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#177749 PUBG + Duma OS

Posted by DUMA BOLTON on 09 April 2018 - 03:36 PM

Has any one tried the GEO-FILTER on PUBG Xbox One? I've tried it my self but it won't let me connect to a game when it's enabled but works fine off.

When does the DumaOS get released to us UK?

Thanks guys :)

#166392 Moderate NAT

Posted by DUMA BOLTON on 09 December 2017 - 02:57 AM

If you disable the geo-filter by unticking the ‘enable’ box do you get an open NAT? You may have to reboot your console.

Regarding your post about the slow GUI in another post, check you don’t have UPnP and portforwarding both enabled and also see this link.



That did the trick, It's a Little bit more hassle to keep turning it on and off tho  :rolleyes:  Would be great if the guy's could fix this is the future, Fingers crossed  :D