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In Topic: Getting an A but not an A+ on DSLReports?

5 days ago

Yes I tried it with sliders set at 70 and still aweful hit detection. I was talking to zennon on xbox party chat and have altered my traffic priority to a custom 1 with xbox selected rather than the default dumaOS classified games. I dont think it is a bufferbloat issue rather the DPI causing it. I am running out of things what could be causing it. 

I would set back up modem > XR500 run a ping plotter while you game and you will see there is no ping fluctuation.


DSLReports is not a good yard stick to test by especially as it is reporting the DPI as a spike when in reality there is no spikes, plus testing locally to destination and back is a true test.

In Topic: MikroTik/R1 routers vulnerable to hackers!

5 days ago

This is just a guess but I would have though that the malware uses a vulnerability in the MikroTik software.


The R1 has been flashed with Netduma firmware which should not be vulnerable if this is the case.


We will wait for developer comment.

In Topic: Understanding how QOS works

6 days ago

1 So if I adjust my sliders to 70% & select when high priority traffic is detected, it will then reduce my speeds by 30% while I'm gaming, but not otherwise?


2 But if I left my sliders at 100% it would not reduce my speeds?

1 Correct with When High Priority Traffic Detected selected.


2 Correct with any of the three selected.

In Topic: Packet loss, on Xbox test

A week ago

Hello, well I then, looked through the Duma forum posts, and found a similar issue, which was to disable the Geo filter, which I did, then re run test no packet loss? I'm still lost as to why.
Thanks for reply .

The test was outside your geo.

In Topic: 4G HELP

A week ago

Can tpost my twitter link but its currently 156 ping 3 down 0.3 up when it fluctuates is there ANY way of svaing me from the despair 

You will have to move package or ISP if at all possible to remedy this.