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#176687 Speed is far away...

Posted by DARTHXX on 25 March 2018 - 12:49 PM

Hello Netduma Team,


i am getting really frustrated at the moment...


I have changed to another house and also changed the Internet speeds at this house, but it is the same provider!


Today i wanted to get the R1 ready with the new speeds ect. I am trying now for several hours, searched the forums, internet

and so on and i am not able to get the speeds i am paying for when i go through the netduma r1.


Speed tests going through the Provider Router are ok, getting between 205 and 215 download and 10 upload.

Doing the test through Netduma R1 -> Provider Router are just 40 Download...


I have unticked IpV6 on WAN , LAN & MISC

Have put in my new bandwitdh and let the Duma configure for the speed

Have ticked Turbo Mode

Also for testing ticked Super Turbo Mode

Ticked reactive Algorithm

100 % sliders on congestion

Share excess enabled

Disabled deep packet in MISC


Everything ... but the speed is not going over 40 MBit. It is so frustrating.


I also rebooted my isp router (where the netduma is as DMZ) rebooted the netduma, made a factory reset ect ect ect

nothing is changing and with the duma i am not cming close to the speeds i pay for. I also updated to firmware 1.03.6j

cause i have read it on this forums i think fraser told a guy with same problem to do so. Nothing!


Please can someone help me!!!


#159378 Updateanfrage dauer normal? :/

Posted by DARTHXX on 17 September 2017 - 12:23 PM

Hey Jack,


thank you very much!! Appreciate that!


Got "Allow remote access to Netduma tech Support." ticked.


My netduma is behind the isp cable modem and after the netduma is an router.

Hope this won´t be a Problem!!