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Tai N

Tai N

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In Topic: Have a few questions in general

A week ago

This is very helpful, thanks! You're right about the modded lobbies thing, sometimes I like to play black ops 2 with my cousins on ps3 and there are too many modded lobbies, but never have experienced a modded lobby on ps4 pro for black ops 3 or cod ww2 yet so far.

In Topic: Greetings Folks! Feedback & Introduction

A week ago






Hi and Welcome to the Forum. Glad you are liking the Netduma Software! If you need help with anything please do not hesitate to post a thread.







Thanks! Will do.


Hi Tai, welcome to the forum! It's great to hear that you're having an awesome time with the R1. The CoD Ultimate profile essentially relies on Ping Assist to get you the best ping from anywhere in the world, so it's definitely a great choice for most games. You could also give Destiny 2 a shot, which would require Strict Mode Off to properly utilise the Geo-Filter.


Make sure you check out DumaOS, our free software upgrade that will be coming free to all R1 users in April!

Do you recommend I try out the first destiny out? I think it is called Destiny 1? I seen some gameplays of it on Ali A, it looks pretty amazing so I might have to try it out :)


Does the strict mode on not work for the game or something? I'll be sure to check the Duma OS since I love this router!

In Topic: Switching connections from PS4 to PS3

A week ago

Im trying to edit the nameless device to ps3 because i have about 4 nameless devices and i dont know which one is. However i cant add it because on left of the general purpose tab i have no other tab i can click to edit it. Thank you for all the help in advance

I think you might be in the wrong place to edit the name?


Device Manager (on the left)

-Click 'Edit' (on the top middle)


It should show something like this




Where it shows PS Tai, that is my console and where I switched the 'general purpose' to 'game console' and the device name from 'nameless' to PS TAI for my ps3 console



Now, to figure out which device is which (since you said you couldn't figure out which device is which) you just look at where it says 'active'. Mine ps3 console shows the, but for you, it could be different? Go on your PS3>Settings Column>Network Settings>Settings and Connection Status List> Now, from here check to see what is the IP Address. For me, it shows the That's how I know I used the assigned correct device.


I did everything you guys said but still lagging ugh. My average ping is between 32 to 40. And my diagnostic test results are ping good, jitter- exceptional, spikes- exceptional, packet loss- no loss. I also added the pa3 in host filtering loaded profile as ultimate cod. In my geo filter i have distance set as 2805km and ping assists at 50ms...not sure if its right. What else can i do? When im playing the game running feels smooth but gun fight is so hard going left to right or up and down it would either be to slow or way too fast. I checked my sensitivity and its what i always use. Please help

I see you did everything correctly here from what I see, but I do not recommend changing anything after you went from Profile tab (on the left) to CoD Ultimate, especially the distance since it makes me terribly laggy when finding hosts. So, after you select CoD Ultimate from the Profile tab on the left, do not change anything. Make sure the CoD Ultimate automatically sets up everything and your distance should be set to something like 111 I think is the maximum lowest? Also, your home location should now be changed into the middle of the ocean if you did this correctly and ping assist should now be set to 50.


Here's how mine looks




After you have done this, make sure to press the 'Load profile' under where it says personal settings after you scroll all the way down and wait a few minutes or seconds until it automatically changes everything, and don't change anything after that.




Now, check to see if your settings look something like this (Ignore the LT device, that is actually my laptop haha but I wanted to un-add that, but instead I disabled it)








Remember to not change anything, especially distance since it might make you lag. Although, sometimes it can be great to find a near host or dedicated server, I don't recommend it for now.


Try searching for a game now and remember it might take 30 seconds to maybe 1-2 minutes to find a perfect game.


Also my nat is type 2


Not sure if Nat type matters a whole lot, mine shows that it is 'open' instead of 'moderate'. I'm using a wired ethernet connection to my netduma router to my ps3 console and enabled dmz through my router modem combo from my isp.

In Topic: Switching connections from PS4 to PS3

A week ago

To Edit the name from Nameless to Ps3 (or you may edit the name)

Go to Device Manager from the left and, then on the middle top click edit and then after this you should be able to change the name to PS3.

You might also want to change the default 'General purpose' to 'Game console'


When you change the connection you have to add it in the host filtering (I believe you did this already)

Make sure you pick the correct device, and then pick 'playstation network' as the service

-Make sure 'Enabled' is ticked so there is a green check mark


Now for the next part, this is what I do to achieve awesome connection

  1. On the left you should see profiles, click on that
  2. Change the 'General gaming' profile to 'Cod ultimate', go to the bottom middle and click on 'Load profile" (wait a few seconds or minutes so it automatically applies & changes the settings to optimize the filtering

Try a game out, it should really smooth the connection a lot now. (at least it did for me & also it may take a little while to find a game) for me, it takes like maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute to find a game


Small Tip; Some people may not know this, but make sure when you are about to join a match on black ops 2 and where it says 'playlists' press the button that makes it so you can go to the search preferences, on ps3 I believe it is the square button. Make it so it goes from 'normal' and change it to 'best'