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In Topic: Black Ops 3. PS4, won’t connect to dedicated servers

An hour ago

Hi there, netduma users in Thailand here.
Currently there is no servers around my location and somehow the game won’t let me connect to p2p servers. It is not that there are no people in my area as I tested joining some random indian friens and still be able to join and play. But matchmaking is the problem. I always ended up spend time in matchmaking lobby forever and unable to find match. I try to use filtering which it works fine in ww2 and filter area to be in Australian servers.
Netduma display that there are servers in australia but it still take forever to find a lobby as matchmaking won’t allot me to join any server.
My filtering setting is optimal. I have strict mode ticked, my ping assist is 0.
It only doesn’t work in this game
Please help

If you disable the geofilter do you find games faster? As BO3 is quite old now there will be a lot fewer servers/games leading to extended search times. It may be worth enabling ping assist to pickup any incorrectly located servers outside your geofilter radius.

In Topic: Tour in GW cycling

4 hours ago


Welcome to the forum

Completely finishing the tour should normally stop it. Try using google chrome instead and see if that works, if not reboot from miscellaneous let us know how you get on

In Topic: geo filtre

A day ago

vous ne devez activer le géofiltre que juste avant de rechercher un jeu.


you should only enable the geofilter just before you search for a game.

In Topic: Can any admins take a look at my duma?

A day ago

https://gyazo.com/cf...122e93855fb32df Im now on my laptop and still getting the same message

Try rebooting from Miscellaneous and see if that stops the error?

In Topic: problems netduma r1

2 days ago

The geofilter should only be enabled just before you search for a game. If you test your NAT with the geofilter enabled it will give you a false reading.

You only need to restart your console if you move your home location on the geofilter.