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Tai N

Tai N

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In Topic: Anyone with the XR500 opinions and thoughts

22 hours ago

Yeah my oldest son always tells me to make vids for youtube. But the market is so oversaturated with that so I don't. There are a lot of ppl that are way better than me too. Cod is basically based on if you have a good crisp connection and if you have good aim your going to wreck. If you don't then your screwed. I'll see if I can get some vids up. I'll have to ask my kid how to do that cause I have no idea, lol

I just wanted to see what it looks like for a fellow MN mate. To share you should be able to just press the share button on the left top of the ps4 controller if that's what you're on, and then just sign into youtube and upload since the ps4 records all your activities. Here's one of mine with good connection just recorded from my ps4 pro. Don't laugh at me! :P




Wow I didn't know John got an XR500, I thought he was just using what his provider gave him, plus he always plugs the R7800 Nighthawk. Good on him.


I think he did at least, he now advertises the xr500 router in his video description instead of the R7800.

In Topic: hello all!

A day ago

Welcome and enjoy your browsing :)

In Topic: Anyone with the XR500 opinions and thoughts

A day ago

I don't play on the pos chicago server. You know that I sent you a message and told you to play on the missouri server casue it plays way better. Also, I get 50-70 kills a game in dom on most nights. I just want the better router for smoother gameplay. Ever since I got the tplink modem gameplay has been way smoother. But I'm always looking to make things better where they can get better.

I would get it, I can't play good on any server LOL. I only have like 1/10 games where I get good comp. Any chance you make videos of your gameplay so I can see what it looks like? I'd love to see it from your perspective <3


Glasscock uses xr500 if you want to see his videos - He livestreams a lot



In Topic: Anyone with the XR500 opinions and thoughts

A day ago

I don't think we are going to ever get good gameplay, man. The internet providers in Minnesota are just meh... not very good or how you say Spectrum's cable internet is not good for gaming. We live kind of far away from the cod/ps4/xbox/pc servers. You probably connect to Chicago, Illinois servers most of the time with the lowest game ping probably at 25-30 ms correct? At least that's what I have and you already know I live in Duluth, MN. Just compared to other people that live really close to the server they will always kick our ass b/c they live closer to the server with like 1-10 ping ms. Also gaming on cable is probably shit lol (as I heard from the moderators on here). I was planning on a trip to Chicago to see if the connection is a lot better there for cod since there's a server there.


I'm going to be honest and say if you aren't doing so well with games as of right now, the router itself or router(s) is not going to help a whole lot. Sure it can filter out low ping games, but most games now already do this, and if those lobbies are full, it will put you into maybe a 40-50 ping ms game/lobby. Gameplay also depends on lag compensation for most fps tittles, whoever has the best lag compensation is king imo and will do the best in that game. I think you already know what that is, your opponent eats many bullets, but they kill you in a split second.


My thoughts on r1 vs xr500 - xr500 all the way, better hardware with all that fancy processing shit and has the best creators of gameplay software and Netgear having probably good hardware? How can anyone side with the r1 if they had a chance to get with the xr500? I think we all want the best! I would keep both, if the xr500 is not good for you, you can just switch to the r1 and vice versa.


Also, keep in mind Amazon warehouse deals is selling the xr500 for $255 I think it was? Or you can buy it for the full $300 brand new.



In Topic: Thoughts IW - WW2

A day ago

You're not the only one, the game is pure bs. Imo the person with the best lag compensation wins in this tittle or the team with the best lag compensation. I notice sometimes 1 team will purely dominate the other team in points and it makes no sense. Sometimes I even see a person in red bars for connection getting the most kills. In domination one team will have only 50 points while the other team is at 190 points? I don't understand and what doesn't make sense is the team with 50 points is full of experienced prestiges while the 190 point team is full of like non-prestiges lvl 40 or so. Also noticed one team have the best lag compensation while the other team can't see shit because their lag compensation is so bad? When I look into the replays the person sees me way before I see them, it shows me just stand there looking like an idiot getting shot at.


I'm not sure about the gun balancing, but yeah shotguns are overpowered with those inced shells or w/e their called. I got burned from the other side of a lake lololo