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Tai N

Tai N

Member Since 12 Jan 2018
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Have a few questions in general

A week ago

Hey guys, I have some questions in general to ask for you people who are knowledgeable on this topic. Yesterday I was playing some cod games and I believe I was playing on a dedicated server (unsure) and it had the options like temp ban etc., but not the allow & deny. Under the host depricator the id was 7dd11ae56e1cd9de and I had an amazingly good insane connection. I was wondering how do you know where the dedicated server is and is there a way to get the same host or dedicated server for sure all the time?


Usually when changing the profile in the r1 router I select the cod ultimate, but I noticed sometimes your home location is set to the middle of the ocean and sometimes it maybe does not move at all (maybe). I'm not sure if it changed the home location when I selected the profile and the home location didn't move to the middle of the ocean. Is there a difference when you rely on ping assist and your home location is set to the middle of the ocean or where you live in the state?


Is there a list or possible way to know where all dedicated servers are like a local or nearest server? Usually when player to player hosting there are lots of people who mod lobbies and cheat in the game which is why I most of the time prefer dedicated servers since there is less cheating from what I noticed + I love server connections.


Thanks for taking a look at this topic :D

Greetings Folks! Feedback & Introduction

A week ago

I just wanted to introduce myself, and say nice to meet you all! 


I'm Tai 20 years old, and I love to play call of duty games, but I only started around the black ops 1 time. I own both ps4 pro and xbox one x and I can't say which one I like more since they both seem equal to me in gameplay. I've been using the Netduma router for maybe around 3 or 4 months around there and I got to say I absolutely love this product! The profile when switching to CoD ultimate is wonderful! I haven't messed around with range or geo location vicinity because the CoD ultimate profile imo is just the best way to get perfect connection.


I'm wondering how you all discovered Netduma or are there any founders wanting to introduce themselves on how they came to be with Netduma. For me, I learned I was just god awful at playing black ops 2 and then I was researching on how people are doing so well, and then stumbled upon Driftor on youtube and then in his description he explained that he was using this router that filters out people or I believe they are called hosts? I then stumbled upon this website, and looked around what features the Netduma router had and it looked very cool and thought this would maybe help me a little bit. I was wrong, this has completely changed the way I play CoD games! It's the best thing ever and I'm grateful for you guys making this product! I can't say how amazing it is because I was just shocked.


In short;


How did you guys end up discovering Netduma?

What are some tips/settings you use when filtering out for CoD games?

Full details/settings please :)

New games to suggest? Big games for pc or console. I've been living under a rock and don't know what the mainstream games are.