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In Topic: Considering Reinstalling Windows 10 due to BSODs

7 hours ago

The ticking from the HDD is indicative of a HHD failure.


If you want to test it to find out then I would grab a copy of GSmartControl GSmartControl
which can be run from an.exe in windows or "recommended" burned to a live disk and run from CD/DVD or pen drive (if you use Rufus to make it bootable) to check the disk for bad sectors / failure. https://gsmartcontro...x.php/Downloads


While you are at are it it I would test your RAM with Memtest86 burned to disk.


You will not need to buy Windows 10 again your license is saved to your machine and when you install Windows10 press I do not have a license key to carry on and it will auto activate when your are online.

You will have to tell the steam client the root of your steam downloads and they will work again from your second HDD.

In Topic: Bt vs sky broadband

3 days ago

There is a price hike imminent, you should get a 30 days from the email to get out of contract for free.


Keep an eye out for it in the next few days I would say.

In Topic: Bt vs sky broadband

3 days ago

It is the period of the new contract so 18 months from the start of that.

You would have to pay to get out unless in the email says that with the price hike you can get out of your contract.

They usually give a get out of jail free with price hikes but you have to act quick if they offer it.

In Topic: Is Rules of Survival supported or optimized on NetDuma?

4 weeks ago

Anti flood / congestion control works for your connection no matter what game you play just set your desired percentage, 70% is a good starting point so your pings have bandwidth headroom to travel in with minimal jitter.


Some great info in the knowledge base





In Topic: R1 taking a dump?

03 June 2018 - 11:40 AM

I would be checking the voltage with a volt meter to check to see if the power supply is drooping slightly.


Devices will still work with a drooping supply but they will not work as intended, it may not be this but it needs ruled out.