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Netduma Fraser

Netduma Fraser

Member Since 23 Apr 2015
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#161318 Using Draytek Vigor 130 Modem with DUMA

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 8 hours ago

Great to hear that! You're very welcome! 


I'll close this topic, feel free to open another if you have any questions/issues. We'll be happy to help. 

#161306 Using Draytek Vigor 130 Modem with DUMA

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 9 hours ago

You should be able to use the following PPPoE information instead of whatever you have input, apply that and then reboot from miscellaneous settings. Do you have internet then?


Username: bthomehub@btbroadband.com

Password: BT

#161295 Destiny 2

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 10 hours ago

How long until the next cloud update?  :)


I have A LOT of ID's now so I need to go through them all, may take awhile so either today or tomorrow.

#161290 since being ddsosed i can no longer get full speeds ?

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 12 hours ago

Great to hear that, I'll close this thread. Feel free to open another if needed.

#161235 No me funciona el router

Posted by Netduma Fraser on A day ago

No importa, lo traduciremos si está en español.

#161189 VPN aide

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 2 days ago

Si vous ne disposez pas d'un VPN ou si vous ne savez pas ce que c'est, vous n'avez pas à vous soucier de quoi que ce soit sur cette page, mais assurez-vous que vos appareils ne sont pas cochés.


If you do not have a VPN or do not know what it is you don't need to worry about anything on that page just make sure your devices aren't ticked.

#161185 DUMAOS Question

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 2 days ago

While everyone is saddened that they can't have DumaOS right now I am very confident that once it is out you will be VERY impressed with how fast we're able to push out updates. 

#161143 No me funciona el router

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 3 days ago

Envíe un correo electrónico a netduma@netduma.com con su número de pedido y un enlace a esta página solicitando un reemplazo. Si está dentro de un año de compra, lo reemplazaremos.


Email netduma@netduma.com with your order number and a link to this page asking for a replacement. If you are within a year of purchasing we'll replace it.

#161016 Destiny 2

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 5 days ago

Much appreciated, will try to get another cloud out this week

#161010 No me funciona el router

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 5 days ago

¿Está utilizando el adaptador de corriente proporcionado por nosotros? Si es así, ¿tiene un adaptador de repuesto con el mismo voltaje que puede probar con el enrutador para ver si su enrutador o adaptador está roto?


Are you using the power adapter provided by us? If so do you have a spare adapter with the same voltage that you can try with the router to see if its the router or adapter thats broken?

#161005 Setup Netduma with BT infinity and openreach phone line box

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 5 days ago

Hey, welcome to the forum!


I would reiterate what the others have said so far. We can't see your pictures. You may want to look into Powerline adapters, they can extend the wired functionality of your home. More convenient than having a long wire and a better connection than playing via WiFi.

#160978 DUMAOS Question

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 5 days ago

We're going as fast as possible. Please be patient.

#160916 My Netduma does not work. As in will not allow me to connect to the internet.

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 6 days ago

Follow this guide and see if you're able to access the interface: http://support.netdu...-my-router-help

#160913 Netduma setup

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 6 days ago

Hi im use netduma for year i think but never change much.I have vergin media fibre optic and netduma is main router.

Can some one told me best settings for R1?What is VPN and do i need port forwording?Only thing i change is cloud settings for destiny2.Sometime i have measage saying something go wrong with VPN,dont remember mow exacly what,something  that VPN cant ping correct.I be happy if some one show me all setting and how use them correct to get best from my netduma.I use hyper traffic for ps4.

Thank you.

But what is VPN?Do i need that?I check web expresvpn but you need pay for vpn.Sorry im nob with all that.Did is any way have free good vpn and benefits of that?


If you don't know what a VPN is then don't worry - you don't need it. Don't worry about the message on the VPN page. If the VPN message you're getting is on the Geo-filter follow: http://support.netdu...y-can-t-i-ping-


I would first take a look at this guide for settings, it should get you sorted: http://support.netdu...-settings-guide

#160910 No me funciona el router

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 6 days ago

Parece que no estás configurado correctamente para tus velocidades, sigue:
  • Introduzca sus velocidades, no permita la configuración automática.
  • Algoritmo preventivo si por debajo de ~ 60mbps de otro modo algoritmo reactivo
  • 100% anti-inundación
  • Comparta el exceso en
  • Restablecer la priorización del dispositivo y aplicarlo
  • IPv6 inhabilitado en WAN, LAN y misc.
  • Procesamiento de paquetes profundos inhabilitado en misc
  • Activar el modo Turbo si sobre ~ 120mbps
  • Habilitar el modo Super Turbo si sobre ~ 300 / 500mbps
  • Asegúrese de que todos los dispositivos están conectados a la R1 a través de Ethernet o wifi (si wifi asegúrese de que no se conectan automáticamente a su hub de ISP)
  • Realice una prueba de velocidad con cable desde su PC (es posible que no obtenga velocidades completas a través de WiFi)
¿Qué quiere decir con que no está funcionando, necesita ser más específico.
Sounds like you're not setup correctly for your speeds, follow:
  • Input your speeds, don't allow auto setup.
  • Preemptive algorithm if below ~60mbps otherwise reactive algorithm
  • 100% anti-flood
  • Share excess on
  • Reset device prioritisation and apply
  • IPv6 disabled in WAN, LAN & misc.
  • Deep packet processing disabled in misc
  • Enable Turbo mode if over ~120mbps
  • Enable Super Turbo mode if over ~300/500mbps
  • Ensure all devices are connected to the R1 via ethernet or wifi (if wifi make sure they don't automatically connect to your ISP hub)
  • Do a wired speed test from your PC (you may not get full speeds through WiFi)
What do you mean by it's not working, you need to be more specific.