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In Topic: Hyperoptic?

2 days ago

Have you tested the line with ping plotter I am curious to see how well the line performs from Hyperoptic during off peak and peak time.


If you get the time I would be grateful, thanks.

In Topic: help setting up a router as wifi repeater

5 days ago

Have the SSID exactly the same.


The EWAN is for modem to router when you have a fibre connection, so no do not use that port.


Channel 1 and 2 cross over each other in the spectrum I would put it on channel 12 or 13, better still use an android device with Farproc's WiFi Analyzer to find the least congested channels. Then separate them as best you can.


If that plays up then test using the same channel.

In Topic: help setting up a router as wifi repeater

6 days ago

I had edited my post after I started it ^^

In Topic: help setting up a router as wifi repeater

6 days ago

Turn DHCP off and use it as an access point so it does not hand out IP's


Then it will repeat correctly.


It will have a different SSID than your other router, remember to make it match and give it the same WIFI password as the other router (Use a different WiFI channel away from the others) so you can make the switch from one to another when you get close to it.

In Topic: Anyone on BT received this email?

6 days ago

I hope you get it sorted soon IIIRL


Week long hangovers here, so I hardly touch the stuff.


Last drink I had a few weeks ago for a mates birthday I have just got over on Wednesday that is two and a half weeks later that is the longest hangover I have ever had, I would not even say I had drank that much really.


I have swore off the stuff let's hope I can stick to it, I will just remember the last few weeks that will put me off.