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In Topic: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

4 minutes ago

It sounds like you are using a VPN when using the Geo-Filter which is likely causing the issue and blocking your own IP address. The Geo-Filter doesn't have the ability to block your own IP address in normal use. Not many people have had this issue which certainly lends credence to the VPN being the cause. Your account was only created in 2017 so what are the accounts that you reported these IDs on and also please provide them here.


Please disable the Geo-Filter and try again. PSN is also having issues right now: https://status.playstation.com

I have no VPN on that service.  The service for the Ps4s and the one device that controls the netduma is on it's own network with a totally different provider.

Also, this is since 2015, so PSN has had issues since then?  Only to my IP? and only when the geo-filter is enabled?  Come on man. 

In Topic: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

6 hours ago

Hi - could you please provide us with any blocked server ID's when this disconnect happens? We're hopeful to get a cloud update out very soon which will likely fix your issue. I believe I was talking to you on Twitter, and from what you told me this seems like a localisation issue. (We would be seeing a vast number of people with this issue if the blocked server wasn't localised or  very specific).

You're absolutely correct.  It's localized to your company's device blocking/interfering with my connection.

I've added the IDs.

I can lead you to the water but I can't make you drink.  Whats puzzling is how it's gone on since 2015.  I have reported, with screenshots, 8 times now with all needed info since 2015.


I have purchased a 2nd xr500 knowing that the without the updated firmware I would be able to cross reference the ID with the actual IP and low and behold it's my own IP address. 

This needs fixed now. I am not waiting for a maybe we can do an update etc.  I am contacting authorities if it's not fixed within the next 72 hrs.  That is not a threat just tired of being in-effect DDOSed by your routers feature due to lack of support from your side. 

In Topic: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

6 hours ago

Sorry just trying to clarify, your xr500 connects to PSN fine but your r1 doesn't?

the Xr500 and R1 x2 will not authenticate to PSN without first activating the geofilter, identifying the offending Host ID and adding it to the allow list.  I have been doing this since 2015.  I have reported it and added the ID to the mis-located IDs threads several times.

So in effect, without my work around, your devices geofilter is blocking my connection to PSN services. I have screenshots on all 3 devices with the host IDs and now the IP address for the ID.  Turns out it's my very own IP address being blocked. So how does that happen?  for 3 years? That's not an accident.

In Topic: Host ID question

5 days ago

In that case, really good spot! We release cloud updates all the time, so it's really unusual for PSN servers to go unnoticed for that long. They must serve quite a specific function for your area, who knows? I'll add these to the list as a priority for the next cloud update.


Thanks for letting us know. If you have any more ID's you suspect please provide them here and I'll add them to the list.

Is this going to be fixed or not?  I;ve been waiting long enough and I have even more information.

In Topic: My internet isnt working on ps4 when host filtering is enabled

5 days ago

thank you for your help.


Use this thread (if you haven't done so already) to report a misplaced dedi or one that has been marked as 'player' when it should be a server.


Is this going to be fixed anytime soon?