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#181916 geo filtre

Posted by pollutionblues on A day ago

vous ne devez activer le géofiltre que juste avant de rechercher un jeu.


you should only enable the geofilter just before you search for a game.

#181876 Can any admins take a look at my duma?

Posted by pollutionblues on A day ago

https://gyazo.com/cf...122e93855fb32df Im now on my laptop and still getting the same message

Try rebooting from Miscellaneous and see if that stops the error?

#181718 password

Posted by pollutionblues on 3 days ago


Welcome to the forum.

The password is usually the first 12 characters of your serial number. Unless you have factory reset, then the password becomes netdumar1

#181697 Need help with a couple of things regarding Netduma R1

Posted by pollutionblues on 4 days ago

So now i turn my host filtering off when i turn on the ps4. Then i only turn it on when i want to play a game.
It still ocassionaly kicks me out of psn. I also flushed the cloud.
Still takes longer to find a games than before in cod but could find a couple of 30ms ping games.
There is still one server off the map. I will try to put my home location near it and take a screenshot and show you, it looks like a misplaced server.

I think that the server you are seeing off the map is a device communicating with your console via LAN. Someone from Netduma will be able to confirm this for certain.


When you get kicked from PSN with the geofilter enabled there must be a PSN server somewhere being blocked. If you can get its ID and post it here then it can be whitelisted in the cloud.


I expect your extended search times are probably because BO3 is quite an old game now and there may not be as many live servers for it in your location as before.

#181575 Can any admins take a look at my duma?

Posted by pollutionblues on 5 days ago

https://gyazo.com/48...8499a347008cdbaAnd now this after adding the EU servers to the deny list... https://gyazo.com/77...ad48094015313b8

Can you post a screenshot of your geofilter page please? If your getting that message after denying an EU server it would suggest that the EU server may actually be an authentication server that hasn’t been whitelisted in the cloud (Xbox matchmaking uses authentication severs in the EU that need to be whitelisted) if you remove them from your deny list can you find games again? Could you post the IDs of the servers you have denied so Netduma can check if they are actually authentication servers?

#181488 Can any admins take a look at my duma?

Posted by pollutionblues on 6 days ago

I only see West coast servers when trying to play battlefield. I live in South Carolina so I don't want to play on US West servers.

I’m not sure if the locations of the BF1 servers as I don’t play it but if you make sure the servers you don’t want to connect to are outside your radius, strict mode is ticked and Ping Assist is set to 0 then you will only connect to servers inside your radius.

#181319 R1 Host filtering GUI Interface not working

Posted by pollutionblues on A week ago


#181269 Is there an issue with my line

Posted by pollutionblues on A week ago

I few weeks back too I phoned bt to say that the connection is was feeling unstable that did a line test and said it was fine should I trust what they say or should run tests then ring back and say that it's not and provide with the evidence

It’s best to run PingPlotter tests so you have evidence to prove to your ISP that there is a problem. Post your test results and we can look them over for you

#181261 Is there an issue with my line

Posted by pollutionblues on A week ago

I've ran an few pingplotter tests I'm not really sure what I'm looking for if the line is faulty how to you screenshot on an laptop so I can post results


#181253 Grey padlock icon

Posted by pollutionblues on A week ago

On my R1 what does it signify on the geofilter?

A grey padlock is a blocked server, you shouldn’t see any inside your radius however, if the blocked server is on the very edge of the radius it may look like it’s just inside the radius. Could you post a screenshot so we can take a look please?

#181252 Packet loss

Posted by pollutionblues on A week ago


There isn’t an image in your post Zirkawn, If your having problems upload it to imgur.com instead and paste the link here.

#181250 2 dedicated inside my ratio

Posted by pollutionblues on A week ago

Those locations will have multiple servers, if you check the IDs you will see that they are different. If you don’t want to connect to those servers move your home location to exclude them from your radius then fully shutdown and restart your console before searching for a game.

#181132 Does an good dns matter for gaming

Posted by pollutionblues on A week ago

Does an good dns server matter for gaming if so what's the best one to use when based in the UK

DNS has no affect on gaming at all. Faster DNS will allow webpages to resolve a little quicker. A few of us are using Cloudflare DNS: http://forum.netduma...11-dns-service/

#181050 Which is better ? XR500 or R9000 ?

Posted by pollutionblues on A week ago

What are planning on doing with the router that requires a quad core processor

2 cores are dedicated to QoS and packet processing the other 2 cores are for general purpose.

#181006 Netduma red Ethernet cable

Posted by pollutionblues on A week ago

I have lots my cable can I use any short wire instead?

Any Ethernet cable is fine as long as it supports your speeds