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Nighthawk Pro Gaming

Nighthawk Pro Gaming

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moderate Nat xr500

23 minutes ago

moderate nat with xr500 and cod ww2 ive done everthing from resetting router and network settings to wireless and wired connections can not get an open nat on ww2. Something is fishy as ww2 tells me they tried to open port 3074 and failed, but on my router settings under upnp is says 3074 open.  any one else having these issues? 




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Win yourself a Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 router!

19 hours ago

Win a NPG XR500 Gaming Router!Win a NPG XR500 Gaming Router!Hey Nighthawks,


Ben here, with the details on a great giveaway we are promoting. The Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 router has been so well received in the press and customer reviews. Gamers from all over love the XR500! It's changed the way gamer's are playing with it's powerful geo-filter, QoS and Anti-buffering Bloat features powered by the DumaOS!


We are so excited about how much you love the router, that for the next week we are having a contest on Twitter to celebrate! Entering is easy, just follow @NETGEARgaming on Twitter, retweet the post using the #powertowin hashtag and share with your friends. We will select a winner on March 5th, 2018. The contest runs from 4pm pacific time 2/23/2018 to midnight pacific time 3/3/18!


Get your hands on the powerful XR500 and transform the way you play online. 


Good luck and keep playing!



follow me @ on Twitter


Read the official rules here.


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xr500 RIP? Where is the SPI and NAT? Borrowed Linksys Gui? No SSH/Telnet?

A day ago



So I purchased this XR500 based on the understanding that there was NAT support and SPI built into the firewall but I can't seem to find any configuration option other than old school vulnerability based RIP protocol?




I am a bit surprised at how different the feature set is from what's offered on your R1 router and also the striking resembalance in the GUI as well as feature sets, page layout etc., is to the stock linksys firmware. I am a bit taken a back at by how crude this router feature set is for how it's marketed, the fact core marketed features are missing or simply not there and the almost outright "borrowing" of the Linksys Gui down to text itself.


Also, I can't SSH or Telnet into the router?




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Netgear XR500 Armor?

2 days ago

So I am thinking of giving Netgear a chance again. No offense to Netgear fans, I love the Netgear hardware, but have hated the software. Sorry the GUI looks like the same GUI from 2005. It works I know, but its boring and ugly to me. To each their own.


So I decided to order the Nighthawk XR500 since its using DumaOS. DumaOS looks great. Its modern and has lots of features. Here is the one thing I cant find. Does it or will it support Netgear Armor (Bitdefender)? I am hoping Armor is link Asus AIprotect and is built in to the router. I love having that extra layer of protection. I see the R7000p supports it. Is Armor going to be for Netgears GuiOS only? I saw it says Nighthawk models. Thanks everyone for your help.

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XR500's Wireless Card Access List will not save. Empties on every reboot.

3 days ago

Wireless Card Access List will not save. Empties on every reboot. Tried hard reset and reinstall firmware. Also geo filter sometimes won't show any connections, rebooting will usually fix the geo filter but again it wipes the Access List and disables it.

I've rebooted numerous times. Performed hard resets. Re-flashed older firmware from USB and still it dumps the access list every single reboot. Back on the new firmware now and the same. Running XR500 on latest firmware and previous on win 7 with chrome and IE browsers.

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