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Netduma Fraser

Netduma Fraser

Member Since 23 Apr 2015
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In Topic: [Resolved]Message étrange "You are using the old VPN setting. It will sti...

11 hours ago

Je pense que cela se produit car le VPN a été mis à jour, mais oui, vous pouvez ignorer ce message.


I think it happens because the VPN was updated, but yes you can ignore that message.

In Topic: PPPoE

11 hours ago

Vous devez disposer d'un périphérique qui détecte ce signal WiFi? Ensuite, Netduma est branché à cela ou avez-vous autre chose entre eux?


You must have a device that picks up that WiFi signal? Then the Netduma is plugged into that or do you have something else between them?

In Topic: Infinite Warfare not accessing online services

11 hours ago

Ok. I found the problem. For some reason it shows the ps4 to be connected via ethernet cable in the firewall settings of my isp router. I had the duma set to DMZ so i figured anything connected to it would also be in DMZ mode. Apparently, if I set the ps4 to DMZ it works even though it is connected to the duma. When I switch the ps4 to DMZ it kicks the duma out of DMZ which messes up my xbox one, so I port forwarded the ports on the duma for xbox and left the ps4 in DMZ and all works perfectly! Do you know why I cant put multiple computers on DMZ?


I'm a bit confused, can you clarify please?


Just because it's in your firewall settings doesn't necessarily mean it's connected to it currently. 


Are you certain that you had the Netduma WAN IP from the device manager in the DMZ? If the PS4 is connected to the R1 it should not show up as a connected device on the ISP router. Have you turned off DHCP on the R1? 


DMZ essentially routes all traffic on all ports to that device so you can't route all incoming traffic to two different devices that wouldn't make sense. 

If everything is as you described then I definitely want to take a look in a 1 on 1 because something strange is happening.

In Topic: [resolved]R1 en DMZ sur ma Freebox mais cela semble pas bon :-(

11 hours ago

C'est juste une déclaration. Il sera toujours là si vous êtes connecté derrière un routeur - de cette façon, vous pouvez accéder facilement à l'interface de ce routeur en cliquant simplement sur le bouton.


It is just a statement. It will always be there if you're connected behind a router - this way you can easily access that router's interface just by clicking the button.

In Topic: Poor ping test until router reboot

11 hours ago

I downloaded the program but not really sure what this is proving. Isn't the test still going through the router? Please forgive my ignorance here


If you're doing it directly through the modem (un plug the router) then if you're still having the issue then it won't be the Netduma causing it