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Nighthawk Pro Gaming

Nighthawk Pro Gaming

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Nighthawk XR500, Fortnite and you!

13 hours ago

Hey it's Ben from NPG.


Lag. Nothing ruins an evening like lag. When you’re trying to get that Victory Royale or just survive those first crucial moments at Tilted Towers, lag will make everything harder.


Games like Fortnite and PUBG try to reduce lag by having servers around the world. The idea is to have a server that players can connect to that are relatively close by. The further you are from the server, the worse your ping to that server will be and that will cause latency. Latency and lag is that noticeable delay between the action of you, the player, and the reaction of the server in the game.


In North America, Fortnite has two east coast servers, one in Ohio and the other in Virginia. These servers are about 500 miles apart and depending on how close you are to one or the another, it can have a big effect on your ping and latency.


When you launch Fortnite to play you are put into the queue for either one of these servers and you don’t have control over which one, until now.


With the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 and its incredibly powerful DumaOS, you can set which server you are playing on to have a consistent and low ping connection.

Fortnite_Tweet2.pngFortnite servers around the world on the XR500's DumaOS.




Setting the geo-filter is easy just set where you are and use the slider to set the range you want to connect to. If you are in Indiana, you can set the geo-filter tight and only connect to the Ohio server. If you live in South Carolina, you can do the same and set the geo-filter to exclude the Ohio server and connect only to the Virginia server. This gives you to the power to improve your connection and improve your gaming experience.


Don’t take my word for it, listen to the team that developed DumaOS and how you can improve your connection to Fortnite.



Till next time!



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Security Advisory for VPNFilter Malware on Some Routers

13 hours ago

Please visit the thread below for more information on the VPNFilter Malware issue.





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VPN and Geolocation

A day ago

Hey Guys,

Kinda new to this. Quick question. If I'm running a VPN connection via my router, is there a possibility to check my ping  numbers for the lobby that I'm joining via the Geolocation R-app?



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CISCO webex hogging bandwidth

A day ago

My wife does Cisco webex for college and latley its crashing or hogging all the interenet even though I hace the anti bufferbloat set. Need a little help ont this one. Should I uncheck WMM. Never had this issue before becuase she just started using it.

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XR500 - devices not connected to internet (in Singapore)

2 days ago

Hello guys, 

Thought I come to you for help after going through different sources (I am in Singapore) including the forum post here, Netgear technical support, Singtel and Kaira (Distributor).

I am having some issues with getting games on my PS4 for FIFA 18 and sought to get the NightHawk XR 500 in a bid to optimise my packets and use the Geo-Filter on Netduma.

I am on Singtel Fiber Bundle - TV, Voice and Internet (1Gb). Previously used Asus RT and also recently changed to the AC Router. The connection is from fibre point to ONT (port 1) to Router. Voice jack is directly connected to the ONT. 

I connected everything as per normal to the new router and logged into the router to initialise it. The system boot up fine but could not detect the internet. After trying things out a few times, I chose the manual configuration so that I can bypass and get into the main router settings. Over there, I enabled Vlan tagging and the default is set to the internet, with Vlan ID 10 and priority 0. With this, I immediately got the light on the router to indicate internet connection and I also got the connected stated on the router's dashboard. However, I could not get internet to my devices.

I did some search and added in another Vlan tag, this time for the MioTv - Vlan ID 20, priority 4. So mio tv box works, but my internet situation is still the same. The router is communicating and connected with Singtel, but my devices beneath the router such as computer and mobile phones are unable to access the internet.

I have spoken to Netgear, Singtel and even Kaira (the most useless actually since they just directed me back to Netgear) and are unable to resolve this. Netgear's customer service while not having a physical presence in Singapore must be commendable if compared to Singtel and Kaira. They were really friendly, spent a good deal of time with me on the phone, did remote access to test things out but still could not get it to work.

They did ping websites using command prompt and there was no packet loss and came to the conclusion that they need to escalate this to their engineers and get back to me. The guy thinks there might be an issue with the Vlan working correctly as the router is receiving internet from the ISP (I have a WAN IP address), but for some reason is not distributing it to all the devices. 

They dropped me another email this morning suggesting that I try internet Vlan ID 10 priority 4; and IPTV ID 20, priority 0.

I am just wondering if there's anyone who's using Netgear's XR 500 and on Singtel with MioTV and voice bundle. I cannot be the only person in Singapore who's using this? Any help is appreciated!

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