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Forum Is its time up?

6 days ago

I used to enjoy this forum, and I have learned quite a bit about gaming through these hallowed pages. But I have noticed that the forum is dying a slow death. The shout box used to be full of people virtually every night. There were quite a few moderators on this forum, but I think they are slowly leaving the ship, and through no fault of their own.

When I saw people getting made moderators I was a teeny weeny bit jealous, but no more. I think it is a thankless task with what appears to be no support from the Netduma team.

Ok, they do help to solve people's problems (Fraser/Jack) But on the big issue I.e. the Duma OS the moderators have been left high and dry to take the crap from the disgruntled customer ecetera ecetera.

So whether you like, dislike, totally apathetic try and see their side of the update/no update debacle,

Realism for COD

10 June 2018 - 08:25 AM

I know COD is only a game. But the earlier versions had a reasonably realistic battlefield feel to them. The enemies uniforms were different but similar for that particular side/team

On WW2 we went back to boots on the ground, yeh! But the circus has arrived, I think that if any of the WW2 veterans saw the uniforms they would probably die laughing!

And the weapons, when will the game developers realise that you cannot ADS quicker with a machine gun, that with a sub machine gun/pistol tec

Shotguns and pistols do not have Infinate range and lethality

As an ex squaddie, I quite like the shoot em ups! But they are starting to get very silly, with all the camos, uniforms, face pint etc can't we just go back to basics lol
Rant over!!! :)

Deja vu'

21 April 2018 - 08:54 AM

As I am a long time stalker of this forum. I can't help but notice that it is the same topics that arise with the XR500 thingy, that used/ still happen with the R1 thingy.

"My speeds are halved"
"Wi fi drops of"
"I'm still lagging" and on and on.

So I can just imagine the hullabaloo if the DumoOS had dropped and those problems arose again!
"You have had 2years to sort this"
"Why has this happened "
"It should never have been released if it wasn't read" etc etc you get the point!

Any that's my pondering done for today stay tuned for more drivel and talking shite :) (sorry for the bad language) ;)

Duma OS

10 April 2018 - 07:41 AM

Ok, it's now a week until the Duma OS drops as a "freebie" into our laps.

What are your expectations for the system and what are you hoping it will "fix"!

Personally I haven't read or followed any of the threads about it, other than to say the GUI looks more sleek and use friendly.

So gives us your thoughts and aspirations for Duma0S.........


13 March 2018 - 08:27 AM

As a avid follower of this forum (sad, I know) I have been reading a lot about the XR500 being used with different routers.
I know people's networks are personalised, but is it really necessary to have another router given the XR's supposed capabilities?

With the Netduma, most of us probably have another router as an AP and just use the Netduma for gaming
If the XR can handle 5hz, and with all the bells and whistles it has is it necessary to use another router.

Question: Can the XR handle it all?.