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In Topic: What is Broadcom?

6 days ago

Like you say this is a Broadcom chipset not an Intel puma in the ISP modem you have now

If you do not need a geo filter or if you do not want to prioritise your consoles packets over say another user on your network.

Or if you live alone only using a console on with nothing else online and do not need a geo filter then no.

If you need any of the above then yes.

In Topic: What is Broadcom?

6 days ago

Use ping plotter on an idle line if you still see high jitter then contact your ISP with the evidence.


http://forum.netduma...hl=ping plotter


70% is the standard Netduma CC


You may not need to use it at all with those download speeds though maybe just on the upload.

In Topic: What is Broadcom?

6 days ago

Broadcom are a manufacturer of chipset's including modems and other solutions, the green areas are Broadcom solutions.




From the exchanges to the cabinets and then your modem also if you buy or are given a Broadcom device, not every cabinet is Broadcom but a large percent are here in the UK so we like to match chipsets for stability reasons.


Broacom make very good chipsets.

In Topic: V Moda Boom Mic Pro

A week ago

Yeah you and I have both spent a lot more money on cans that were less than impressive. For the price I just haven't even seen anything in the ballpark with theses cans, so my first thought is why isn't somebody else doing this same thing. It shows that a quality headset can be made at an affordable price and IMO this is a very solid set of cans.


And yes Yoda, I hope I find them too. The more I see this thread the more I want to use them again and hopefully I don't have to beat one of my nephews in the process... ;)

The Chinese know how to keep the costs down I own an Audio-gd R2R 11 headphone amp built by hand and by all accounts it is beating out £1000 amps and it cost me £270 delivered, and yes it is amazing. Yes I have heard big sound stages as all my headphone's are known for them but his thing has depth as well so it is very layered. I know I do not need another amp this is it now :)


It is the same with Takstar low price high quality and that case you get with it wow, that would cost three times the price of the headphones just for the box alone if it was for say Sennheiser.


Happy days :)

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

A week ago

So then why are the only people getting banned or warned (like my last account was) the ones that speak out against NetDuma's actions or against the people that are actively (still) calling them crybabies or "Impatient no clue complainers"?


Why aren't the latter getting a single warning on any of their 100 different posts in this thread?


I was banned for taking a screen shot showing that the release date was pushed back again and saying "Would love to know the excuse this time". I guess that's "inappropriate" behavior? <_<


But okay, let me go ahead and report the post literally 9 spots above yours (on the same page...) as being inappropriate so nothing can be done about it like all of his other posts in this thread.

Thank you for pointing it out and it has been seen to.


Let people vent there frustrations and stop bating please.