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Nighthawk Pro Gaming

Nighthawk Pro Gaming

Member Since 22 Jan 2018
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#185405 XR500 Internet Connection Drop

Posted by Nighthawk Pro Gaming on A week ago

I have a xr500 that has been ramdomply dropping internet connection. Firware version V2.3.2.18. When conntion has bben lost I have unplugged my computer and plugged the computer directily into the modem and it works fine. 

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#183663 DOS ATTACK and DNS Failure Internet Loss

Posted by Nighthawk Pro Gaming on 14 June 2018 - 03:39 AM

I recently purchased the XR500 Router and overall everything is running good. However over the past few days i've noticed that the internet has been cutting out once in a while for minutes at a time. Sometimes up to 10 minutes. I checked the logs an noticed an alarming number of "DOS ATTACK: ACK Scan" scanning mainly ports 443 and 80. I figured that the router is doing its job by blocking these scans.


Of the latest scans, i tracked the IP's to a majority of them coming from Amazon and LiquidWeb (never heard). 


I'm not 100% if these "Attacks" are what is effecting my connection but when all is running fine and i check the logs, i don't see any of the attacks.


I searched around and found that some people had turned of UPNP and so i followed suite during one of these "attacks" when my internet was down and low and behold, everything was working just fine.


So now i'm not sure as to whether it was these "attacks" that were crippling my internet or if UPNP was at fault. Any insight? I actually returned the Orbi and purchased this router with an EX8000 extender as a replacement because of this vary same issue so i'm pretty bummed i'm still running into this.


I've attached the logs for reference.


UDPATE: After trying submit this post, encountered another outage so I don’t even think it’s UPNP related now. After refreshing the logs, I’ve attached them here also and noted that there was one that states “Dynamic DNS host name registration failure”. Could this possibly have anything to do with it?


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#183530 Submitted support request but no response after 6 days

Posted by Nighthawk Pro Gaming on 12 June 2018 - 03:57 PM

Hi guys, I submitted a support request about a week ago for an issue I'm having with my XR500 but I have yet to hear anything back.  Is this normal?  I'm still in the 90-day support window.  Does anybody have an email address or phone number I could use to follow up?  Thanks.

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#182847 Who do we contact for a replacement or Refund from Netgear?

Posted by Nighthawk Pro Gaming on 05 June 2018 - 01:47 AM

I'm tired of waiting for these promised features that never get fixed.

-VPN was advertised to work and barely does so even with the crappy HMA.

-Ports in reverse order manufacturer's defect that does not effect functionality but does hinder any resale value and frankly should be something you'd recall out of pride.

-GeoFilter hosts disappear or do not appear always

-reboots on it's own

-loses hard-wired connectivity on it's own once a day, wifi still works but hardwired devices do not.

-Daily I still see R-Apps slow to load message and sometimes R-Apps not working.


Seriously, do not say contact your place of purchase.  That ship sailed long ago waiting on your BS fixes.  I want my money back or at least a device that works 99.9% of the time without random reboots, dropped connections, and mislabeled ports. 


Class actions carry through with 40 people.  I know 5 just in my neighborhood. 


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#179075 PCGamer: "Best gaming router Netgear Nighthawk XR500" #Review

Posted by Nighthawk Pro Gaming on 20 April 2018 - 06:20 PM


PCGamer pit the XR500 versus some other great gamer-focused routers in the industry and the XR500 came out on top!

"The Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 is the best gaming router for most users. It features AC2600 speeds (N800/AC1733), a dual core 1.7 GHz processor, dual USB 3.0 ports, Beamforming and MU-MIMO. It also uses Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS), which adds fifteen additional unlicensed channels on the 5 GHz frequency to minimize interference."

PCGamer went on to say:

The Netduma OS in the XR500 offers a number of innovations, including Geo-filtering—which allows a radius to be set (typically <3000 km), after which the router will preferentially connect to the closest gaming server—as well as Bandwidth Allocation that allows for granular control of prioritization of gaming devices. Finally, there is robust QoS for prioritization of gaming traffic.

Read PCGamers full review on Best Gaming Router, the XR500.

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#174953 XR500 Throughput

Posted by Nighthawk Pro Gaming on 07 March 2018 - 10:56 PM

Hi all,


Hoping someone can help me out there.  I'm looking to replace my NetDuma R1 with the netgear XR500 with dumaOS.  I'm looking for a technical specificaiton that is missing from every data sheet i can find.  What is the total throughput of this device?  NOT the wireless connection speed, NOT the ethernet port speed.  What is the total capacity throughput the backplane of this device is able to process in aggregate?  To make a crude example, suppose i have a 4Gbps internet connection and 4 hardwired PCs at 1Gbps a piece...What will be the maximum throughput of the device if i have all PCs max out their 1Gbps ports?  The throughput of this device is definitely less than 4Gbps, i'm guessing it's around 2Gbps.  I'm just trying to get a definitve number.  Chat support just kept regurgitating connection port speeds back to me.

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#174659 XR500 needs an option to block a dedicated server in Geo Filter.

Posted by Nighthawk Pro Gaming on 05 March 2018 - 02:56 AM

Let's talk games like CoD WW2. I'm in Jacksonville Fl. there is a dedicated server in Atlanta, GA area and Miami, Fl area. When i set my Geo Filter to say 350 miles both are withing that area. Problem is CoD's matchmaking is complete crap. Example when Geo is in spectate mode the game on occasion links me to servers in Britan, cause that makes sense. It's almost like the game is designed to prefer any open dedicated server reguardless of location or ping. With this in mind connecting to Atlanta or Miami or any near by dedicated servers for this game just completly defeats the whole point of having this router as the router will not allow me to block a deny a dedicated server access. Yet it will let you allow or deny individuals. Letting us block the dedicated whould force the game into peer to peer mode and give us back the geo filter option. Please update this to allow us to do so. When the dedicated CoD servers are full on the weekend in prime time and my game goes into peer to peer its way smoother and enjoyable for everyone in the lobby cause the filter is actually allowed to work. Thanks.

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#172578 A thorough setup and walk through video of the XR500

Posted by Nighthawk Pro Gaming on 09 February 2018 - 11:32 PM

Youtuber SimJC74 digs into the details of the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 router. It's a great walkthrough going through every feature and setting options for the XR500! This is a great reference for starting up with the XR500 or for getting the most out of yours.

Keeping gaming!




► Netgear XR500 DumaOS Setup and Walkthrough Table of Contents

• Introduction + Hardware Overview: 00:00

• Installation (1st time setup): 02:33

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Internet Setup): 07:02

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Setup Wizard): 07:54

• Netgear Settings (Setup: WAN Setup): 08:12

• Netgear Settings (Setup: LAN Setup): 09:58

• Netgear Settings (Setup: WPS Wizard): 12:01

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Wireless Setup): 12:20

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Guest Network): 14:20

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Router Mode): 15:00

• Netgear Settings (Setup: Device Name): 15:37

• Netgear Settings (Monitoring): 15:51

• Netgear Settings (Content Filtering): 19:32

• Netgear Settings (Administration): 21:19

• Netgear Settings (USB Storage): 22:38

• Netgear Settings (Advanced Settings): 23:32

• System Information: 30:04

• Network Monitor: 33:25

• Device Manager: 35:35

• QoS : 37:38

• Geo-Filter: 44:39

• Dashboard + Final Information: 54:01


Watch the full video here:

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