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#159087 Home plugs

Posted by pollutionblues on A week ago

I use these Ben:


Never had a problem with them, definitely better than gaming on wifi.

#159071 Not Happy with my Netduma

Posted by pollutionblues on A week ago

ive done that still have issues

What’s your ping to the game?

To check your ping, make sure you have selected the largest circle on the Geo-Filter and then click the “Ping” button or tick Auto ping.

You could also run an internet diagnostics test, more info on that here:


Post the results or some screenshots


Posted by pollutionblues on 2 weeks ago

If you mean the box telling you that you are connected to another router than this is perfectly normal. It’s difficult to offer help without knowing your exact setup.

Have you put the Netduma into DMZ of your other router?

Could you post how you have things set up?

#158806 everything got reset not sure if i got everything set up correctly

Posted by pollutionblues on 2 weeks ago

UPnP is essentially automatic port forwarding, so you shouldn’t need to manually port forward. Just ensure that you don’t have any port forwarding rules set when using UPnP. Also make sure that your geo-filter is disabled while you boot up your console/game as this can cause your NAT to show incorrectly. Enable your geo-filter just before you search for a game.


#158691 CoD WW2 what did you think?

Posted by pollutionblues on 2 weeks ago

Things I did like:

The slightly longer TTK - as Boom said it sometimes gives you a chance to get into cover.
Boots on the ground - I’ve never been that great with the jet packs so this suites my play style better.
The WWII setting

Things I didn’t like:

Suppressors only on SMG’s - I really don’t get this as a design choice, it’s fair enough having options for specific divisions but I think suppressor should be an attachment that everyone can access regardless of division choice.

The Aiming system - for me the aim was totally messed up, if you weren’t bang on target it felt like you couldn’t make any kind of adjustment while ADS, i turned off aim assist slowdown but it only helped marginally. This was my biggest issue as I just couldn’t find a way to combat it and it led to a lot of deaths and really spoiled my enjoyment of the beta to be honest. I had no such problems back on IW last night.

The lack of class customisation - I sort of see what SH we’re trying to do but I’d prefer to have the option to drop the pistol in favour of an extra attachment or basic training.

I expected better graphics.

#158271 Tournament in honour of A7Legit - Suggestions

Posted by pollutionblues on 3 weeks ago

I think us all playing the game that sadly A7 never got to play (WWII) is a great idea however, I think there a some people who aren’t getting WWII and it would be nice to have the highest amount of players possible.

FFA will be far easier to setup than trying to organise teams in my opinion with the top 2 or 3 players from each game advancing to the next round depending on the size of the player pool.

A donation is definitely preferable over the winner getting a prize, I don’t think any of us would feel right taking a prize for winning under the circumstances.

If the game is WWII then maybe early December would be a good time as it’ll give everybody a bit of time to get used to the game. If it’s black ops 3 then maybe October/November time to give plenty time to organise everything.

#158025 A7Legit Passed Away :(

Posted by pollutionblues on 3 weeks ago

I mentioned this to Iain on Twitter earlier, perhaps we could have an annual FFA comp in A7’s name?

#157993 A7Legit Passed Away :(

Posted by pollutionblues on 4 weeks ago

I'm going to change the codename of DumaOS 1.0 to A7Legit in his honour. RIP mate

A very fitting thing to do, I bet A7Legit would’ve loved that. Such sad news

#157977 A7Legit Passed Away :(

Posted by pollutionblues on 4 weeks ago

This is extremely sad news, my thoughts are with his family & friends.

RIP A7Legit

#157812 Nat type

Posted by pollutionblues on 4 weeks ago

Ah ok,

All 4 consoles have an open NAT on Xbox network settings. With regards to the same game do you mean COD? When the Duma first came out we could get all 4 xboxes an open NAT on Advanced Warfare no problem. When BO3 came out only 1 Xbox was showing an open NAT the rest were moderate (this is the same on IW) this has never caused any problems, I always took it that the 3 moderate consoles were showing a false reading due to something that the COD devs changed on their end as the Duma tries to open the correct ports for all consoles but the games still show moderate.

I’m pretty sure Iain tried to contact Activision/Treyarch about it when BO3 launched, I could be wrong on that though, maybe Fraser could clarify that.

#157755 Nat type

Posted by pollutionblues on 4 weeks ago

Very strange what you are saying, I'm not going to argue because you clearly know what you are on about, but I have 4 xbox ones on my network all with open NAT through my netduma using UPNP.

I also have 4 xboxes all with open NAT using UPnP.

#157394 Geo Filter , cpu usage

Posted by pollutionblues on 4 weeks ago

You don’t have to keep the GUI open, its personal preference, there are a lot of people here who ‘set and forget’ while gaming but there are also many users who like to keep an eye on it during games. Just be sure to enable it before you search for a game and disable it once you finish gaming. I think we’ve all forgot to enable the geo filter at some point and then wondered why our games were rubbish until we realised that the geo filter was off :)

#156493 my isp provided router died

Posted by pollutionblues on 07 August 2017 - 07:41 PM

If your not having any issues then I would just leave things as they are. If it ain't broke don't fix it :)

#155773 Netgear nighthawk

Posted by pollutionblues on 30 July 2017 - 07:51 PM

I have but infinity 1 at the min 52 down and 10 up.looking to change from my hh5 to a netgear nighthawk ac 1900 modem router,any advice guys??

The Nighthawk ac 1900 is a router only. If you are looking to get rid of your HH your best bet would be to get an unlocked HG612 Openreach modem if you're on a Huawei cabinet or a Draytek Vigour 130 if you're on an ECI cabinet.

#155549 VPN connection issues

Posted by pollutionblues on 27 July 2017 - 04:19 PM

Hi, welcome to the forums.

If you require help please post here detailing your issue: