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#153791 Negative Crypto Keys and Salvage Wiped

Posted by Urge on 11 July 2017 - 05:17 PM

Its pretty clear IW couldn't care less about this game.

They clearly don't test weapons before releasing them and with all the other fuck ups they've made and keep making.

I think they just counting their losses and its been like that since the beta.

Isn't it still in beta?

#142876 Game chat issue Infinite Warfare Xbox One

Posted by Urge on 12 March 2017 - 04:31 PM

I'm assuming it's just a cod server issue.  We have the same problem on PS4.  All have open nat types but occasionally the chat goes out, then back in and so on.  Switch to group party chat and no issues... only in game.

#139211 Infinite Warfare mp, experience

Posted by Urge on 06 February 2017 - 03:42 PM

Didn't like the game up until recently.  Most people would probably say it doesn't play well.  And it was trash at the start but i'll give em credit - It's playing tolerable now.  Enough to have fun in it.  


Part of my bias was that i was expecting it to feel more like an Infinity Ward game.  It doesn't.  Expectations were set way too high in my head for it.  Now that i'm over that; i can accept the game for what it is.


Definitely not my favorite.  Probably on par with Black Ops 2 as my least favorite CoD.  But that's just my opinion.  We all have our own favorites and least.


I see alot of people praise it.  But i don't buy that either.  There are really just too many variables on whether people like it or not.  What is our expectation of it?  How does it really play?  Do you lobby shop so you only play lobbies that are good for you? etc.


Really when it all comes down to it - Can we have fun with it or is it time to move on?  At first I was moving on.  But now tend to enjoy it.  And not even for how it plays.  Playing with some great people with good attitudes.  Met a 55 year old gentlemen last night that loves the game whether he lives or dies.  Had a great attitude.  I have been pretty negative at times this year, but told a buddy last week - Screw it.  It's just a game who cares if it's playing bad today and I've been doing challenges since.  Even little things like unlocking calling cards can take your focus off if the game is bad at that moment.

#136891 Think i'm done...

Posted by Urge on 17 January 2017 - 09:17 PM

Funny you should mention that, i turned it off last night via the button rather than a soft off like i normally do. The geo is almost conatantly on for the xbox unless i am expecting updates where i turn it off so they can happen while it's not in use.


It was not just last night i've been having rubbish games. It's practically all the time. A few weeks back i had a whole night of decent games when partied up with my buddy, and i lead the lobby in 80% of the matches we played over the 3 hours or so, but since and before then, i might get one good game in 4 hours playtime. I've gotten to the point where i dread turning it on to play, as i end up ripping my hair out watching that bloody icon spin round.


I did flush my temp bans last night before i started too, just in case, to no avail. Tbh though, i don't actually use the host diagnostic stuff, if i get a naff host i usually just quit and find a new lobby. So sick of having to wait for kill cam-naff taunts-leaderboard-loading screen-lobby countdown-loading screen-round countdown etc i got into the habit of quitting during the final kill cam and finding a new lobby as soon as i load back in.


I think i'm just old, and can't keep up with these kids with Scuff controllers, and time to burn.


Don't sweat it too much.  The game plays the way the game plays.  


If you haven't had the chance - check out Overwatch, Starwars Battlefront, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1.  All play 100 times better than IW.  Yes we are getting older and kids have scuff's etc... but don't let it get ya down.  A bad game is a bad game that has no magic settings.  A turd can be polished and told that it's not a turd.. but it still is.  There are much better games out there.  Can we still lose and get whooped?  yeah cause kids are good - but it doesn't seem nearly as bad when the other games are pretty much lag free.