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Ping Plotter Quick Guide

11 February 2018 - 09:19 AM

Fraser has asked me to post a guide for PingPlotter, I will keep it simple like myself, here goes..


Download PingPlotter Here


Type a close IP to your region I usually use twitter.com or .co.uk but as i write this both were connecting to the US as I am in the UK I have set the ping plot to bbc.co.uk.


Typing bbc.co.uk into the target address bar leaving the interval at 2.5 then pressing enter on your keyboard or the go button.

Attached File  PP type in IP.jpg   98.35KB   7 downloads


A congested line looks like this.

Attached File  Congested over used line.jpg   251.54KB   21 downloads

You can see the ping in real time, the ping numbers are listed to the left of the plot.

I achieved this by setting my congestion control sliders to 100% each so that the duma was not helping with local congestion thus saturating the line.

If you have a ISP issue from say a Intel PUMA 6 based CPU in a modem or ISP congestion an BT line fault (US/World infrastructure alternative) or even a faulty Ethernet cable, RJ11 or faulty Master socket face plate your line may look like this even when you set your sliders lower.


This is a line idle with minimal traffic being used that does not use a PUMA 6 based chipset or have any network issues.

Attached File  idle line.jpg   215.43KB   13 downloads


This is a line downloading a full width saturating the line but using the duma congestion control at 70% each way

Attached File  downloading using CC.jpg   222.22KB   15 downloads


If you would like to post a bad result to the forum or save a plot to prove to your ISP there is an issue after ruling out your own network then press File and click on save image and this will give you an image of the GUI at that moment for you.

Popular clean up tool CCleaner injected with malware

18 September 2017 - 04:33 PM

Here is an article on the subject, anyone using version 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud version 1.07.3191 should uninstall and download the new version.



How much bandwidth do you need for call of duty video

12 September 2017 - 09:20 PM

Great video from Ace on gaming bandwidth and he is using the Netduma to do his testing :)