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In Topic: XR500

26 February 2018 - 11:51 PM

Thanks for the feedback stacking. These are all on our roadmap. We have no exact eta but now DumaOS is launched we can start to develop new features / improvements at a rapid rate. 

Sounds good to me! 

In Topic: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

25 February 2018 - 05:10 PM

Thanks for the update. Great to hear you've got a new router and it's working well. 



It's working but without knowing what/why of the other issue it could very well happen again. That worries me. Without an actual solution there is no real resolution.


Can you send me this hotfix I've seen mention of in other threads?  PM me I will add it to the non-working router and see if it makes any changes. 


On the new/working router the only thing I see are the annoyances of distances switching form km/m constantly and geo-filter only showing server out of 13 that should appear on map. Some or none show. Should I also try the hotfix for the new router?



EDIT below


--------------THANKS FOR BEING HELPFUL FRASER--------------------

In Topic: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

21 February 2018 - 03:10 AM

Awesome to log in and see that my thread for my own issues has been diluted with other people adding IDs to your cloud update even though I couldn't get my IDs fixed for what 2 years.   Irony???


At any rate.  I doubt very seriously Netgear is going to do much.  I have received responses from their "expert engineer."


1st response from "engineer"


Please update to v2.1.0.6


2nd response


Firmware v2.1.0.6 is the fix for this issue.


Please disable your computers firewall.  I HAVE NONE

Please reset your router to default after uploading firmware v2.1.0.6    ALL OF THIS WAS DONE SEVERAL TIMES BEFORE CALLING THEM AS WELL AS WHILE ON THE PHONE


I'm at a loss.  I have sent these fucking idiots packet captures and debug log.

They have screenshots of my device firmware version as well as video of me doing the damn reset-rollback-reflash-update-error at their request.  Whats next do I gotta send nude photos of my wife to get this show on the road. 


I love the device but this is retarded. 


Between this issue and the freaking numbers printed in reverse of the supposed corresponding front LEDs it's laughable.  If I were you guys I would be demanding some recalls in hardware and a contract reneg. for errors they've created because as the router manufacturer they hold your OS'  success in their hand a bit.  I mean how can you release a $300.00 router and tout it as PRO GAMING ROUTER  when you can't even QA enough to test the R-apps issue or the freaking numbers labelled backwards on the ports. 



I would suggest someone gets ahead of this.  My router never had the R-Apps issue until after it had already been upgraded to since it's release.  And there is absolutely NO WAY it's on my end.  I have in my hands the 3rd xr500 since release. Just arrived today and it is working. So if my end was causing the R-apps issue then.... 

Sorry if my frustration and facts upsets any of you unicorns.

In Topic: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

17 February 2018 - 06:03 AM

As stated previously all of this started after a 1 on 1.  I'll not be allowing any outside access again.


Mysteriously after the above conversation all of my devices magically started connecting to PSN without issue with or w/o the filter enabled. To be continued....


On another note Xr500 #2 is being sent back this one to Netgear Engineering? First was a complete DOA after day one it would not power on it had a squealing noise on the initial power on. Second is updated to V2.1.0.4 and then 2.1.06 all the while never having issues with the "R-App hasn't loaded yet...." error today however it has given me the error on the latest f/w.  This is not a good sign. I walked through the entire setup, gritting my teeth, with Netgear Advanced support only to arrive back at my initial results.  Correctly updated and still showing R-App not loaded issues. They were going to advance replace or cross-ship like the good ol' days of RMA but were out of stock.  I think they are full of shit but what do I know. I'm just the stupid American moron spending money on devices that fail out of box. At any rate. This device will be returned to some form of "advanced support"  in case you need a bench model to pick through. It was updated to resolve the R-App issue and worked until today. it has been downgraded from version to version and reset form version to version and still will not load R-App. It allows internet but none of the functions that make it a netduma are available. The only way to access any functionality is by using


Netgear Case #29737913

In Topic: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

24 January 2018 - 02:25 AM

Frankly I am passed that point. This all started the last time you, myself, and Iain did a 2 on 1. You told me it was a 1 on 1 then you said the developer wanted to talk to me. We were supposed to be 1 on 1 because of a bug I found in the congestion control flower in an older f/w. He came on join.me said "you are using the device wrong" abruptly ended the session and all of the sudden I couldn't connect to PSN unless using my work around. I tried to log back intot he forum and was given an error message of " you are not allowed to do this" or something I assume banned.

This is not hype. I have it all logged.

No reason other than just those words.

You can show those IPs, it'll help me check against the cloud database. I have a feeling the stun one is already in there from the general gist of the IP so your router may not be running the latest cloud version, flush the cloud on the XR500 please. Double check then if it doesn't work please provide me with a time for a 1 on 1 tomorrow and I can take a look.

I flush cloud at least once a day. I have done this since early early f/w.

1.) I work for a living. My time is 6 hrs difference for you.
2.) trust, after that first and last 1 on 1 I don't see that happening.

I appreciate that it is 2ish am there and you are here trying to help but after 3 years of this shit.... I feel I've waiting long enough for a resolution.