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Nighthawk Pro Gaming

Nighthawk Pro Gaming

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#172578 A thorough setup and walk through video of the XR500

Posted by Nighthawk Pro Gaming on 2 weeks ago

Youtuber SimJC74 digs into the details of the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 router. It's a great walkthrough going through every feature and setting options for the XR500! This is a great reference for starting up with the XR500 or for getting the most out of yours.

Keeping gaming!




► Netgear XR500 DumaOS Setup and Walkthrough Table of Contents

• Introduction + Hardware Overview: 00:00

• Installation (1st time setup): 02:33

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Internet Setup): 07:02

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Setup Wizard): 07:54

• Netgear Settings (Setup: WAN Setup): 08:12

• Netgear Settings (Setup: LAN Setup): 09:58

• Netgear Settings (Setup: WPS Wizard): 12:01

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Wireless Setup): 12:20

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Guest Network): 14:20

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Router Mode): 15:00

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Device Name): 15:37

• Netgear Settings (Monitoring): 15:51

• Netgear Settings (Content Filtering): 19:32

• Netgear Settings (Administration): 21:19

• Netgear Settings (USB Storage): 22:38

• Netgear Settings (Advanced Settings): 23:32

• System Information: 30:04

• Network Monitor: 33:25

• Device Manager: 35:35

• QoS : 37:38

• Geo-Filter: 44:39

• Dashboard + Final Information: 54:01


Watch the full video here:

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