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Netduma Fraser

Netduma Fraser

Member Since 23 Apr 2015
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In Topic: XR500 qos + bufferbloat not fixing lag

15 hours ago

Your game ping is good so I don't think thats the issue here. We're only a small company so we can't do telephone support unfortunately, however you can call Netgear support if you prefer to chat to someone. Go here to login http://support.netgear.com/and you'll be given a number to call - available 24/7.


You mentioned Sky TV and that downloading from it is normal behaviour, this could be the cause as the XR500 cannot control it. Are there any other devices connected to the Sky hub rather than the XR500?

In Topic: Problème netduma

21 hours ago

Juste pour clarifier vous pouvez accéder à l'interface maintenant est-ce correct? Le problème est sur RB6 Siege correct? Quel est le ping moyen montré par le Geo-Filter au jeu? Je suppose que vous avez la bonne région sélectionnée dans le jeu lui-même aussi?


Just to clarify you can access the interface now is that correct? The issue is on RB6 Siege correct? What is the average ping as shown by the Geo-Filter to the game? I assume you have the correct region selected within the game itself also?

In Topic: Random disconnects with wired connection

22 hours ago

I would like to try it new firmware, but most likely one week later. Can start testing on June 3rd.


No worries, remind me closer to the date and I'll send it over

In Topic: Yes XR500 in the Middle East,need help Please!

23 hours ago

Great to hear that Drakoh and thanks for the update!

In Topic: Geo-filter option

A day ago

It's possible but very hard to do so will not be done for quite awhile