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In Topic: Geo home location

4 days ago

The COD Ultimate profile uses ping assist to find games as apposed to distance from your home location, that is the reason it moves your location into the ocean.

In Topic: Power line adapter

A week ago

See this post:



In Topic: Home plugs

A week ago

I use these Ben:


Never had a problem with them, definitely better than gaming on wifi.

In Topic: Not Happy with my Netduma

A week ago

ive done that still have issues

What’s your ping to the game?

To check your ping, make sure you have selected the largest circle on the Geo-Filter and then click the “Ping” button or tick Auto ping.

You could also run an internet diagnostics test, more info on that here:


Post the results or some screenshots

In Topic: Not Happy with my Netduma

A week ago

If you could read this thread first and then post accordingly giving as many details of your issue as possible.