forum.netduma...riefly-delayed/

#180432 cant access geo filter at all

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the advice PB.


Yes, DumaOS has a much clearer Device Manager layout and Hyper Lane is also streamlined, so this will be an improvement for you.

#180397 question fornite

Posted by Netduma Admin on 2 weeks ago

Bonjour à tous, 


Le netduma ne reconnait toujours pas les serveurs européens ?


Faut'il continuer de décocher enable sur le filtre géo pour que l'on puisse trouver des parties ?


Pour l'instant, oui s'il vous plait. Mais il y aura une mise à jour du cloud très bientôt (nous pensons la semaine prochaine) qui va régler ça.




For now, yes please. But there will be a cloud update very soon (we think next week) which will fix this.