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Netduma Fraser

Netduma Fraser

Member Since 23 Apr 2015
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#176520 New XR500 DumaOS Upgrade Available V2.2.1.10

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 11 hours ago

I've upgraded but it broke my PPPoE connection so I have had to roll back the firmware again. 


Not sure why that would be. I will contact a Netgear developer and see if they can arrange a troubleshooting or at least data gathering session - the timezone would be factor and they may not be able to do it but will see what I can do.

#176498 New XR500 DumaOS Upgrade Available V2.2.1.10

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 15 hours ago

so there's no new feature?.


Just bug fixes as far as I am aware.

#176488 New XR500 DumaOS Upgrade Available V2.2.1.10

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 16 hours ago

Hi all, 


There is a new download available V2.2.1.10 - this is mainly just bug fixes. Once available I will update with the changelog and the official link from Netgear. 


DO NOT UPGRADE USING THE TOP RIGHT BUTTON OF THE INTERFACE. The new version fixes an error with that top right button but if you upgrade using it from your current version you may have an issue that will leave your router unable to access the interface.


If you do get that issue please let us know and we can help you recover it.


If you would like to upgrade safely please follow these instructions.

  1. Download latest firmware : https://www.dropbox....2.1.10.img?dl=0

  2. Run your web browser and open http://www.routerlogin.net.
  3. Click Settings => Administration => Firmware Upgrade page.
  4. Click Browser button and locate the firmware image file.
  5. Click Upload button.
  6. Wait for upgrade progress to complete.

If any problem occurs after upgrading, try clearing the configuration by pressing the Reset Button on Rear Panel until the Power LED blinks and hold on for 5 seconds at least, then the router will reboot with default configuration.

#176283 make sure your QoS bandwidth is set correctly

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 2 days ago

Great tip! Alternately if you do the setup wizard it will run a speed test and put your bandwidth speeds into Anti-Bufferbloat automatically!

#176256 Firmware for XR500

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 2 days ago

Hey, welcome to the forum!


Yes you can upgrade to manually. There won't have put it live on that to ensure there's no issues with it. E.g. if it had a major bug and everyone upgraded at the same time it would be terrible so it's phased out.


No reason for it to be there, a new firmware is going through testing now and will be available soon.

#176203 Major NETDUMA Upgrade Now Available (v 1.03.6j)

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 3 days ago

Hi I think I rebooted the router... sorry I didnt see your message. Are you able to double check for me before I upgrade?


Double checked, you're good to go. Please do not reboot before upgrading.

#176187 What are the chances of the XR500 getting a dual wan feature?

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 4 days ago

This would be a purely Netgear decision as it is a settings based feature. I would say that as it is not commonly requested and that the majority of people only have 1 line, and that it is a gaming router that this is probably unlikely.

#176160 XR500 not making PPPoE connection after previously working. #confused

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 4 days ago

As BigDog suggested I've also not set a VLAN ID tag. 


Now I'm back to my original issue, can't reliably approve hosts using Geo. I could add one but no more. 


Can you do a cloud update for the Nintendo servers, think there are only 4 of them. Will you have the ID's from your Switch?




Yes I will, the Devs are just redoing the cloud process to make it easier and more efficient so once that's done I'll be putting out a cloud!


what are these versions? I am on v2.1.0.6 and says there is no new firmware but now i see these in your post!!!!


These are test versions, likely provided to see if they would fix the issue

#176024 Throttling Issue

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 6 days ago

Yup, I just did another factory reset and got the correct numbers up and down. The bufferbloat initial settings are set to never, the first thing I did was reserved my xbox ip and clicked apply then did another speedtest and the numbers dropped to 46 dn and 20 up. I touched nothing else, so there is something happening. Thanks for the attempt I will contact netgear support.


Okay please do let us know the outcome as that is very weird behaviour! Are you doing the speed test direct to a PC? If console they can give inaccurate results

#175976 Major NETDUMA Upgrade Now Available (v 1.03.6j)

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 6 days ago

Hi I am on R1 dubug Version 1.03.3 running on rb-951g-2hnd. What do I need to do to upgrade to new version of netduma OS 1.03.6+?



Thank you,



You're good to go, just download firmware from first page of this topic then upload on the router. Please do not reboot before upgrading.


Posted by Netduma Fraser on 6 days ago

Thanks for the additional information, all we've been told is that they are looking into it further so I can't comment on that as I don't know either way.

#175964 Setting up client VPN on XR500

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 6 days ago

As Big Dog mentioned it's just supporting Hide My Ass at the moment. In future we'll be implementing our own VPN solution. 


Here is a guide as well on how to set it up if you wish to use it with HMA: https://kb.netgear.c...k-gaming-router

#175914 just purchased xr500

Posted by Netduma Fraser on A week ago

Put the modem/router from Verizon into modem mode then connect port 1 on the Verizon router to the yellow ethernet port on the XR500 and then connect all devices to the XR500 and you're good to go

#175875 Getting Uncaught error messages? Here's the solution!

Posted by Netduma Fraser on A week ago

Just so everyone is aware, the Bitdefender update is out so you should not longer get this issue with Bitdefender enabled.

#175870 Fortnite Battle Royale Tips | How To Win More Shotgun Fights In Fortnite - Co...

Posted by Netduma Fraser on A week ago

its connecting me to mainly peer in the us one time it connected to a dedi i was getting a lovely low ping i think seen as this is one of the top games out kinda missing the ball on it here ? if its miss diagnosed servers its mainly peer to peer ones showing in us its kinda putting me off fortnite a good game :(


Like Macca said you select your region on the game so there is not as much need for the Geo-Filter. We're seeing if theres a way to filter within the region