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In Topic: New User Latancy almost doubled?

15 hours ago

I would expect that when you swapped your modem over the DLM has seen this as an error and applied some interleaving to your line. It’s perfectly normal for this to happen and should return to your normal ping after a few days as long as you don’t turn off your modem.

In Topic: Tennessee Player Connecting to UK Server on COD WW2???

A day ago

Hey guys,
I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue. I have been a Netduma user for a few years now and have never had this problem. I have everything set correctly but for some reason COD WW2 on Xbox One X continually wants me to connect to a server 4,303 miles away! When I trace it, it goes from Tennessee, then west to Kansas, then back east all the way to the UK! WTF!!! It says that I am pinging at around 20ms but the game is lagging like crazy. Continually 5-6 shot someone at close to medium range only to have them turn around and 3 shot me with the same gun at the same distance. 
I have tried temp banning the server and backing out of the lobby but the next lobby I go into, it connects me to the same UK server again. I know for a fact that there are PLENTY of servers that are a lot closer to me. There needs to be a way to permanently ban dedicated servers. When we were on P2P during week 1, the connection paired with the Netduma was amazing! If someone got the drop on me, then they got the drop on me, which is how it should be. If I got the drop on them, then I got the kill.  
Anyone know a quick fix for this? Am I overlooking something? Thanks.

If you are pinging it at 20ms then it is incorrectly located on the Netduma cloud (it’s not actually in the UK). Read the first post in this thread then post the information required. Fraser will then add the server to the cloud the next time he runs an update and it will then show in the correct location.

http://forum.netduma...located servers

In Topic: Reactive vs pre

2 days ago

I was looking at the statistical data at the bottom of dslreports where it says something like lost frames and lost ms or words to that effect

Honestly, I would take anything that dslreports says with a pinch of salt. The best way to test your line quality is by downloading PingPlotter and pinging twitter.com. It’s a far better indication of your line quality than dslreports.

In Topic: Wifi and slow speeds

3 days ago

As ModBoX has already said - console speed tests are not accurate. Speed tests should be ran from a wired PC with Congestion Control slider set to 100%.


Speeds will be slower using wifi. If you need faster wifi you could use a second router with 5ghz AC wifi (in access point mode) This would allow you to use all the features of the Duma and have faster wifi

In Topic: Wifi and slow speeds

3 days ago

You have already posted this, there is no need to double post: