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In Topic: Xbox One - Double NAT Detected

24 May 2018 - 09:04 PM

As long as the R1 is in the DMZ then no further action needs to be done on the Zyxel interface, except perhaps disabling it's UPnP and any current port forwarding rules present on it. The Strict NAT is likely caused by the Geo-Filter being enabled (doesn't mean you have a strict NAT just that the Geo-Filter is blocking the server it uses to read the NAT status). Disable the Geo-Filter then enable when you're on the game itself, should then see an open NAT.


I've done everything you've suggested, but I've now reached the odd dilemma in which my Xbox One's network settings still show Strict NAT and Double NAT Detected, but every game I've tried shows an Open NAT.


So... Is my console actually in an Open NAT state right now, but it's just displaying the incorrect NAT status?


Edit: Games are now showing moderate NAT, console is showing Strict. How fun.

In Topic: Xbox One - Double NAT Detected

19 May 2018 - 03:46 AM

You need to put the R1s WAN IP into DMZ on your ZyXEL

This worked initially; The console and games had an Open NAT... But today I noticed that the console is now in a Strict NAT type and I've no idea why. No settings were changed.


Just to clarify, I shouldn't need to port forward in the ZyXEL interface if I am port forwarding in the Netduma interface right?