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In Topic: If a device is blocked, why can't I remove it?

A week ago

Allows access to local IPs while blocking external IPs

All good it is what it is, but i had mentioned many moons ago early during R1 launch not being able to boot devices was a thing without a restart, yet here we are.

In Topic: If a device is blocked, why can't I remove it?

A week ago

It’s because the device is not actually blocked from your network, it’s just blocked from connecting to the internet. It’s designed this way in case you accidentally block your PC as you would then not be able to access the UI.

Would you like two different block types? We’re looking into different access control ideas so any ideas you have would be great.

But if you PC is behind the Duma and the Internet is in front, how does blocking it not allow UI access. We access the UI before the net is connected on a fresh install.

I'm confused as always.

Anyways, yes options should be avail, if i want 1 of the kids devices off my home network so he cant sit up all night watching movies off a h/drive, then i should be able to boot him off. He gets the idea when i reboot and his movie stops. I pray he doesn't learn to restart his device and gets reconnected.


In Topic: Terrible hit detection in any COD

A week ago



So i just recently got the XR500 and its been fun fiddling with it but man, my connections in COD have been dreadful. 

I have AT&T Fiber, 950 Down and 950 Up. I get 2ms ping to my local server and solid pings all across the US. Barely any Jitter and trace routes come back great. 



There is your issue.

Ive found over many many hrs and years fiddling with modems etc you cant fix it yourself as the game balances the connection against all players.

Its the games stupid hybrid netcode bro.

whilst 2ms is great you are so far ahead of everyone else in your lobby the game lags you out to match others. And you get the results that you get. Seems to hard for the devs too match people into lobbies of similar ping, they just stick whoever where ever.

Try to force another server if you can and it should in theory be better. At least try and expand your geo range, you may not be directly connected to the server, your game data could bounce through another player before is reaches the server. If this player is out of your geo range then you will either drop the lobby or have a very miserable connection.

My only server has to deal with a massive space. Look on a map and just gaze at the surface area from New Zealand to Perth Western Australia then up as high as Japan, anywhere in that triangle are players i can be in a lobby with. Japan is normally only very late night or early morning but it happens, peak hour is generally a little better but not by much.

In Topic: Xr500 never works

12 July 2018 - 08:54 AM

I have the same issue with the R1. Sent it back because I was still in warranty. After using the new one for a week the same bugs kinda come back. I cant load profiles, in cod ww2 it puts on servers on the east coast of the usa but im living in middle europe. Even with strict mode and geo filter active. I think in cod ww2 the player base is so low that the game has no other choise just to put me anywhere, cause there are enough players

With a low player base, sbmm and hybrid net code that is plausible.

It has become quite the abomination.

I hadn't played COD in months, fired it up and yep still people bouncing around the place, still shoot first die first. So closed it and haven't been back yet, doubt i will either.

In Topic: Firmware released

05 July 2018 - 10:42 PM

All my Device name changes reverted back to their original names after the update. Caused the 'Device not found' and 'Uncaught Unmatched device' errors also.


Looks like it will require a factory reset as Geo-filter devices and Priority devices under the QoS won't load up to enable updating the device.

If people had auto update ticked and the router for what ever reason did an update big or small would that cause these issues.

Reason i ask is i went to update to this version only to realize i already have it, yet i didn't install it.