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2 weeks ago

We'll definitely look into testing that once the game is released, I imagine on PC though you're able to select the server?


Yup but only in 5 different regions around the globe if i remember from the alpha beta that might have changed though..mind boggling considering quake champions is in early beta build and has 6-7 servers to choose from in europe and more in coming.

In Topic: Anyone Else Ready For Boots On The Ground?

3 weeks ago

yes and to see the back of these p.t.a.s destiny copycat supers also.

In Topic: Enter the Duma Dude

3 weeks ago

That AN94, I just can't get it!


We'll if you do mate don't put silencer on as it turns a tank to a water pistol  ;)

In Topic: DESTINY 2 - beta 7/18/17

4 weeks ago

Haven't pre-ordered but have a code from my bruv will give it a go for sure.

In Topic: Lawbreakers

26 June 2017 - 04:34 PM

I deleted the beta flying in the air combat annoyed me from the off prolly should had stuck it out longer but didn't feel it.


Good that it's coming to console though pretty sure this was originally going to be a pc exclusive only.