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In Topic: Huawei HG612 Telnet Stats

50 minutes ago

Ive requested to be switched back over to fastpath and an SNR reset from my ISP (IDNet) but whether they do it or not is a differant story. Everytime I have an issue they always reply with the same BS, telling me that only openreach can do it and they have no control over it. I seriously cannot wait to get rid of them as they are absolutely useless when it comes to fixing any issues I have with my connection. Its either 'pay an openreach engineer for a visit' or 'we cant access what you require'. For £61.00 a month gaming package you'd think they'd go above and beyond to satisfy you as a customer. If anyone has any ideas on this forum to join them I strongly advise you to save your money and go elsewhere. My contract is ending in a month exactly and I for one cannot wait to change ISP's.

I’m fairly sure that a FTTC profile reset has to be done by an Openreach engineer from either the exchange or the cabinet. @Zennon will be able to confirm this for sure.

In Topic: Super turbo mode making speeds slower...

12 hours ago

Re-enter your speeds in device manager, when it asks you if you want to auto setup select yes. Do you get full speeds then?

In Topic: Probleme Host filtering

2 days ago

la solution est ici: http://forum.netduma...-solution-here/

In Topic: just when you think activision and call of duty could not get any worse!...

2 days ago

I reckon in a few weeks we’ll probably hear that they’ve both left their ‘executive’ roles for pastures new.

In Topic: Loosing half more than half of my download speed with Netduma

2 days ago

Thank you for answering.
I already applied those settings...

Re-enter your speeds in device manager and when it asks if you want to auto setup select yes. Do you get full speeds then?